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  1. Just to show I have restacked astrotoaster using just 2 images to give you an idea what I can see after 2 images have been stacked - hope that answers your question Bill
  2. The actual picture loaded here was the saved TIF image from Astrotoaster after it had stacked 20 images BUT you still got the same image(just about) shown in "real time" on screen ,using saved colour adj settings,after 2 images were stacked. M27 is the second brightest Nebula ! Mount was AZEQ6GT with no guiding but using EQMOD 3 point alignment and no darks,no bias etc just Astrotoaster stacking monitored folder. Scope - Bresser 127S/635
  3. Ok not the normal VA/EAA image but Astrotoaster does show this image(this is the saved screen image!) in real time (nearly - after just 2 images!). 60sec X 20 ISO 800 unmod DSLR no guiding
  4. Interesting to compare to a zoomed Astrotoaster image 180s(6 x 30s) stack of iso400 via small f5 bresser refractor(127/635) using canon (unmod) 100d dslr with no post processing excluding zoom in photoshop - more stars and better colour (especially red) in your picture.
  5. I think I am right but V4 does NOT have a 12v power supply point so to upgrade firmware you need to connect to the mount which is a pain IMHO. Firmware by its very nature is not up todate in hardware as there is a time delay between manufacture of the hand set (when the initial firmware is installed) and firmware development. James point is also true. You could go handset free and use Ascom/EQMOD
  6. So I cant enter my 30's sec Hubble pictures then - bummer!
  7. " Conclusion In terms of ease of use, the mount has been great so far, for visual it has already been excellent, for imaging the proof is still to come. The initial results are very promising though. I will admit the computer control side has been fiddly to figure out. Various things didn’t like talking to each other. I blame a combination of cutting edge tech, unusual voltages, home brew software and a lot of Microsoft. A lot of Microsoft. However, once things were figured out, the experience is very good. My biggest issue has been polar alignment at home because of my restricted view. " I dont have any connection with Microsoft and I have 40 yrs experience of numerous operating systems but I think its unfair to shoulder M/S with the majority of the blame. I have had no problems with Ascom/EQmod running on Windows Vista,7 or 10 and I am totally remote access . Sharpcap I agree is a total pain with touch screens but then its free so I don't mind! Problems with hardware drivers yes (ZWO 120m drives me round the bend) but M/S is more open than Apple and drivers are not,on the whole, written by or tested by M/S . So I accept you had problems but blaming M/S with the major share is a bit unfair. I am glad you are now sorted and enjoying your new set up - clear skies
  8. Also this site At least you tried. Where's an optician when you want one. I notice on CN that there was also talk on why no competitive alternatives to Hyperstar are around - seems a guy at Starizona (who sell Hyperstar) owns the patent to the idea (Dont know if he bought it from Celestron Faster idea or his is different enough to be allowed a patent. I was once told by a good teacher "don't be a sheep but always question what everyone assumes to be true even though 99/100 times they will be right and you will be ridiculed - the 1/100 will be worth it". Again Don thanks for the time you've spent on this subject.
  9. Thanks for trying !
  10. Well done Paul - see a full page advertising spread ,in Sky at Night,featuring Starlight Live software. Nice if they had just found space to acknowledge you
  11. Go for the Obsys - I made my own using an old scaffolding tower , tin shed, corr sheets and OSB3 - now takes me 10mins to set up , roll off the roof and off I go - best investment I ever made. Also at the same time extended my wired Ethernet so all now remote (AND WARM ). Now saving for better scope or Hyperstar or camera or this and that (list endless ) but still having fun ! Perhaps someone will convert the Funstar with a corrective lens to help the SA but cheaper than the Hyperstar - or the pound will go mad and jump to £1 to $2.40 and HM R & C wont look at my "gift" from my American cousin in CA
  12. I did say that it wouldn't be "Hyperstar quality" - but what would you expect for $99 - As you say we will see when people like Don ,experienced with Hyperstar,reports back.
  13. I know a number of you post on CN and I have read the details there about this alternative Hyperstar (cost vs quality) called the "Funstar" . install link to CN discussion I appreciate the "quality" of the images would be far worse but could this be useful to EAA without spending mega bucks ? I am assuming the Lodestar would be usable in the Funstar ? I will certainly keep an eye on the feed back !
  14. You don't say what mount you are using but I haven't done 2/3 star alignment for 2 yrs ,dont even connect the handset anymore - I now use just ASCOM/EQMOD/ Platesolving/CDC - no changing kit and i can usually get to my centre of FOV to within 20 pixels of the object within 40 secs. Yes lazy but well worth it!! I am assuming you have an EQ mount and that the Infinity can produce single frame pictures in FITS,JPG or any of the supported formats - if not ignore me and I will climb back under my rock.
  15. Assuming the above is true try focusing on something during the day this will give you an idea of the focus point - mark this and then try again in the Dark but you will need to change exposure etc to compensate for the light conditions. If you cant get focus during the day try using something like a barlow to give more back focus. Good luck