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  1. That’s superb Stephen. Wonderfully presented.
  2. This is 2 stacks combined of 65 3&4 second images, with my 135mm at F2.8 ISO400. One stack aligned on the stars, the other, starless, aligned on the moon using Pixinsight's comet align tool. Hope you like it.
  3. I can see a trail of faint stars, I presume you mean those.
  4. Thanks Dave, don’t know why but I didn’t get notified of your reply. Naked eye I can only just see the three main stars, it was quite a surprise to see how prominent the other two are, and I’d never really looked at much with a scope. edit, doh It would help if I pressed the follow button
  5. Scooot

    Sky Safari Pro 6 Help

    You can highlight your own observations on the chart as well, or anything you search for, such as Tonight’s Best. I can’t remember whether this is possible with the other versions but it’s extremely useful. Going into Orbit and then using the time function to visualise activity is great. I also like the Graphing tool and Galaxy view.
  6. Scooot

    Widefield Lunar Eclipse

    Underneath the Arches ..... Brilliant
  7. Scooot

    My Lunar Eclipse in Pictures

    Fantastic set John.
  8. Very lucky here, went out at 3:50 and it was mostly clear until about 5:50 when thick cloud set in.
  9. Scooot

    Eclipse Practice

    I’ll try that as well in the morning
  10. Scooot

    Eclipse Practice

    What focal length, might not work so well with a lot of sky in the image?
  11. Scooot

    Sky Safari Pro 6 Help

    Go to observe, scope display observe, equipment to enter eyepieces
  12. Scooot

    Eclipse Practice

    Hmm, so at F6.2 ISO 400 I have do 35 seconds to match that, or 15 seconds at F4 with my 135mm. Unless of course I had increase the ISO. Mind you shouldn’t be a problem if I’m tracking, should be ok I’d think for that time period.
  13. Here’s a link that might help https://themcdonalds.net/richard/wp/polar-alignment-of-your-equatorial-mount/
  14. Scooot

    Eclipse Practice

    What f ratio and ISO was your 15 second image?

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