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Vela Pulsar

Trying to Get Better GOTO Alignment HEQ5 Pro

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I've only ever used a 2 star alignment and i rarely have any problems with it.

I make sure all the information I put in is 100% accurate and ensure the mount is as level as you can get it then any 2 stars Sirius regal or similar and be usually I always get the object I chose in a 24mm EP or lower.

I may try a 1 star alignment and see if it's better worse or possibly the same?

I like your images by the way good job on those.

Let me know how you get on and I will post my results with the 1 star ?


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My back garden faces north so for alignment stars I use Capella and Arcturus (Vega later in the year), or one of those two plus Alioth/Dubhe, or all three for a 3-star. Capella and Arcturus/Vega are quite far apart (too far apart?) but easy to see - and ID correctly - and seem to give me decent enough alignment.

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Hi again...

Just another thought...and I know Ronin mentioned this in his post, but I suddenly remembered last night having had some similar issues some years back with my EQ6 (apologies I think my memory is going :hmh:). I was using a battery at the time and when I swapped this out for a mains supply...problem disappeared! Clearly mains power isn't for everyone, but you could at least test the performance using a suitable 12v supply/adapted and see if it makes a diiference.


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Are you keeping the balance slightly East heavy when tracking?


sorry if someone already mentioned, and I missed it. Did wonders for my tracking. And do concider PA with SharpCap, it's easier on your knees and neck:happy8:



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      Comes with 12V power lead and car cigarette plug, and sync lead with USB adapter to let you upgrade the firmware on the Synscan handset. It's currently at 4.39.05, which was the latest version a couple of months ago. There are 2 x 5kg counterweights as well.
      I still have the boxes for my HEQ5, so I could courier it within mainland UK only, but I've priced it up with a number of companies and it would cost £40 to send it. Obviously it's better if you can collect it from near Truro, Cornwall, but I know we're a long way from civilisation 😉
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      I tested the tracer polymer battery over a six hour period and although the red light on the HEQ5 flashed most of the time, and more rapidly as time went on, the mount moved so that the time on setting circles changed by six hours, suggesting the mount will track OK.  (the test was carried out during the day).  I did not try to get the telescope to point in a different direction using the handset.
      1) Should I be bothered by the flashing lights on the HEQ5 mount?
      2) Is tracer misleading people by saying their batteries are 12 volts?  (they say that their discharge curves are flat)
      I found that the battery's voltage falls.  Below is from the Tracer datasheet.
      Built-in Fuel Gauge - 5 colour LED fuel gauge mounted externally to show charge level. LED Status:
      3 green & 2 red: Battery fully charged 11.7V
      2 green & 2 red: Over 50% capacity 11.4V
      1 green & 2 red: Over 20% capacity 11.1V
      2 red: Less than 20% capacity 10.7V 1 red:
      Less than 10% capacity 10.3V No lights: Battery empty 8.25V 
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      Blow the budget on an entry level GOTO scope , don’t bother learning stuff but just observe.
      What would you do ? To be honest I think the learning thing is part of the fun but GOTO scopes seem to be the ‘in’ thong
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