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Hello from the Netherlands


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I have been silently following the forum for quite some time, and I did learn a lot, so thanks!

Even though I am "hooked" to astronomy since I was kid, started with an MTO1000 adapted to "telescope" I got finally the right life conditions (expat here) to settle and get into the matter "for real",
my start scope is a Celestron C6SE + ZWO585MC.


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Welcome @LJohnSilver_!

Whereabouts are you in the Netherlands? I spent 5 years working in Gouda and living in Scheveningen. Not generally good for anything except casual stargazing, although going down to the beach and looking west over the north sea could be good. I remember showing my kids comet Hale-Bopp from there.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :)

@old_eyes I am located in the Bortle 7 outskirts of Amsterdam, Gouda compared to Amsterdam I suspect is way better, coming from a small town lost in the mountains of Italy I can really relate on what you say, light and clouds make it tricky. Even though just this week I saw for the first time Orion Nebula popping up from SharpCap...quite an amazing moment :) 

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