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  1. I always collimate my 16" truss with my Howie glatter and the paracorr in place. The paracorr acts as a slight Barlow and makes it easy to see the reflection of the doughnut on the secondary, so I don't bother using the Tublug.
  2. Yes nice report Chris. I've just come in, had the big dob out & Jupiter was indeed excellent. 207x mostly but had a good look at 277x as well. Missed the grs as I didn't get out until just after 11.
  3. Have a look at this comparison chart. It's in dollars & a bit out of date as there's a 5 pro now but will give you a rough idea. Bare in mind you can't upgrade so if you buy the plus version and want to upgrade to pro later you'll have to pay the full price. They do however have offers occasionally. Here's the link to the latest 5 versions
  4. I'm going to have to get a new ipad stu. Can do that on my phone but not the old ipad, been putting it off but running out of memory as well now. Ho hum
  5. Sky safari for me as well
  6. You could also use a Stick Up Cam if your wifi will extend to your shed? I have their doorbell and I'm very impressed with it. The motion alert feature of it might be useful, which you can turn on and off. It works from heat, not motion, and mine does detect some things overnight occasionally, probably a cat or something. So I turn the motion alert off overnight.
  7. Oooh that's nice
  8. No probs, hope you get a chance to use it I should have said I bought mine a few years ago (new) with one of the original focussers which are ok but could be better. The current focussers are much better so if you're not buying new bare that in mind. I now use a feather touch with it.
  9. I presume you're not going to the concert, but I expect you'll be there in spirit. Well done.
  10. Fantastic image. Very detailed .
  11. I have a VX10 1/10 wave. Can't imagine I'll ever sell it, it's superb. I get great views on most things. Jupiter and Saturn excellent, mars not so good. The moon is great, as are star clusters, double stars, and planetary nebula, and other deep space such as M42. My light polutions not so good for galaxies or some of the fainter nebula but I can see some of the veil with a filter. At f4.8 I can get some fairly wide views, but is easy to colimate, and holds its collimation very well. I hardly ever have to touch the secondary, and often don't bother checking the primary as it holds it so well. I suppose if I travelled with it I might need to do it more often. It's a very portable scope, with a small footprint, and in my opinion is as near to an all round scope you can get.
  12. Pink floyd version for me
  13. For a bit of fun I went into orbit around the asteroid. Then pressed fast forward on the time function, hourly intervals and watched the earth and the moon race by. It gives some idea of the speed it's going
  14. Don't forget to update the minor body orbit data. I've done that before, makes it much harder to find it.