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  1. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Hi Chris , Sorry to hijack your reply (and to Sara) but is EQMOD ever going to allow direct Wifi / Wired lan connections instead of or as an alternative to rs232/Serial. Yes I know,as I have done it,I can use something like HW Virtual Com to convert serial to UDP/TCP etc but it would be nice if EQMOD removed this extra burden. Maybe the use of UDP or at a push MQTT (yes it would need a Broker). Just wanted to know if there was any thoughts in this direction. Many thanks for your great software. Clive
  2. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Reloaded PC and CDC and the Ascom "Skywatcher telescope driver" is shown but does show EQ8 Phew thought I was loosing it - however the driver that was suggested above does provide an alternative to EQMOD (it seems) and does work with CDC - i think it emulates the hand controller so is EQ to EQMOD. Glad you are sorted.
  3. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Sorry I am confused as hell now - I thought you wanted EQMOD connection(which you have working) but you were looking for a specific EQ8 EQMOD Ascom connection - as far as I know here is NO EQ8 EQMOD ASCOM driver (is here ????) The Ascom driver Skywatcher driver setup from the Ascom Drivers site (which I think is the same as the one from Skywatcher site) is not for EQMOD but for Skywatchers (and other apps) SynScan Hand controller. "This driver is designed to work with HC versions 3.38.1 or 4.38.8 or more. These are identified in the notes below as x.38. Earlier versions should have some functionality but will not implement everything" I am more confused than Sara now - p.s. the downloaded driver doesn't appear in my Ascom Drop down on my PC either( HEQ5 or otherwise ) when setting up from CDC ??????????????????? I would be interested to know the answer - If you get it working Sara please add to this thread !!
  4. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Carole is correct ( I think ) you just connect using the HEQ5/6 EQMOD- As I do with a AZEQ6 (no special driver). They all use the same protocol - only the elecrical (data) interface(pins) is different (i.e. RJ45, DB9 etc). This will be the same selection in CDC as you are calling up the Ascom/EQMOD. Try it during the day and I bet it works - assuming you have the correct cables ! Clear Skies
  5. INDI Raspberry Pi3 - Any experts?

    I will probably got shot down for this but using "most" Canon DSLR on Linux,for long exposure work is a "hard" slog. Don get me wrong the guys doing Gphoto2 etc (which all linux /Indi set ups use - unless you know otherwise) do a brilliant job reverse engineering Canon protocols BUT its just so hit and miss. I admit it depends on the models used but for example my Canon 100d has real problems doing long exposures and if you read the Indi / Gphoto2 forums you will see many a frustrating thread. I wish its wasn't so but Canon DSLR's (99%) work first time out of the box with APT/BYE on windows and provide a lot of functionality - this just doesn't happening with Linux/Indi. ZWO camera's ,and others,are different because the company supports Linux and provides Linux drivers . Now I know there are Windows /Indi "gateways" being developed which give you the ability to run APT on Windows but use Indi for telescope control etc but last time I looked they were in early testing. I would love to ditch ASCOM as its too Windows centric (.net) and Ascom doesn't look like changing the interface so that there is an alternative to "Serial" (Again unless you know otherwise) connections and also allow "distributed" software/hardware as standard (something Indi should be good at).Plus Camera manufactures could help by dropping USB(or offering alternative net connection) and use something like MQTT/TCP/Ethernet - that goes for all the Ascom connected Devices. (Yes I know I could run a MicroPC running Win 10 with SSD ) P.S. IBM is working on (may have finished) creating a Cognitive telescope Network which includes an API wrapper for ASCOM using MQTT (they created MQTT) So IMHO INDI (Gphoto etc) is not quite there with DSLR (Canon) and is too slow (for good reasons - money etc) in bringing forward a working "out of the box" solution. I hope that changes or something has changed in he last month (last time I tried it) P.S. For testing out different versions of OS on RPI and using USB sticks instead of SD cards try using Berryboot - yes RPI3 can load from USB but as I understand this its a one way one off change and no going back - Berryboot gives you flexibility. There is also a site that has many flavours of OS that work on RPI/ODroid some free and some you pay for - Think they will also create a correctly Berryboot formatted version for you - for a price. Here is he link https://berryboot.alexgoldcheidt.com Normal BerryBoot link here http://www.berryterminal.com/doku.php/berryboot Nice write up Gina hadn't seen that before !
  6. EAA 20171027 - post processed results

