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  1. Kachina doll, that's a new one. That certainly is a strong likeness, I might even remember that. The cluster is also one of my favourites. As is the Wild duck cluster, I first looked at it this year through my 10" a couple of weeks ago and it was a bit murky being fairly low around 10.30/11.00. Then again a few days later when we had a much better night of seeing with the bigger Dob, and it was much nicer. Thanks, thats a nice report and the sketch and pic were a good addition.
  2. Lovely report John. When you get a night like that it makes the waiting all worth while. I too was concentrating on observing last night so the only Perseids I saw were the ones that crossed my fov in the eyepiece, & I think there were three or four.
  3. Observing in the summer

    I agree, summer observing can be great fun. I've just come in, had a lovely time. Had the 16" for the first time for a while, thought the seeing was very good tonight as well.
  4. I'd consider the Sumerian 8" as Stephan suggested above. Weighing only 7.5kg and folding down to a case with handle will make it easier to carry it across the field which I presume wouldnt be easy to wheel anything over. Although you'll also have to carry the truss tubes & eyepieces etc separately, and put it together in the field of course. However that doesn't take long with practice. You'd still have an 8" aperture & a reasonably fast scope that'd give you some wide fov's, but no goto or tracking. However if you really struggle finding things you could add a push-to system (at more expense) afterwards. An added bonus is is it will also fit in a small car very easily. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p8495_Sumerian-Optics-Alkaid-8--f-5-Dobson-Teleskop---Quarzglasspiegel.html Edit, no idea how good the mirror is though David Lukehurst's ultra portable if he'd make an 8" would also fit the bill but I'd guess it might be dearer. He could put a push-to system on it from the outset.
  5. I love my Sumerian too, if only I could get a chance to use it Hope you get some more opportunities to try it out soon, I'm sure you'll get some great views.
  6. It certainly looks stunning, must have been quite an experience. It looks as if you've really captured the tranquility and mood of the place. Out of curiosity, do you know what the red light is in the distance in pics 2 & 3. Looks like it might be a fire or is it just coming from a building of some sort.
  7. I nipped out briefly to view through a small gap in the clouds for about half an hour around midnight. Only managed to see 2 as I watched the clouds gradually fill in the gap.
  8. Moon Dial Clock

    Love it
  9. My New Orion VX8 Newtonian.

    Congrats! They're great scopes you'll get loads of enjoyment from that.
  10. 98%

    Haven't had a go for a while but it looked good hanging there last night. This is a stack of 30 with the baby tak at f10 1/160 iso100. Hope you like it.
  11. Hi, I presume you align before connecting SkySafari? Once you've got Sky Safari working, do you select targets within SkySafari and use its goto feature? I presume the scope shows on the SkySafari chart, have you tried moving it around manually?
  12. Petition against Sony's Star Eater

  13. M56 an unusual glob

    Yes great sketch.
  14. A few unexpected observers... and me?

    Lovely report Richard. It's great when others take an interest. Reading it has worsened my withdrawal symptoms
  15. I installed the Synscan app myself out of curiosity to have a look. The port number to enter in Sky Safari is 11882. It looks like you need to connect the SynScan App using a phone/tablet to the mount first, after which you can collaborate with Sky Safari.