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  1. New portable kit

    Shirva , How the Camfi running ?
  2. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    You should have plenty of time then
  3. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    Astrotoaster also works with AP. So you have a list to choose from. - You may have a long wait for Sharpcap adding DSLR's - nearly as long as me waiting for APT to do PA as per Sharpcap.
  4. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    Nothing wrong with "try it Brigade" - Maths is NOT the answer to all our prayers - e.g. does nowt for cloudy nights
  5. New portable kit

    Nothing new - new kit new problems . Doesn't sound to bad. http://www.cam-fi.com/en/support.html - read towards the bottom - think this is your problem (maybe) - CAMFI needs to be set up on the same network as your laptop (which has the Internet) - suspect its creating its own "hotspot" and then connecting to it from your Laptop shuts down the Internet connection. Seems a simple change. On my APT front - "Yoda" from APT has emailed CAMFI to see if there is any interface information to see if there is a possibility of connecting APT to CAMFI and so the DSLR. For me! - that would be ideal. Good luck and awaiting first light details - if the weather gets better!
  6. New portable kit

    Davy Yes it,Camfi, does seem to do a bit more Do you know if your BackYard Eos software will still connect and let you alter settings as usual via the Camfi - I use APT more but I am going to ask the APT guy if it would still work as this would get rid of yet another cable in my Obsys as well ,as you point out, be useful away too!. Subject to the "outdoor" wifi range being true. I used to use a "grip" with 2 batteries but in cold weather the life is a lot shorter and now I use a Expro battery bank which has a dummy battery that plugs into the camera (canon anyway) battery sockets - also it weighs less than my grip inc two batteries. It also has a 5v output http://www.exprodirect.com/ex-pro-on-the-move-7600mah-rechargeable-battery-power-system-replacing-for-use-with-ex-pro-coupler-system-for-canon-nikon-and-sony-dslr-cameras..html I beleieve there is a 16000mah version too. Wish list to make things perfect would be Ascom/Eqmod support for the AZGTI but thats never (will most likely never) as its a AZ but a nice interface to Plate Solving to support mount movement would be the "bee's knee's" - some people are never satisfied Thanks for being the "Guinea pig" Davy.
  7. New portable kit

    Be intersted in how the AZGTI mount performs. CAMFI - A bit expensive for me for a single function item - but see merit - Me I would just connect(attach where the Camfi goes) a 7inch tablet (or mini/stick pc) with BYEOS/Astrotoaster to the dslr. Get the best of all worlds for the same price(about) as the CAMFI. What are you going to use for power to drive dslr/Camfi/Mount ? Any idea what the approx overall power consumption of the dslr/AZGTI/CAMFI will be ? Davy - I will be watching for your reviews with interest
  8. Very nice but where were these images taken from - I guess somewhere in France. Plus is it an Advertisement or are you a private individual - just curious
  9. Perseid videos from night of 12th August

    Many thanks Michael
  10. Perseid videos from night of 12th August

    Hi, Do you just capture hrs of video and scroll to find the frames or do you use some kind of detection software that is triggered ?? Thanks in advance
  11. Mini PCs and USB Naysayers

    As for the insects in pain sorrow Spain why not use a mosquito net or the such like for Desktop PC's And it wont restrict the air flow.
  12. Mini PCs and USB Naysayers

    I very much doubt you will get 12hrs or anything like that - the figure quoted is when power saving is invoked which is not a good thing when doing Astro. Other than that it will be fine.
  13. Mini PCs and USB Naysayers

    IMHO It depends on what you want to do - just control the mount and maybe a camera or two then the lower /ram Mini Pc's are ok - see CloudyNights whole thread on the subject. However all things are not equal and Mini Pc's come in many forms including ones with I7 Quad core processes and you can have lots of ram etc . In the latter case you will be able to do anything that you normally do on a PC/Mac but it does come at a price (>£400) . As for Dew etc well thats depends and many have been running ok as the electronics generate their own heat . As I said there is a mass of info (good bad etc) on Cloudynights and I know a number on here(SGL) run ok .
  14. Dont need it Shirva- I enjoyed getting the picture on screen (actual started after first 2 60secs frames stacked). Still thats EAA/live viewing for me! And not with kit likely to break the Bank - Bresser short frac 127/635,Second hand Canon 100d astro mod,APT,Astrotoaster and all done remotely - so the screen print was from the remote end (RDP screen). Not done for the picture/comments but to make people think on a different route(one of many) in Astro viewing Thanks Shirva