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  1. stash_old


    Yes you are correct just checked out the latest offering - oh well all good things come to an end when money is involved. I guess TightVNC server will have gone the same way - else thats the alternative when working on ANY version of Windows OS
  2. stash_old


    RealVNC server is free for personal use and worked with Windows tablets BEFORE RDP did - RDP had problems with rotation at one stage. You can connect to REALVNC server from a number of non Windows devices and Windows Vista,8,W10. If my memory is correct it will run as a service which is needed to make connecting easy. I would use RealVNC viewer with RealVnc server but most viewers work you just get better options like click and paste,file transfer etc when you use the same manufactures software. Watch out for the Firewall - try switching off the firewall until it work then unblock the ports - Windows Firewall does not always report this IME
  3. stash_old


    Sorry to break the bad news but the ESP32 chip software is not quite 100% reliable IME - e.g. 3 Uarts - no there isn't - only 2 that can send and recv data plus the OLED shares the pins with the flash memory so if you use them -oops it goes illegal and restarts. The Wifi is ok but not brilliant on some clones. Programming the Wifi is a nightmare when you get complicated due to the RTOS used by the ESP32 chip - tip do not use long DELAY but relinquish control ASAP so the RTOS can do its Wifi core routines. Yes it could be a great little device (there are so many clones/implemtations of the esp32) but its not as good/reliable as the ESP8266. But for £12 (oled version) is not bad - IMHO p.s. The documentation is pretty poor in places you have to dig everywhere and some is conflicting or just wrong. WEMOS and Adafruit ESP32 version seems to be reliable but some ESP32 implementations produce some funny results when tested with the same code. Having said that it can be made to do things and it takes up small space and power. The built in OLED versions are nice . I have used it to control SW mounts (acting as AP,STA and AP+STA) and to drive focus stepper motors all under Arduino IDE. Also have a look at Smartconfig which runs on Android Phones etc and allows you to connect the ESP32(in STA mode) to any network without inbuilt details such as passwords - again a bit iffy IME In a nutshell IMO W.I.P but FUN
  4. stash_old

    AZ-EQ5GT: does the USB port deliver power?

    If its got a USB interface and its a "True" USB interface then it will provide 5v but I doubt it would carry enough Amps to charge anything - but dont know for sure ! Quote from manual "The USB port connects to an internal USB-to-Serial device (Baud rate 115200bps). It can be used to control the mount directly from a host PC. It is also used to update the firmware of the motor controller." therefore you can connect a USB cable to a PC (type A) and a Type B to the mount and (in Windows/Linux) the OS would see a Serial device - as it states the USB port is connected to "An Internal USB-to_Serial device" But ask the question to FLO to ask the importer to ask the manufacturers - LOL Only my opinion but £1200+ to provide a screen (Ipad+IPhone) seems ridiculous to me but if you have the kit already I suppose it makes sense - LOL
  5. stash_old

    Synscan App - function list ?

    Never used AutoHome but Hibernate (Home or Current ) has worked for me on both AZ and EQ mounts
  6. stash_old

    Camera Lens warmer/dew preventer for Grab/Go

    Been using them for 4 yrs - very reliable (touch my head) - would still prefer 1 voltage so less items/wires when using Grab & Go. Nothings perfect -just me moaning during c**p weather and no real dark skies. Shirva -thanks for info - helpful as ever!
  7. stash_old

    Camera Lens warmer/dew preventer for Grab/Go

    But a pain when mounts,normal Dew heaters etc use 12v and so you have to "convert" .costs money,extra bits and power. But I take your point If it proves reliable I will replace my 12v dew heater for my scope and see how it behaves doing that even if its on longer etc
  8. stash_old

    Synscan App - function list ?

    I have been using app@skywatchertelescope.net
  9. Have been using one of these for my Camera Lens/ZWO/Samsung set up (24mm,50mm and 200mm Canon lens) on my AZ grab and GO - so far it has worked a treat (touch wood) - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Winter-USB-Digital-Camera-Dew-Lens-Warmer-Heater-Strip-Telescope-Scopes-Bottle/292225278718?hash=item4409fbe2fe:g:iNoAAOSw-3FZBD6z Its a bit big - wraps 1.5 times around lens and its 5v would have preferred 12v to be in keeping with other bits of kit on my Grab and Go Was introduced this by another member of ELAC so 2 of us are trialing it - even in summer,I have found, Dew is a problem on camera lens set ups
  10. stash_old

    Synscan App - function list ?

    Have you tried sending your findings with mount details,App versions and screen prints to SW - I have found a number of problems with the Windows APP and they have solved most of them quickly (3/4 days).
  11. So that's why the balls wobble and I thought it was the weights inside !!!! Still waiting for the pics from mobile set up !!!!! Found another use for mine - tracking and photographing Planes - they appear below clouds LOL
  12. Do you then play crown pin after a quick practice - love the pic - keep em awake
  13. I think you are being very hard on Paul and Starlight Live. As a programmer I know that programs (hate word Apps) can only be tested in the environment you had in front of you at the time. However things dont stand still - Apple change things (MS too) and Apple dont really care about "non standard" programs. Also the program was free and Paul has to make a living for his family so "he pays the piper calls the tune" - unless its Shirva then I think he pays the public to listen to his pipes - JOKE That would point to something that is being updated maybe. Whats stopping you doing continuing to do that and moving either to another software package that is native to Mac to control the Lodestar - ok not EAA biased and not as good as a working Starlight live but Mac only products are a plenty. Plus have you reported the problem to SX directly as they maybe able to help as they "sell" the product indirectly. Plus are there other user who are still working ok using Mac - maybe they will come forth with info that might help. Good luck hope you find a solution
  14. stash_old

    Astroserver CPU load

    A point to remember is that you will really only do one or 2 Astro things together(well never really its not possible in Windows,Linux,IOS etc) and mostly 1 app is very light so having a I3 (which I use as well ) is an over kill and I do Astrotoaster(so processing images) at the same time as guiding,Mount control ,plate solving and taking the next image (mind you with a DSLR its doing the work until I download an image). Removing the Anti Virus checker - ok limit it and make it ignore certain folders which could be set to "read Only" - that really speeds up most PC's and networking - so if your Obsys is not internet connected do not run a virus checker - pointless as the updates wouldn't be up todate unless you transfer the files manual. If you transfer any files virus you should check them first before moving. Main 2 options that ,IMHO, are essential are Max Memory (3gb for 32bit, 8gb+ for 64gb) and a SSD - the later will speed up many older machines into very useful items. You are only as fast as your slowest component! Now if only the RPI had SATA interface by default and was reliable for Canon DSLR work
  15. stash_old

    Phd2 first time

    One thing nobody mentions here (sorry if I missed it) but a lot depends on conditions on the night - 2 nights are never the same - windy , not windy. So even keeping the same settings will produce different info IMHO. But as all have said give guiding assistant a run but dont go over board - look at the end result and think "thats fine by me " or "want better" then do accordingly - IMO

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