    Understatement is a staple of traditional English culture
  7. Skywatcher synscan WiFi adapter

    I hear that if you use SkySafari Pro on IOS you need to buy 2 Skywatcher Wifi's adapters - True or False? - or Phone a friend. SkySafari Pro on Android uses just one Adapter - Got to love Apple !
  8. Unistella evscope

    Don't think they are doing it for the love of Astronomy(oh cynical me !). Again we shall see when he "final" version comes out. Will the Chinese kit manufacturers's respond before it comes out !
  9. Skywatcher synscan WiFi adapter

    No point I don't use a Syncscan handset any more (Eqmod/Ascom) plus its cheaper to use something like a Wemos d1 mini (£8) - don't know if it would work with the Syncscan Pro App (but should). But if you must then ok but a bit pricey for what it does (IMO) - If it works !! There is a Windows/Android/Apple version of the App which allows non Sky Wifi connecion via serial (it seems) - Windows is beta testing. It will also control AZ as well as EQ mounts. manual http://skywatcher.com/download/manual/accessories-manual/ Any decent field rials from Down under ?
  10. New portable kit

    Nice one - looks good. Pity you dont live nearer - useful person a mechanic/lecky and do Astro LOL
  11. New portable kit

    Nice one. RE Inverter just be careful not to flat your car battery else you will need a push start - especially with an Inverter which is not very efficient. Plus does your car have an accessories plug in for DC - if not the Cigar wiring in cars should not be overloaded else you risk damage/fire. Maybe you might have to have a battery in the "boot" to run all your kit . I await the next installment
  12. Unistella evscope

    "but you still have to have something to replace it with or just be down until you get it fixed." - but that's the point - specialist hardware is harder(and more expensive) to replace or repair - e.g. Apple kit. In a word flexibility! Components you have "added" yourself ,usually means you can replace easily and quickly - even if they have not broken down but they may have just become obsolete - without having to replace all the kit(maybe) as its not "compatible" or some other excuse! Shirva(Davy) is right its the "Emperors new clothes" syndrome but hell its your money - hope it turns out great. Me I like to be one step behind "The best thing since slice bread" especially in tech. Clear Skies
  13. Unistella evscope

    IMHO As far as I know (read) they are only just brining a "prototype" out in November. What they have shown looks ,on paper, very good. However that's a sales pitch - I believe in hard facts (not sales and Marketing - hey the Titanic was unsinkable and Diesel cars are clean!) and perhaps some brave person on SGL purchasing one and giving us a proper "First Light" review. As you say is it just existing tech repackaged (i.e. normal commercially available) or something new time will tell. Things do tend to move quite fast in tech.
  14. Alternaive to Camfi for Wireless DSLR\CCD's

    A little off track but I have now moved my viewing/control to the lounge (or other TV) - found MS RDP for Android works well on smart TV's (or with smart box) so I am nearer the person who makes the tea LOL. 40inch Astro viewing better than Sky At Night !!
  15. What is the current trend for eaa/va

    Modified Web Cam (Microsoft HD etc) ,Samsung scb2000,LN300 and know 2 Canon 100d (one modified,one not). Plus a ZWO 120mm which I hate with all my sole. I am not a photographer but use camera's to see the Sky so my pictures are not very good but they do show what is there. Would not have the patience to do 2 hrs plus - a pro I heard about did 400 days (not all at once LOL) on one subject - to each his/her own i guess. Cant make up my mind for next purchase (next yr) as Davy says masses of kit out there for EAA - some we dont know about. Still think analogue had one massive plus - once set up you could see without USB cables and laptops etc. Manu need to provide a unified interface so that we can attach camera's to a Gadget and just have a screen and perhaps a remote TV type control for settings