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  1. Thank you Steve. I used deconvolution on it early on but didn’t sharpen it as that seemed a bit too much.
  2. I thought I'd try out the Asiair's Video function with my new Asi2600 on the 60mm little Tak . This is the best 25% of a 2 min 40 video. The Asiair seems to only use the central part of the cameras sensor so I could only just about get the full moon in the FOV in video mode but it seems to have worked quite well. Hope you like it, thanks for looking.
  3. Good to know, I used to take bias with my 450D and no dark flats but temperature of the darks would have been inconsistent.
  4. As a side, also when calibrating I’ve decided to do it as follows as there’s zero amp glow with this camera: I take Darks, Dark Flats and Flats. No bias. I integrate the Darks & Dark Flats. I subtract the Dark Flats from the Flats then integrate the flats I then subtract the darks from the lights, then divide the lights by the Integrated flats. Bias will be deducted from the lights when the darks are deducted. It seems to work quite well.
  5. I’ve started imaging with my new Asi 2600 with 3 minute subs at gain zero which is actually gain 0.778. Mainly to take advantage of the full well and dynamic range. Depends on your target of course. I can’t remember the exact figures, but I tested it when I first received it and at gain 100, which is 0.25 approximately the full well dropped quite significantly, 50,000 to 30,000 I think(can’t remember exactly) . I haven’t had it long and haven’t had a decent chance to get a lot of subs but this was just shy of 2 hours worth of 3 minute subs on bodes at gain zero. I have quite bad light polluti
  6. It’s a wonderful image. “As a consequence the minor image processing done was to brighten the foreground and darken the sky a bit” That’s funny I’m very envious.
  7. I was looking at it over my garden wall from sunset onwards. When I first saw it I was shocked at how large it was.
  8. Many thanks Pete, nice of you to say so.
  9. Thank you. Doing it again has brought back all the memories of seeing it and the many attempts to capture it.
  10. I had a massive light pollution gradient when I first processed this so I’ve had another go at it. It’s still a bit noisy but I’m pleased with it now so hope you like it. Its a stack of 65 fifteen second shots with my 450D
  11. That’s a lovely image, beautiful colours. The nebulae are stunning.
  12. Doh, 16/1/21 I bought mine. Maybe because sterling is so much stronger?
  13. I’ve been using a canon 450D on a star adventurer until very recently and I’ve just upgraded to the Asi 2600 and Eq35-m mount. I still haven’t managed to get a good nights imaging yet but I managed a bit in between the clouds. This is just 19 three minute subs. I haven’t quite got my spacing between my flattener right yet. It was much easier to process with nicer data, even if there wasn’t enough of it. I’m sure there are other cameras I could have bought that would also have been a huge improvement on the 450D, but I didn’t want to upgrade again in the near future and I wanted the
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