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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Yes the skies are very very dark, I managed to get setup just as the sun was setting as I know from previous experience trying to polar align in the dark with so many stars is sooooooo difficult. When darkness fell properly for quite a few minutes I did nothing but stand there gazing around looking at the milky way spreading from one side of the sky to the other, quite breathtaking, I couldn't get over how easily the double cluster was visible and M31 was VERY easy to spot. I took a few shots with my 8mm fisheye lens that show the milky way quite well will dig those out later. Cheers, Alan. Would love to live there and have that sky all the time !
  2. Hi Guys, Visited the inlaws in Ireland a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get a nights stargazing in from a lovely dark site, took a few snaps and here's one for your perusal, a few stars and a little of the milky way. Single frame of 240 seconds at 800 ISO, Canon 20D with 17-40mm f4'L' lens at 17mm f4 on a good old EQ5. Hope you enjoy, comments most welcome. Alan.
  3. Gotta admit young sir thats a fine effort, very nive indeed, would like to see it printed out, bet it would look very nice ! 10 out of 10 matey Alan
  4. Thanks for the comments guys, will keep you up-to-date on what happens next, as for the anti-climb paint we already have it on there !, I'm for wiring the dome upto the mains. Alan
  5. I’ve been a member of Batley and Spenborough Astronomical Society ( http://www.freewebs.com/bsastrosociety/ ) for a number of years a small astronomy club with it’s own observatory and friendy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable members (down to less than half a dozen of us now), we open the observatory to the public once a month during the winter and to organised groups of visitors. Last year we noticed the flat roof of the observatory was leaking so club funds were used to reroof it, a nice tidy job was done, a week later vandals had smashed a hole through the roof, so reroofing was carried out, and razor wire fitted around the edges of the building, Last week we noticed that someone had been trying to cut the aluminium of the dome !, then this week the dome had been cut properly and the sheeting bent back but thankfully no one got in to the scope. So I dread to think what the future will bring more barbed wire ?, steel edges to the aluminium on the dome ?, who knows. What a sad, sad world we live in when this sort of thing goes on. As a final word to this, if there’s any astronomers in the area who would like to come along and join us at the club, we would be delighted to see you, we meet at 8.00pm on Thursdays throughout the year. Sorry for the rant. Alan.
  6. Butchering my old Canon 300D !, well taking the IR filter out of it to be honest , been meaning to have a go at this for ages I'm hoping it will come in for astro stuff as well as normal photography. Can't wait to try it out ! Alan
  7. Thats really sad, the death of a true legend, a fantastic fiction writer and a great visionary RIP. Alan
  8. A good start that Martin !, much better than my 1st attempt, not as easy as people think this imaging lark is it ! Alan
  9. Thanks again guys, Andrew thats spot on with my understanding too. Alan
  10. Thanks guys, yeah it reminded me of a pearl, very pretty indeed, wonder if it'll develop a tail ? Alan
  11. Here ya go guys, just bobbed outside for a quick snap at the comet, funny looking little devil isn't it, 2 second exposure at f5.6 Canon 1D mk II with the 300mm f4'L' and a 1.4x converter. Hope you like !, comments most welcome. Alan
  12. Thanks again guys, the wifes from there Naz, born and bred in Cookstown, we got married in Omagh , would love to move out there. Alan
  13. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you enjoyed them, yes Trev I was in the North about 12 miles outside of Cookstown in County Tyrone almost in the foothills of the Sperrins, a really beautiful place. Alan
  14. Hi guys, Here's a few more from this years visit to Northern Ireland. No 1 the Cygnus widefield, hopefully processed a little better than the original No 2 Andromeda Widefield No 3 (my pick of the bunch) Deneb and the N.A.Nebula Comments most welcome, hope you enjoy ! Alan
  15. Another belter there Gordon, just makes me wish I had a goto mount to help find stuff like that ! Alan
  16. That ones a stunner Gordon, well done that man ! Alan
