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  1. this shouldn't happen if its a true FDTI chip (as opposed to a clone) as the real chip and driver have a unique serial number which is recognised after you have installed the driver once. Moving USB sockets should not make any difference as it follows the serial number of he USB device. The same goes for Linux. Thats why you pay extra for a real thing. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13741853/how-to-get-stable-com-ports-for-usb-serial-dongles-in-windows-xp still applies to Win 10
  2. if changing the com port in EQMOD as suggested above (DO NOT USE the search button) (after checking what the actual com port number is displayed in Device Manager - just in case its changed again) does work look at your cable ends and if using DB9 check for bent or missing pins. To test the adapter you can download Putty from the web - some virus checkers will complain but you should be able to scan the file - then loop rx/tx pins (harder to do if you mount end is RJ45 ). you then use Putty to talk to itself (hence the looping of TX/RX). Use connection type "Serial" on putty and this will then allow you to change the Com port to whatever your device number is shown in device manager. Whatever you type should be shown in Putty's window the adapter is working. If its working wiggle the cable in case you have a bad connection and see if the connection is dropped! If the later all works this would point to the Mount or the cable is wrongly wired!. If it fails have you another PC or a Astro friend to test out your cable and mount in case your PC OS software is corrupt! You have't displayed an image of the USB Adapter are you sure its a "real" FDTI and the voltage is the correct level (5v or 3.3v) depending on your mount . Plus I am assuming the Atlas Model(and firmware level) is supported by EQMOD - I think they are supposed to be the same as SW!
  3. Its the same on all serial connections - std is to quote std pins - e.g. TX means transmit only , RX means recv only - thats why you have to connect TX - RX and RX - TX. Well nearly all ways - some only have 1 wire which acts as both TX/RX but thats another story. Obvious if you know but well done for spotting it Its been like this for some +40yrs Glad you got sorted.
  4. How do you know it works on any machine - have you tried it. Try changing the cable. The is no reason why a working 450D is not recognised if everything is installed correctly. Very doubtful its anything to do with a correctly set up Win 10 O/S. Do as @kev m suggests.
  5. yep Julian is 100% correct suggest others carefully read the doc info first "If it aint boke dont fix it" - Vast options ,well tested software and created ,as I have stated already, created by M/S employee's AND I think he implies Windows's OS by saying RDP and BackyardEOS If we are talking multi OS then you are correct But as always the individual chooses what is correct for him/her
  6. The big problem with copying between computers is you dont want to kill all other network traffic - some copy applications do. This site provides the Front End GUI's for Robocopy which provided more than options to "hang your pc" - Again like Robocopy - Richcopy (Front end GUI to Robocopy) was also written by M/S employee https://www.howtogeek.com/130729/add-a-graphical-user-interface-gui-to-the-microsoft-robocopy-command-line-tool/
  7. If its Windows then +1 for Robocopy - as it was written by an M/S employee and good few years ago
  8. What R26 means is that your mount is NOT compatible with the £5 device as he thinks it uses RS232c voltage levels which are 12-25v and is something completely different to the TTL levels the £5 adapter uses (3.3v or 5v). However it would seem the DB9 on the mount is the same as EQ6 so that may be wrong. If so ,and you need to check , then the £5 adapter should work if connected ,has the correct voltage (3.3 or 5v) and you have wired it correctly - maybe this site will help you http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/prerequisites.html
  9. No need to wait for clear skies - if you have some old images try them out during the day to test your settings - too late in the dark or when loosing valuable clear skies
  10. some more confusing details but might help - Not as i understand how eqmod works (which could be wrong LOL) . AT should ,if using Append mode (not dialogue) in EQMOD and using 3 point,you should see a point added - in Dialogue/nearest point I think it adds values (offsets) to DXSB/DXSA. I try and create smallish triangles of solved points around an object if I am having problems which in my view should make find a point within the area easier to goto - but it doesn't always work. Everyone ,except the authors, are still learning I guess - must have read the Help PDF "n" times and still not 100% clear in my mind. You can of course add lots of Sync points from either CDC or AT (or even manually !!!!) and see the result in the extended EQMOD window if you click the "Spanner" then click the "Points list" then click left or right mouse buttons. If it works for you use your own working workflow! But as you have found when it all works its great
  11. What are you doing with EQMOD - i.e. What Point alignment method are you using and are you clearing out the saved alignment points each time you start? For example creating bad alignment points or using "old data" when using a mobile set up can "screw up" the modelling. I even have to clear old EQMOD alignment data during session sometimes. You will probably see the Telescope pointer in CDC not move or "jump" mear to the target and AT will just give the same solved RA/DEC coordinates. Are you using CDC to Sync as well as AT ? Check CDC set up date / time - I have on occasions found its time out by a good few minutes even though it says its using System time - so I now use the "refresh option" and set the refresh to every 10 secs. Perhaps reading this may help http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/help-from-eqmod-users/2485/47 p.s If you dont know Chris Shillto is the EQMOD author (or one of them) Regarding PC O/S updates - Tip is start your PC well before you are going to use it to allow for any updates or disconnect your network or device from the Internet before starting. Also change the times Windows can do updates - doesn't stop updates totally unfortunately. There are loads of other methods to restrict Microsoft from doing its thing - google it
  12. Attached Prolific own spec - see Serial number mod is disabled but clearly explains why its needed Perhaps FLO can use its contacts for an official Sky Watcher response - to put peoples minds at ease
  13. Last time I looked even genuine Prolific devices don't put a unique serial number in so Windows and Linux have problems identifying the hardware if using more than one device with a Prolific Chip. Same problem with other Manufacturer's e.g. CH340G etc If someone can confirm that the serial number is now unique that would be handy - I cant find any info other than there EEprom writer disables this field for amendment - but maybe its now unique already This is for the PL-203HXD chip which Prolific recommends Obviously I dont know what version of Prolific chip Sky Watcher is using but "once bitten etc"
  14. IMHO a mistake by Sky Watcher - they seem to be using Prolific chips in the above new devices. People with Windows (Linux works ok with Prolific - just if you use them singly ) will remember the problems with Prolific driver chips. EQdir and Lynx ,I believe, all changed from Prolific due to same problem. Maybe Prolific have done major work on Windows driver compatibility so when Windows do an update they dont stop working! I will be steering clear of them and sticking with genuine FDTI chipped devices. Hope I am wrong so only time will tell.
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