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  1. American enthusiasm over the moon!

    How cheery is that! Great post šŸ˜€
  2. This should give you an idea. http://www.cruxis.com/scope/limitingmagnitude.htm
  3. Lunar V and X

    It looks great
  4. Good read and great image Stu
  5. Lunar X

    Thanks everyone. It was good fun being under a clear sky for a change
  6. Lunar X

    This is a single image with my 450D on my 10" Dob with 2 powermate. I went to use my EQ platform but it broke as I took it out of the shed. I tried stacking some but the alignment wasn't good enough. Never mind I have managed to capture the X and V I think.
  7. Lovely shots John and the planning info is very interesting, thanks for that as well.
  8. A Very Blue Moon

    Thank you Charl
  9. A Very Blue Moon

    Thanks Alan
  10. A Very Blue Moon

    Perhaps, have to vote on it
  11. A Very Blue Moon

    Just for fun and the normal version A stack of 50 taken with the baby tak at f10.
  12. Supermoon 31-1-18

    Great shots Charl
  13. Full Moon 31-01-18

    Nicely done John I thought it was a bit hazy as well.
  14. They look good value, have you seen this site https://www.bestbinocularsreviews.com/barr-&-stroud-binoculars.php#sierra