  17. Right, thanks for that, I'm just downloading deep sky tracker as I type, will try stacking the frames in it and see if it looks better than registax, any chance of telling me what you did in photoshop to get the result you did ? Thanks Alan
  18. Thats stunning Steve, much better than my efforts, was that processed in Deep sky stacker ? Thanks Alan
  19. 1st one looks great Gordon, how long is that exposure ? and what ISO ? Alan
  20. Hi guys, Just a quick word on what happened on my recent Ireland trip, I only managed one session of clear sky on the 5th of October I was able to image from about 10pm till midnight before clouds rolled in and spoiled the party. It's been ages since I've been out imaging so had a few initial glitches getting the EQ5 set up, but eventually was able to take some semi sucessful (hopefully) widefield images, the dew heaters proved to be a great investment as the dew was very heavy, the mount and camera were dripping with moisture after only 15 minutes. The views were stunning, the milky way was very clearly visible, M31 stood out as a bright smudge and M45 looked stunning !, just a shame I only got the couple of hours out of the whole week. I took a set of 3 images of the Cygnus region all at 800asa f5.6 with the 17-40mm f4'L' lens on the 350D at 300,480 and 600 seconds exposures which by my calculations gives about 23 minutes of total exposure I've stacked em as best I can in registax but am not sure how good a job I've done as there doesn't look to be as much detal in the stacked sequence as there is in the individual frames. As for processing the image in photoshop I'm not having alot of success, so if anyone wants to have a stab at it for me I'd be most gratefull. Here's a resized version of the stacked file, if anyone would like the full size one (or the individual files) to have a play with drop me a PM with your email addresss and I'll send it over. Other stuff I've still got to work with are widefields of the M31 area, M45, North American Nebula and some star trail images. Cheers, Alan
  21. That M57, is a belter !, love the scale of that image. Alan
  22. Hi there, I use an EQ5 mount for imaging with my Megres SD80 II for widefield astro stuff it's great for the easier to find brighter things !, I use a digital SLR (Canon 350D), which I find a great camera (can also piggyback it on the scope for really wide field stuff !), with a casual polar align, using the Megrez, 30 second exposures are easy, every one will be spot on, no trailing, 60 second exposures are a 7 or 8 out of ten success rate, 90 second exposures are a 4 or 5 out of ten success rate, I'm sure all these could be improved on with better polar alignment, in my experience the EQ5 is a great mount, reasonably portable, can hold a decent load (for what it is), and cheap ! Have also used it with my G8N with a Mead DSI and the 350D but just didn't like the images I got out of it, (more the fault of the scope I think as it's a great visual scope, bot not really made for imaging) So to some up in my experience EQ5 + Small refractor + Digital SLR = loads of fun ! Alan
  23. Must admit I sympathise with you, what with pressure's of work and home life and the weather I don't get out stargazing anything like as often as I used to, but I still have my kit and when I get a chance or feel like it it's there to use, the money I was going to use for upgrading my astronomy kit I used to buy photography equipment (my other passion), that way I can use it for astronomy too (piggy backed or prime on the Megrez) as well as using it for any other photographic subjects I feel like having a go at, to me it was simply a question of spending a few grand on asto equipment that I would only use on limited occasions or on camera gear that had much more oppertunity to be used, heck clouds are now something I wish for during the day to liven up the sky's in my photographs :shock: Just my 2p's worth. Alan
  24. I use a Velbon Shepa Pro CF730 (Carbon Fibre), expensive but rock solid and light (£350 ish), I have a couple of different heads, but a ball head would be ideal for fixing to the scope and would give you lots of range of movement for positioning the camera something like this would be ideal. http://www.warehouseexpress.co.uk/?binsandscopes/tripods/manfrotto.html#PC302794 As for a tripod I'd stick to a well know tripod maker rather than buy a retailers own branded type Anything from Velbon, Slik or Manfrotto should be great. Alan
  25. Lovely box that Frank, Ash ? Alan
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