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I've just joined the Stargazers SETI team - along with a little credit.(About 3000). I've found the SETI servers a little patchy recently in that I get messages saying there's no workunits orr communications deferred yet somehow I can keep crunching away...

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Just spotted this old thread rising from the depths :D

I've been looking for a team for a few years now since quitting a large well-known UK based computer overclocking team so count me in - just this minute joined. :wave:

I started running SETI@Home in 1999 not long after the project got started and have been running it ever since. Since BOINC took over the original command-line version of SETI I've joined two other BOINC projects.

I'm running 3 BOINC projects on my desktop and laptop: SETI, ClimatePrediction and Einstein (searches for pulsars).

Spare CPU cycles are shared equally between the three so only a third of my spare CPU cycles are devoted to SETI number crunching.

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I'm running 3 BOINC projects on my desktop and laptop: SETI, ClimatePrediction and Einstein (searches for pulsars).

I used to do ClimatePrediction but unfortunately they no longer have a Mac client. I used to wonder whether the climate model allowed for millions of computers buring up fossil fuels trying to work out what'd happen.

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Looks like the end of the problems is in sight!

I can't double check to see when the last time I received work from SETI! I'm sure that it was OK on the 4rd - but that would seem impossible - maybe I was fibbing! :)


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Units can be uploaded but no units can be downloaded at the moment. They having major problems with one of the Sun servers:

"May 1, 2007

Happy May Day. Unfortunately for us it's been "Mayday! Mayday!" At 4:43 (PDT) this morning, our science database machine, thumper, became hasenfeffer. It currently refuses to acknowledge that it has any disk drives. Since the controllers are attached to the motherboard, major repairs will probably be required. No work can be created until this machine gets fixed. We are on the phone with Sun now in hopes of securing repair or a replacement. More info in Technical News."

"May 4, 2007

Great news! Sun Microsystems is coming to the rescue and will be replacing our inoperative science data base server. They are preparing the machine now and will be rushing it to us on Monday. Once we have the machine up and the database recovered, we can start sending work out again. Details on the server crash and our recovery from it can be found in Technical News."

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Latest word from SETI is that the server will be up and running Tuesday (tomorrow, or today already in the UK :) ) But that's California time, so about midnight Tuesday for the UK. Things should be returning to normal by Wednesday.

Oh, good.

I just had my main connection to the WAN go down at work today, for three hours. I understand, in some measure, what those guys are going through.

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Does anyone know if its up and running yet, as not been able to download any work for a while :)

Open up the BOINC Manager client and click on the projects tab. Have a look at the list of projects you're running (if you're just doing SETI it'll be the only project listed) and click on it.

Have a look at the buttons on the left pane that appear and there's a direct link to the SETI web page. There's a news section on the homepage and a bunch of other links to server status, your account page, etc, etc.

Latest news is it'll be Monday 14 May at the earliest before any units will be available - don't forget to take into account the timezone difference ie. they're about 8 hours behind UK so it'll be Monday evening (UK time) at the earliest.

When the replacement server does go online, expect more failed connections at first as it'll be swamped with work-unit download requests so it may take a couple of days for the queue to settle down before you get a successful connection and download.

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