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Anyone up for it? Or have you got your spare clock cycles busy finding the next Mersenne prime number?

Hi Gaz, I tried this before but I can't find a way round the works firewall. And the PC at home will be in my eldest sons room soon and if i leave it on, he'll never be off it. It's good idea and I kn

And here - my poor old PC spends all day on it's own

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Im in :lol:

Used to do this years ago with a few friends from another forum! i used to use the command line version on low priority back then, so id help the team without knowing it!! this Boinc looks a little over complicated tbh, but ill stick with it for a while.

The only time ill turn it off is for gaming and i have a half decent rig so hopefully ill get us some decent work units finished :)

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The localhost will be your modem, router or another PC (if your connected to the t'inernet via ICS). So the BOINC client is connecting to the modem and finding its way back to berkley. It is down at the moment, they have frequent outages as you can imagine with a project of this size so just keep patient mate :)

Sometimes it can take a couple of days before they can even verify your uploads - its slow but you get there in the end :lol:

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Do I not show in the list??

According to my screen I sit at 2nd place with just 7,000 points.

Not that I'm bothered, of course :roll: :roll: :lol:

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I've been hammering mine just lately at home, and will hopefully be getting one installed on the outside-world side of our network next week :lol:

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Is there a SETI doctor in the house?

Looking at the stats, I am listed twice! (Jonathan, my mother's way of refering to me).

Is there a way of combining the two for convenience? I just set up the kids' machines to help out and I find that I'm schizophrenic suddenly (and so am I).

Captain Chaos

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