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  1. I stumbled across a link a few days back, which I've subsequently lost now, however the topic was around an upgraded polar scope/reticule for the EQ6. I've searched around but can't seem to find anywhere that actually sells this, so I'm not sure now if I just imagined this or if in fact the thing exists at all. Anyone got any info on this and/or where it can be sourced from? (FLO doesn't seem to have it on their web site) Steve I
  2. I always used to prefer Sky & Telescope as well... I like the style, the way the mag was laid and what I consider, very rich and varied content. Of course it's one of the oldest amateur orientated publications. I remember drooling over uber expensive Celestron telescopes in editions back in the 70's. It used to be available on the shelf in WH Smith until reasonably recently, but since they stopped carrying it I don't read it anymore Steve
  3. SteveA

    Best Grease for Gears?

    I was feeling flush this time last year and forked our £18 for the Geoptik grease. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-equatorial-mount-grease-kit.html Unfortunately events conspired against me and I never managed the planned mount strip down, so I can't tell you if it’s any good or not. I’m hoping to do the strip down over the coming weeks....time permitting Steve
  4. SteveA

    PHD2 issues

    Curious that you couldn't use pulse guiding particularly as you are using EQMOD. I would be tempted to pursue that method and do away with the old ST4 cable for good. Steve
  5. SteveA

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    I have the predecessor.....it was expensive, but it was also a huge lump of superbly engineered aluminium. I was surprised to see it being no longer made. Despite a few small issues it was a great bit of kit? Steve
  6. SteveA

    Usb hub question

    Definitely...in fact it was the purchase of a guide camera with USB3 that initiated my swap. The camera did work with the USB2 hub, but I was getting a few issues (disconnections) and I assumed these were down to the limited bandwidth with the older spec. I've not really had a chance to test in anger yet though! Steve
  7. SteveA

    Usb hub question

    I used a powered 4 port StarTech hub for some while...it worked like a dream. I've recently swapped this out for the 7 port USB3 version...so far so good! Steve
  8. SteveA

    NEQ6 Wedge

    Hi Mark, I have the MKIII wedge....and yes I get the same backlash in the altitude adjustment....quite annoying really and the only thing about this bit of equipment that I don't like. Having said that, I have found that the best way of dealing with this issue is to take up the backlash prior to releasing the locking bolts and although I end up tightening and releasing these multiple times whilst adjusting the altitude it does seem to work for me. I had none of the previously documented slippage with the wedge as it included the grub screws that bite into the mount at the pivot point. All in all I'm fairly pleased with the wedge. It was pretty expensive in retrospect....and probably not for everyone but I find it a definite improvement over the original. Of course its no longer available and so clearly wasn't that popular. Steve
  9. SteveA

    ngc 6888

    I think I agree with your comments and that the extra frames haven't really added anything to this image...bizarrely the second image actually "looks" noisier. I prefer the crisp cleaner appearance of the first image...lovely colours by the way.. Steve
  10. SteveA

    Iris Nebula

    Nice image Alan......not so sure I've come across this one myself before, but it is a nice target. You are right though...there does seem some confusion over the designation of this object, other online sources seem to designate the star cluster as NGC 7023.. Steve
  11. I seem to at least have a work around for this, though long term I think l'm going to need to get some USB3 ports on my PC. I finally realised that when I have the QHY5III connected on its own, the PHD works fine with it irrespective of exposure length. As soon as as I connect my Atik 314, the connection drops! Eventually I worked out that by connecting the QHY5III first, setting the USB traffic to 50 and setting a max exposure of 2 seconds I can then get the Atik to connect and keep both cameras working. It must be some kind of USB traffic/bandwidth/bottle neck problem some where! Steve
  12. Not had very much scope time recently, but with good conditions last night I headed out for some imaging......or so I thought! I've had my new QHY5III-178 working as a guide cam and although I've not had very much use out of it this year initial performance looked quite promising. Thinking back to when I installed the software and first used the camera I did seem some connectivity issues, but I managed to work through them and got it working okay. So last night I started off by just adjusting the exposure on the camera from 1 second (where its been sitting since I set it up) up to 2 seconds...Bang!!! camera drops the connection. Played around for what seemed like an eternity changing settings and re-installing drivers, but no way will it stay connected when the exposure time is any greater than 1 second. Now that's fine I guess when the seeing is great...so its going to be a problem most of the time. If I connect the camera with SharpCap using the native QHY5 drivers it works flawlesly, so I'm left thinking it maybe be an ASCOM driver issue? My only other thoughts are that as this is a USB 3 camera and I only have USB 2 ports available that some how its a data transfer issue combined with ASCOM and maybe I should be looking at at least getting a USB 3 hub and/or some USB ports on my PC... Anyone got any thoughts on this one? Steve
  13. Hi Phil, Actualy there was a SteelDrive released along with the new Diamond SteelTrack, but there were apparently lots of issues with it and it was withdrawn.. Steve
  14. I'e yet to hear anything bad about this...I'm finding it increasingly tempting! I think I will wait though until Baader release their replacement SteelDrive...just to try and make a comparison.. I have to say it hadn't occurred to me that there was no hand controller available with the Primaluce unit, not particularly an issue for me, but I do take your point... Steve
  15. Hi Phil, There is Diamond SteelTrack for Newtonians available....I have one installed on my Quattro, and it's a great step up from the stock Skywatcher focuser. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-diamond-steeltrack-focusers/baader-steeltrack-diamond-nt-for-newtonians.html The autofocuser (SteelDrive) for this is currently unavailable however! I've been waiting for some while for the newly designed replacement to become available, which (according to Mr Baader himself....)should be pretty soon, though if it doesn't materialise soon I may well opt for the Sesto Senso...which is looking good..https://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/sesto-senso-robotic-focusing-motor.html Witney based?....me too Steve

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