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  1. I took a few images with my canon 450 with my Dob but it was standing on an EQ Platform which allowed me longer exposure times. Here’s one, I can’t remember the exposure but I think it was 10 seconds, not very good. You’ll be able to get some good moon images though.
  2. It won’t be easy, the problem is you have to keep nudging the mount to keep the target centred so you’ll have some wobble when you take the pics.
  3. A great collection John. I like the Apollo 15 site, the fact that you can pinpoint it from Earth with a phone image Is incredible.
  4. Nice images. I presume Jupiter & Moons is a combination, I was imaging it the other evening & couldn’t expose for both in the same image?
  5. Many thanks, I just wanted to add some crater sizes for scale. I had my 10” Dob standing on my EQ platform otherwise I don’t think I’d have managed to get a decent shot at x276. Also recently bought an iPhone holder so I don’t have to battle holding it anymore.
  6. I thought I’d see what a higher mag image looks like with my phone. This is at x276, amazing for a phone.
  7. I took this through my 17.3mm Delos on my 10” this evening with my IPhone SE before it sank behind my neighbour’s.
  8. That’s a lovely image Trevor. Thanks for pointing out Mercury, it saved me searching Sky Safari for its position
  9. Hi Bob, nothing wrong with that it’s a nice image. The Moons over exposed of course but it’s difficult, (I won’t say impossible) to better expose it and everything else at the same time, in one image anyway.
  10. Welcome, pleased to read your post. It looked great along the terminator, I spent a long time in awe of the views. I also caught Clavius & the straight wall through my 10mm on the 10” Dob. I liked the little alien at the bottom as well. The Apennine Mountain region was also very sharp.
  11. Scooot


    Lovely shots, well worth the rush.
  12. Just took this through my 17.3mm Delos on the 10" Dob with my iphone. Its usually pot luck if I get one as my hands aren't steady enough but this came out ok.
  13. Many thanks Hitesh.
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