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Hi Gaz,

I tried this before but I can't find a way round the works firewall. And the PC at home will be in my eldest sons room soon and if i leave it on, he'll never be off it.

It's good idea and I know Ant, James and Rob will certainly be interested.


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We have loads of new members since this thread was last updated.

Do any of you guys / girls fancy joining our team and searching for ET signals?

It's free, just download a little software and your away!


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Alan I just tried to join it but going through this comp which I thought well it cannot take up to many resources on the comp if I run this and the already being run climate change experiment anyway long story cut short it failed to connect it might try again later

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I used to do the SETI one, but when they swapped over to the boinc server I had no end of problems so gave up on it, and they lost all my completed work units I had over 1000 !


I had problems too - slowed down the laptop too much and I had to take it off!

I had over a years worth of work logged before they made me change to Boinc, now they forced me off altogether.

Boinc was supposed to be a screensaver, same as SETI@home but it ran all the time, wouldn't give back the 'puter straight away when i wanted it AND it does more fancy pictures rather than just doing the sums like it was meant to. If they want clock cycles for the maths, why do they waste them on over fancy graphics?

I might get the kid's computers involved, they don't have work stuff on theirs, just to see if it works on something faster than my "old" P4 laptop.

Captain Chaos

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Follow the link from the post higher up, and create your account. Then you download the software, and follow the instructions to set it running. You can choose to have it running as a service on your computer, so it starts automatically and you don't notice it. You can also set the preferences so it only runs when the PC is not busy, or on full power (laptops) that sort of thing.

If you get stuck, shout again

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