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Hi Guys,

I have downloaded the Boinc software and currently have got it running, my P.C. Specs are a GTX 750 Ti, Intel i5 3570K CPU, And about 20GB RAM, not great but to be honest it has played anything I have thrown at it up to yet, look forwards to helping and contributing when and where I can, cheers mark.

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Anyone up for it? Or have you got your spare clock cycles busy finding the next Mersenne prime number?

Hi Gaz, I tried this before but I can't find a way round the works firewall. And the PC at home will be in my eldest sons room soon and if i leave it on, he'll never be off it. It's good idea and I kn

And here - my poor old PC spends all day on it's own

Just kicked mine back into life on SETI.  Am a bit sporadic in my efforts on this.  Do not have capability to run it 24/7, but can keep it on for the time when I am generally using my computer.  So every little helps I suppose

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