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  1. cool cool, well i am not sure of the current status of the order but i like those rings Steve ally
  2. We have asked OO as we are getting it from them well hopefully Mick that could be a winner cheers mate!
  3. tried but this is now the mounting of the OTA to the mounting plate? tube rings or long dovetail bar but i have not seen a product that would do?
  4. well that looks like the solution so far but if you look at the MAX mount they have a silver dovetail plate with sides that hold the OTA where the fork mount would hold it??? I really was just wondering if anyone has seen or use something like this? ally
  5. Hey guys, I need some help finding the part to order for fitting a 16'' LX200 to a Paramount? i have until tomorrow? if i don't show there is a way then we don't get to order the paramount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the enjoyment of many student and several memebers of this forum depend on the responces thanks
  6. Took this quick snap to prove that there really was two planets there. it's a shot of the moon venus and in between mercury. i hope it is attached. i kinda of can remember how to upload the photos alasdair
  7. Just thought I would say that it was great to see prof john brown on the sky at night. He lectures at Glasgow uni and I can tell you he uses every chance he can to break out the magic tricks. Great guy if you meet him, ask about the m8 car crash theory ah good times
  8. Welcome, JOIN YOUR LOCAL ASTRONOMY CLUB!! Stirling Astronomical Society they are very good, formal to a point, but i have been to one or two of their meetings and they have some excellent members. They will be more than able to point you towards a good telescope and allow you to sample some before you buy. plus the observatory is worth a visit. Alasdair
  9. Maths Yeah ....... I agree with Rob, darks might be over kill for 30second frames, Bias frames will sort out most of that noise. flats ...... do i really want to step into that again? well as a rule of thumb they are hard to understand. if done wrong make an image worse. for long exposures flats are the only way to remove the bulk of the noise. take as many Bias as you do Flats, like so many things in astronomy, more is better. i do try but usually can't be bothered taking more than 30 or 40 flats However if i think the data is really good then i would make the effort alasdair
  10. first page second in the list BBC iPlayer - Wonders of the Solar System: Order out of Chaos
  11. lol solid optical bench, that is what i work beside most days its the optical bench for LISA Path Finder, trust me they are alot of work taken 5 years ish to make two good ones
  12. No they don't honest lol You did not tell hear it from me narrowband told me about this awhile ago but it's a secret FYI but hey am bad at keeping them lol
  13. nice stuff never done a guided shot of the rosette alway a bit low and near trees. But i know it faint so.. nice stuff. I would suggest flats, but everthing else looks good
  14. EQMOD silly me i totally forgot about it thanks
  15. I like this, just spent 20mins looking for the best spot with google maps near my house ally
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