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M42/M43/NGC1977 RGB with the MakNewt... yes, another one!


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After I night of near disasters, I managed to pull this one out of the hat :D To say I am chuffed is an understatement....

OTA: Skywatcher 190mm F/5.3 Maksutov-Newtonian Astrograph

Guiding: Skywatcher ED80 + DSI-C + PHD

Imaging: QHY8 + Nebulosity, 42×300s, IDAS LPR

Stacked: DeepSkyStacker

Post Process: ImagesPlus + PSCS2 + Noel Carboni’s AstroTools

(Click on image for a larger image)


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Absolutely fantastic image. One of the best I have ever seen of this object.

I am at the moment waiting to hear how much the new QHY8 pro is going to be but I think I will have trouble matching your effort :D


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Good Gawd Steve, you trying to frighten me to death. That's just immense.

I can't hope to match anywhere near this, but it provides the stimulus. What a superb image.

I can't see a dodgy star anywhere.

Ron. :thumbright: :salute:

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Maybe its my back pain meds making me a bit soft in the head tonight (along with some sleep deprivation), but all your comments have bought tears to my eyes. Its been a while coming, what with the bad weather reducing the chances, and the when they did come, were cut short by clouds, but Saturday night was one of those "overcoming all the problems" night, and to get this out at the end of it, and to be received like this by everyone has just thrown me a bit.

Yes, Yes, I know... "shutup and stop being a wuss"

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Funny you should say that, was thinking the same thing earlier today when processing it.

A return to the Rosette is next on my list, maybe with the Hyperstar, maybe if I get enough clera nights close together I`ll do an UBER size mosaic with the MakNewt. And then there is Cone + Christmas Tree cluster area....

Lets see how the weather works out first...

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Who needs to go to Kelling eh? :D

Are you using nebulosity now? I have to say, compared to Maxim it seems a doddle to use. What settings did you use for capture? Raw RGB?

I see on your qhy8 you have that line a couple of pixels wide (near the top). I have this also, it shows especially on flats. Apparently there is some software which will take a line of dead pixels and replace them with the median or something, but thats all I know?

Oh, one other thing, is that a crop or full image Steve?



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