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daytime Moon Termy mosaic

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xtreemchaos    9,255

deleting stuff off my harddrive and found some miss layed vid from the 31-8-17 so processed before deleting the vid.

kit AR127L "old Faithfull" asi120mc converted to mono. 5 panes. taken about 5pm

thanks for looking. hope you all have clear.  charl.









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Scooot    2,329

Crikey, they've come out well, particularly for daytime. Look great on the TV :) 

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astroavani    3,940

Experimente usar o Fitswork para dar uma afiada nessas fotos, deve melhorar ainda mais! Bom trabalho

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    • By xtreemchaos
      450 frames staxed with AS2 adjusted in photoshop and topaz- clarity, detail, denoise, glow. 
    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely and sunny here in south wales, seeings okish a bit of fazing going on but I think its thermals rising up the side of the house morethan anything. not a lot happerning in WL just two small ARs , in HA theres some large proms on the out going limb . hope you all have clear too to have a look.
      kit ed80, Quark chromo, asi120mc for HA, 120mm f5 frac, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL.
      Thanks for looking. charl.


      PROM 1

      PROM 2


      PROM 4

      PROM 5

      WL MONO

      WL coloured

      WL coloured invert just for fun.

      ive 10 more vids to do so if better ill update.  clear skys charl.


    • By xtreemchaos
      Nice and sunny here in south wales, cold wind, seeings poor. not the best of shots, took 3000 frame vids and could only use 10%.
      in the bits when its not fazing so much the ARs look very nice but its not steady for long. same old kit.
      thanks for looking , clear skys, charl.


      PROM 1

      PROM 2


      MONO WL.


      closer, dodgey shot.

      Ive still got 5 more vids to sort so if there better ill update.
      and a artistic one to finnish.

    • By xtreemchaos
      just caught it through a break in the cloud, seeing okish deff worth a look I think its a 99.8 so very near full.
      kit ar127l f9.5, 1200d. 52 frames staxed with regi, shot from my obsyroonm open window.
      thanks for looking, clear skys, charl.

    • By xtreemchaos
      good seeing again, about the same as yesterday, it looks fantastic to the eye, very steady I was hitting over 300x no bother.
      kit AR127L, 1200D, HEQ5. 85 frames staxed with regi, hope to get a dark moon later, so will update .
      thanks for looking and wish you clear skys with good seeing.  charl.


      colour large

      and a invert just for fun.

      well its 8.45 pm and I'm going to watch a movie with the misses at 9 so this will have to do as a dark moon really nearly dark.
      "some say" the moon will never be twofaced to anybody on earth  goodnight all . charl.