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  1. Then cut up you credit cards or if you are lucky enough to be cash rich buy your dear wife a new car - or more likely a Radley hand bag (with diamonds) and matching shoes. I blame Apple they set the pace by bringing out the next version of the "Emperors clothes" every year Or you can wait until there is a tax on waste ,due soon, which will cost more than the original product - we only have one planet earth (at the moment !)
  2. Nah - I will go "Hubble" next time when money is no object RDP is ok but RealVNC knocks the socks off RDP for speed and quality - I use both and RealVNC doesn't mind what Op sys version you have - OK its not totally free !
  3. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    You mentioned "Pad" - is that an Apple Pad - maybe its not been updated but I can verify its on Android version 1.8 where "Prusling" states it is. Does make it bigger (buttons are the same size) just comes further up the screen. One question to all users does your App rotate ok ?
  4. Simple USB eyepiece camera

    I use an SWAZ goto for a "grab and go" - not used CCD/CMOS but these are some of M42 etc taken with Canon 100d and Canon zoom at 200mm F5.6 - so play with your camera settings . The only difference is I use Synscan Pro with my own wifi adapter and APT for the DSLR - no stacking/post processing just exp and iso settings used. So keep at it you will get there in the end.
  5. And I think my Obsys is far away being 120feet
  6. Plus there is an EQMOD tool box that lets you alter config files (save orig firs) but edi that under expert guidance (not me)
  7. I know its a daft one but if you look in EQMOD set up(spanner thingy) are there ticks against Ascom Pulseguide settings especially DEC Rate and what value does the DEC rate show - on mine its x0.90 but I do PulseGuiding. I would expect these to be zero and unticked for ST4 as I thought the commands were direct from the camera ST4 port to the mount St4 port. But not sure if , as you say,EQMOD is trying to get in on the game and confusing the mount. Maybe recheck all software is working the same - ST4. Plus dont forget to use EQMOD set up to alter EQMOD back to ST4 - see picture Sorry in advance.
  8. Another Alternative to Sky Watcher Wifi Adapter

    Pics from project - sorry for focus - hopefully it might inspire others to try similar approach. Basis of ESP8266 software (but modified) based on https://github.com/roboremo/ESP8266-WiFi-UART-Bridge. No able to control my Grab and Go dslr kit from just my Sony Android Phone using Synscan Pro App and Sky Safari 5 -line of sight comms about 20 feet max to keep 5 bar Wifi level On mounts that are 3.3v logic (Thinks thats AZeq6/5 - BUT check) tou could do away with the 5v-3.3v Logic Level converter.
  9. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Still the Apple O/S short coming/restriction I am afraid - oh well - one area Android/Windows wins
  10. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Sorry Kerry just trying to get things straight in my head - when you say App on Iphone - which App - I presume Synscan Pro - so What was the App that was unable to connect and was that on the same Iphone ?
  11. Skywatcher Synscan WiFi and SGP

    Great glad you have a working option - does that mean the POTH connects to Synscan Mobile App in POTH set up and SGP connects to POTH as well ?
  12. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Doesn't surprise me - but for the record what hardware(not Apple) did you have connected to the Mount and did this have Synscan App running on it and it connected to the AZEQ6 ? - the latter doesn't work then the rest wont ! As I say I have only tested this out with Android type hardware - weakness of Apple O/S !
  13. OGEM open source mount

    Is it 50 or 100kg load or were you just quoting a price for the 100KG model ! Might have a friction drive but still looks to have 2 pulleys from the stepper motors so that will introduce some "errors" IMHO - would have been nice to have direct driven friction drive. Then they spoil it all by using on board BT. No mention of Ascom (for example) compatibility just "open Source" which could open a "can of worms". Not quite a "grab and go" Lets wait and see on the final outcome and price. Still interesting post/subject.
  14. Another Alternative to Sky Watcher Wifi Adapter

    Yes I did see them advertised on Flea Bay. "I trust there should be a very simple solution to connect via wifi or bluetooth." - LOL There is a balance between size the SOC and power consumption plus functionality - you are not going to get a pretty GUI interface,long range Wifi or Bluetooth etc They are small/cheap for a reason ! If you want the above I would suggest going down the RPI route with a 5ghz Network dongle (or dual) perferably with an Omni aerial - this one is without an aerial but is dual Wifi band https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/communication-1068/wifi-wireless-1070/wifi-dongle-dual-band-5ghz or https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/communication-1068/wifi-wireless-1070/wifi-dongle-ultra-long-range-high-gain-w-5dbi-antenna- you could then use the older non RPI (or zero) - this is perhaps more what you are looking for. This would give you remote access to the PI (via inbuilt ( Stretch PI OS) realvnc) , Longer range (2nd one says 100m line of sight), no hubs / external power and low power consumption , Ser2net (needs to be installed onto PI) using UDP (Wifi protocol) o connect to a USB/TTl-Serial cable. I have used this approach and it works but the costs do start to add up (£30 for the PI ,£15 for the Wifi dongle,£12 for the USB/Serial-TTl cable, £5 for the PI case plus sundries/time). or just buy a Sky Watcher Wifi Adapter . I am creating my "Esp8266 link" for my "Grab and Go DSLR" - where no of items,size,power usage etc does matter - it isn't being built to be pretty or even easy to set up via a GUI!
  15. Another Alternative to Sky Watcher Wifi Adapter

    When I am totally convinced it works 99% of the time I will but for now its too new. So W.I.P