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  1. matt c

    hello from kent

    Welcome to the group Wayne, try not to mention "astrology" here
  2. matt c


    A warm welcome to SGL John
  3. Welcome to the forum Paul, you'll get all the advice you need here
  4. matt c

    I'm Green !

    Hi Ian welcome to the group
  5. Welcome to the group Steve
  6. Skymasters are a great starter, I started on the same thing. Welcome to SGL
  7. matt c


    Hi Chris welcome to the forum
  8. There really is no known cure for aperture fever, a bigger scope only holds it off for a couple months Welcome to SGL
  9. matt c

    Hi to Everyone !

    Hi John, welcome to SGL
  10. I managed to get allot of detail on Mars through the 10" scope I had at the time, I live on the outskirts of Manchester in Bolton. In my (admittedly short experience) planets shouldn't be to badly effected if at all. Granted the skies in Bolton aren't the worst but it was still very difficult to see the lower magnitude "faint fuzzies", some of the galaxies I went for were within the ability of the scope but were rendered invisible by the sky glow. It's probably best to stick with the messier objects if you want to explore the deep sky, and as mentioned above star clusters tend not to be as bad
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