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  1. Scooot

    NGC 5139

    That’s great. I’d like to look at that through a big dob.
  2. Scooot


    I always go by the insurer’s defaqto star rating. Can never be certain but a 5 star policy should be comprehensive with a better chance of delivering the cover you think you’ve bought It will of course be more expensive.
  3. Scooot

    iPhone Apps

    I also quite like using Deep Sky Browser. Particularly for a quick glance at altitudes of targets today and throughout the year. It also give the surface brightness of many deep sky objects which is a bit more useful than the normal visual magnitude. Plus easy access to images from deep sky surveys. Here’s a sample screen shot.
  4. Scooot

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    That’s very impressive @Ken Mitchell
  5. Scooot

    PixInsight Calibration Error

    Thanks Wim, I did try a run of scnr and it gave it a slight blue cast on my screen so I took it out. Interestingly when I look at it on my iPad it’s much darker/blacker than the PC. I used photometric colour calibration for the colour balance. Despite this the fainter stars nearer the nebula have a slight pinkish tinge on my screen. I only boosted the colour slightly on the stars so I’m putting this down to my bad skies and the use of my Astronomik CLS filter as this seems to be recurring issue I have. Or it might just be that it’s because they’re nearer the nebula on this occasion.
  6. Scooot

    Whoo Whoooo is it...? The Owl Cluster!

    Lovely image. One of my favourite visual targets.
  7. Scooot

    PixInsight Calibration Error

    Indeed and thank you
  8. Scooot

    Four Hearts are better than one - maybe?

    I like the second one. Not too keen on the green influence
  9. I’ve realised after reading a thread on the PixInsight forum that I’d been making what turns out to be an important calibration error before integrating my lights. I’d followed a tutorial which suggests calibrating the darks with the master bias before integrating them. It transpires I should only integrate the raw darks to create the master. This is the thread https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?topic=11968.0 I’ve reworked my latest IC1396 image from scratch. The resulting Flats were much better and the new Darks resulted in much less noise. This made processing it much less of a fight. Anyway here it is again, taken with my canon on the star adventurer.
  10. Scooot

    Push To system

    A Nexus 2 is good enough for a Dob. I’m not sure if they’re selling them via Europe at the moment, email Serge at Astro Devices for an update.
  11. Scooot

    IC1396 & Garnet Star

    This is the last one I promise!
  12. Scooot

    IC1396 & Garnet Star

    If any other PixInsight users would like to have a look at the data and have a go here is a link to the drizzle integration xisf file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xage086cfhwnq4l/drizzle_integration.xisf?dl=0
  13. Scooot

    IC1396 & Garnet Star

    Thank you, good to know.
  14. Scooot

    IC1396 & Garnet Star

    I think I prefer this version. This processing lark It’s very addictive

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