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  1. ASPS will blind solve but may take a while - there is no way to put in RA/DEC as far as I know (only if the mount if connected or you do command line calls to ASPS) - the results are for results . See ASPS uses Fits or JPG so make sure the output from the Ascom camera can produce Fits or JPG images. if you take a couple of images (JPG or Fits or both) that your camera (ASI224) has taken via the EXACT SAME Ascom camera as you tried to use in ASPS and see if they solve - you may have done this but i didn't see that you used the same Ascom settings. If they solve ok then its the Ascom interface not being used correctly by ASPS - support does seem to be none existent now days If they don't solve double check your settings including J200/JNow etc you can even try command line call to ASPS see manual below Maybe the manuals might help http://www.astrogb.com/downloads/ASPS_CmdLine.pdf http://www.astrogb.com/downloads/ASPS_COM.pdf
  2. stash_old

    HELP !!!!! USB Trouble

    Pressing and holding the "power" button down is like playing Russian roulette with a gun which has only one empty chamber. Not always possible I know but learn how to use "task manager" to abort applications - its slightly kinder to you PC
  3. stash_old

    Unsung heroes of Science

    Maybe not as pure but still very important Sir George Cavley - I admit I had not even heard of him until I saw a BBC program a number of years ago. But he pioneered avionics. Ok he was rich so could indulge in fantasy/science but his work was acknowledge by Nasa. Oh and his footman,John Appleby, who did all the flying LOL This was 50yrs BEFORE Wrights powered flight ( they read about his work and theories ),before any light engines etc truly amazing work.
  4. stash_old

    Polar alignment accuracy

    £10 is hardly expensive add on Ron Plus you dont get neck cramps or a dodgy back as you do looking thru a polar scope LOL All current methods fail anyway --- when there is clouds !
  5. stash_old

    Syncing AZGTI wifi mount with stellarium

    Yep and good luck hope it works/help.
  6. stash_old

    The £5 wifi adapter

    Nice find Couple of questions :- 1. How long is the 5v power supply lasting ? 2. How far (clear line of site) does the WiFi signal go and work :- a. When its in AP mode b. When its in STA mode 3. Once the settings have been made do you have to set the settings again on the module ? 4. Have you tried this in the field yet ? Thanks
  7. stash_old

    Syncing AZGTI wifi mount with stellarium

    Glad to hear you got a reply. One thing that works for me on my mobile SWAZ GoTo grab and go is that I cheat :- Originally I just 1. Start up with camera lens pointing North Horizon 2. Do a 2 point alignment 3. Hibernate to Home position which is North Horizon - it will save settings then I switch off From then on I just ( I don't even use the above again) a. Start up as (1) above - this should be my hibernated position. It will ask you to restore stored settings - say Yes b. Slew to a star/object c. Platesolve o centre image d. repeat (b) and (c) all night long This works for me but as I say thats on my old SWAZ GoTo which the App thinks its a 114GT mount but I was told by SW that is just a description ! Might be worth a try
  8. I have 8/10 replies from the team direct not OVL but maybe I have been lucky. they even created a special version of the App to work on my ageing Sony phone Or the team has now moved on to something else or just very busy. Plus dont just say "its not working" - try to provide a professional amount of info regarding your set up. But as I say maybe I was lucky
  9. stash_old

    Windows 10...

    In your opinion - I think it fine - it leaks nothing thanks
  10. stash_old

    Windows 10...

    I have a Internet connected MS Vista based PC which hasn't been supported by MS for years - no problems at all. I also use W10,Linux. So other than your hardware is "giving up the ghost" i would see no reason why to "upgrade". P.S I dont get any MS updates on that PC A thought but there are many second hand bargains around (normally ex corp) where you can pick up I5/7,SSD and 8-16mb memory with Win 10 (mostly Pro so you can control updaes to a degree!) already installed and include a guarantee ! - then you can spend it on a new camera LOL On the whole there are no problems with Windows 10 as far as Astro work is concerned - MS dont write Astro device drivers or Software which is where most of the problems comes from except for MS updates .
  11. stash_old

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    To be honest cant say as I haven't used NoVnc. But really we are talking about the client end (The Viewer) and I would expect Realvnc viewer to work well with Realvnc server but who knows. I ask about frame rates as on my other set up I do EAA which depends on either very fast scopes ( < F4 ) and/or very high frame rates for fast real time stacking.
  12. stash_old

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Sorry I must have misunderstood I thought you were saying Realvnc was sluggish not that running Kstars/Platesolving is slowing the RPI - totally agree I too do Kstars/Platesolving on another device for that reason. Cables - that lovely subject LOL
  13. stash_old

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    no problem As RPI has a deal wih Realvnc you are allowed to install realvnc on any o/s on RPI (as far as I know) so I use it on Stretch and Ubuntu mate with no problems. You cant reinvent the wheel so really the only difference is Realvnc Server runs as a "service" on RPI while if i read Novnc the latter is just a Client and connects to any remote desktop server as it runs I guess like TeamViewer via Web sockets and HTML. So where I need to use any VNC client (realvnc,tightvnc etc) I have to install it first on the client end - NoVNC just uses existing HTML Web Browser saves installing a client. Realvnc has been around 20yrs but of late have started to charge for none cloud connecing software (Clients are free) excep RPI which as I say have a deal on the server lic. RealVnc is very fast (haven't run against with Novnc) and you can transfer file between client and server through its own protocol - sometimes useful. What sort of Frame rates are you getting on your CCD's and what are you storing you frames on (local or remote) Sorry Andyb90 for hyjacking thread but it is connected to "requirements" - let us know if you object
  14. stash_old

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Hi @light bucket I was really asking why giorgio was using Skysafari and not just Kstars - i was expecting the same answer from him - just being nosey I too use Skysafari ,on my really old Sony xperia phone ,when using my Indi Grab and Go set up but very rarely when back at base - just use Kstars/RealVNC from nice warm man cave !!!! Never had performance issues,hence the question, except networking which had nothing to do with Remote working it was RPI3 (not 3+) weak 2.4ghz signal which I cured. Even have used remote desktop when using RPI Zero W using std Raspbian with Indiserver installed to control DSLR/mount with no performance problems as I disconnect after starting my scripts the Realvnc goes to sleep - yes I could use SH or Web service but too lazy to set up However the CCD performance does intrigue me as some say its too slow while others seem to be quite happy (or dont say anything) - hence that question using his lovely QSI CCD (drooling ) CCD - wondered what the performance was like on a RPI3/USB2 set up. :-)
  15. stash_old

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Simple answer is yes but not ,i would suggest ,on a single RPI (but you can run multiple RPI's or other SBC thats Indi inbuilt speciality) especially if you want to image at the same time. Go over to the Indi forum there are users who run that sort of set up - they dont bite

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