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  1. The skies were much better on Saturday so I had another go at capturing different exposures. 73 10 secs, thirty 30 secs & 15 1 minutes but the minutes were no good, mist or cloud ruined them. All at ISO 800. I used Pixinsights HDR composition to combine the stacked 10 seconds with the 30 seconds. I'm not sure to what degree it improved the 30 seconds on their own, or if I'd just stacked them all together. Anyway, Aldebaran was at 53 degrees when I started at around 10 pm so the light pollution wasn't anywhere near as bad as when took the previous image. There are also many more stars. I'm still a bit perplexed by the colours of a few of the brighter stars opposite Aldebaran which are clearly described as yellow/orange and appear so in some other images. Maybe its just my skies? Anyway here it is I used my Takumar 135mm with the 450D on the Star Adventurer again
  2. Focus of DSLR

    Yes I use an unmodded 450D, and with my 135mm lens live view at 10x seems best. Rather than only concentrate on getting the star as small as possible I also try to make sure no red is showing around the star’s fringe. Doing this has helped a lot.
  3. Binoviewing with a 'weak' eye

    The 1 diopter model. http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=54&Tab=_Choose
  4. Binoviewing with a 'weak' eye

    Hi, according to this you rotate the Dioptrx to exactly compensate for the astigmatic axis angle in real time, or are you referring to something else?
  5. If you were an ASTROLOGER you would have seen them coming whoops, sorry, didn’t read your post properly doh
  6. We often get a police chopper flying over. One night I was out with the 10” and red head torch, and it kept circling over me. I wondered whether they thought I had some sort of missile launcher. I decided not to point it at them.
  7. Great idea, what a lovely image
  8. My second attempt at The Hyades. The first wasn't quite in focus so I had some annoying red rings around the stars, and the brightest stars were over saturated because of the longer exposures. So this time my plan was to combine some short exposures with longer exposures. However cloud put paid to that idea. So this is a stack of 60 10 second frames at ISO 800 using the Star Adventurer & my Takumar 135mm f2.5, stopped down 3 clicks. I now have colour. Despite the short exposure it still captured quite a few stars. The faint one just bottom left of Aldebaran is mag 13.6. They were taken on the 14th Dec at about 7.30pm so Aldebaran had only climbed to about 35 deg. I forgot to use my CLS clip filter so a fair bit of light pollution was removed by Pixinsight's DBE although I still have a bit of a gradient bottom right. Nevertheless I'm still quite pleased with it, a bit more learning
  9. Cor that's good, I'm still experimenting with my takumar 135 mm. Not quite in your league yet though
  10. That’s great, nice to see them from the warmth of indoors
  11. SQM Reading

    This is a good read as well. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-resources/rate-your-skyglow/
  12. Are they trusted?

    I don’t know about shipping I just guessed. The import duty seems to be 5% plus vat of 20% but it seems both are charged on shipping and any insurance as well as the cost of the goods.
  13. Are they trusted?

    On this I entered a 300 Euro digital camera, Japanese manufacturer from Germany to Serbia with 15 euro shipping costs.
  14. Are they trusted?

    It worked for me when I entered camera from uk to Serbia. I think you only get a couple of free goes though.