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  1. Scooot

    iPhone Moon - 20th May 2018

    Lovely images Stu, you’ve certainly become very accomplished with your phone. I don’t know how you manage to hold it in place so well, it’s a great skill.
  2. Scooot

    May 20, 2018: 25-pane lunar mosaic

    Lovely image, looks nice and sharp to me so can see why your happy.
  3. Scooot


    Many thanks Reggie, I certainly will try more subs, pleased I’m beginning to understand what exposures retain the star colours with my set up.
  4. Scooot


    I've had another go at M13 with the baby tak on the star adventurer. This time I slashed the exposures to 30 seconds at ISO400 in attempt to get better star colours and less star bloating, and I think its paid off So I'm much happier with this one. Its a stack of 60, so it looks as if many more would improve it. I uploaded to Astrometry.net & was quite surprised to see I'd caught NGC 6207 just to the left.
  5. Scooot

    Venus between the clouds

    Thank you Pete. That made me think, two atmospheres in one
  6. Scooot

    M13 at 355mm

    Thanks Louis D, I’ll try that. I wondered whether it was light pollution because even the fainter stars are all very similar colours. Regarding blooming I also wonder whether my focus is out a touch. I don’t have fine focus control on the tak so I find it quite difficult to adjust exactly. I do increase the ISO to max and zoom in on a star to help in the live display but the stars are still difficult to see & according to the bahtinov mask I am in focus.
  7. Scooot

    Venus between the clouds

    Thanks Sunshine.
  8. Scooot

    M13 at 355mm

    Took this with the canon & baby tak on the star adventurer. 25 1 minute subs at iso800. I’m still not getting very good star colours but maybe my light pollution is making that difficult.
  9. Scooot

    Big Cluster - Small scope

    Nice image Trevor, and very handy as I now have something to compare mine with, which I’m just going to post. You have a lot more detail in the core and better star colours.
  10. I’ve been watching this over the past few days, the first to shine every evening, so I decided to take a snap with the baby tak at 600mm (f10). 4 seconds at iso 400. It’s not possible to tell but it’s about 86% illuminated.
  11. Scooot

    great seeing last night

    Nice read Piero. The seeing was indeed very good, I was out with my 16” and Jupiter looked so crisp I was viewing it at x318 with a barlowed 13mm at one point which I don’t think I’ve even bothered trying before. I attempted a couple of phone snaps through the eyepiece below (without Barlow). The view through the eyepiece was far superior of course but the pic below does indicate how good the seeing was.
  12. Scooot

    Another Lazy one M3

    That’s great
  13. I think you just copy PS Align. If you look at where NCP is in relation to Polaris on Sky Safari you’ll see it’s opposite to PS Align so the app is already allowing for the inversion. I think
  14. I actually tried 5 minutes last week on M3 at 350mm. The Trackings out, see below, as is my focus, but I’m going to try and drift align when I get a chance to see how accurate I can get it.
  15. I find PS Align a good app to quickly find out where to place Polaris at the right point. Here’s a screen shot.

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