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  1. Yes I meant tapping in the target from a keypad. With the WiFi Nexus it’s not necessary & much easier to find the targets as they’re shown/highlighted visually on the screen in Sky Safari.
  2. Hi again, I only have experience with Apple devices and the Nexus and once setup I've never had any issiues other than the odd loose connection. However I do know @faulksy used an Android phone with the Nexus just as successfully.
  3. On a Dob, I personally think using their Nexus via Sky Safari is better rather than the DSC. You then don’t need to type in coordinates, just push the dob to a target that’s visible on the screen.
  4. Hi Ade, this is a guide I have that might Help as well. Nexus - Encoder Mounting Hardware Instructions 2.pdf
  5. No not really Alan. Once I’ve set it I don’t usually need to alter it, but if I do it’s only a tweak. The dioptrx ring is labelled A to F and I now know where to set it, or roughly so I get it in the correct position quite quickly. The most annoying thing about it for me is if I’m using a shorter eye relief eyepiece, such as my 13mm ethos I have to have the eye guard down. This means my eye is closer to the lens and in certain circumstances the heat from my eye causes it to mist up. This is where the Delos are a significant advantage because I can use the dioptrx with the eye guard up. I can read without my glasses on so using the dioptrx means I can also use the scope without them. Otherwise I’d have to wear glasses to use the scope and keep taking them off to read. I also have contact lenses but I don’t wear them much & I don’t like wearing them for astronomy. Their prescription isn’t as precise as my specs and they have a habit of spinning in my eye. This alters the astigmatism correction so I have to wait until they settle again.
  6. I use a dioptrx Alan, mines 1.25. I can get away using my 10mm Delos without using it or glasses but it’s necessary on all my others to sharpen up the view. I use both the dioptrx and a paracorr on, as you know, the same scope, and I’d notice the difference without the paracorr, particularly with the 17.3mm eyepiece and above. Dioptrx is cheaper so maybe try one before buying the paracorr, at least you’d be able tell if you think you’d need the paracorr or not.
  7. Just a thought, probably not this but could the camera have an auto focus on which is causing it to try and focus on the secondary?
  8. Love it. It just needs two eyes for a smiley
  9. That’s good, let’s hope so. I wonder if London will follow their example.
  10. I like both but for a mineral moon the second stands out for me so that’s my pic of the two.
  11. It looks lovely. One of my favourites.
  12. Don’t know if this might help at all but I saved some screen shots as a guide I use to calibration/registering. I don’t use the batch processing. So integrate the bias & darks with these. Calibrate Flats with these settings. Integrate Flats with these. (Usually winsorised clipping though depending on number of frames) Calibrate Lights with these settings.
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