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  1. You might be just on the edge of binding between the worm and the gear on which ever axis you are getting this noise on. If this is the cause of the knocking noise, probably the best first step is to slacken off the the worm end float adjuster a bit, if you have the mesh well adjusted giving the worm a little extra room can alleviate possible binding. If that doesn't help you may need to adjust the worm/gear mesh. Steve
  2. SteveA


    Welcome onboard
  3. Sorry to hear that work took such a toll. I quit the rat race 5 years ago now and haven't looked back despite a lack of spare time now that I'm running a small business with my wife. again...good luck with this ambitious and extremely interesting project and I'm sure the results will definitely impress. Steve ps. I'm still jealous
  4. Enormously impressed with your project Gordon and ever so slightly jealous as well! I will look forward to seeing the end result....good luck. Steve
  5. Some pointers here... https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/best-ip-camera-for-low-light-without-ir-leds.33110/
  6. I'm not sure that my comments here are particularly relevant in your case, but I ran into a problem a few weeks ago with com ports in EQMOD, so it may be worth taking note. I dare say I'm fairly typical in that I have connected a fair number of different pieces of kit to my laptop (Windows 7) over the years and it hadn't really struck me until recently that Windows remembers that a com port has been assigned previously, so any new hardware gets assigned successively higher com port numbers. I think in my case using 3 or 4 different cameras, filter wheels, focusers etc. and then triallin
  7. I've lost count of the number of times I've jumped into a problem and ignored the basics in favour of a complicated reason behind a problem, so just a question here.... Have you checked the batteries are good and/or are making proper contact within the battery compartment? I could imagine a possible stop-start of the drive might produce some fairly erratic movements in this mount. Steve
  8. You should be able to do it, though of course depends on the individual components you have. I managed it with a similar setup and although there isn't much space to play with, it can be done. You will need a fairly low profile OAG, the one I have is only 16mm thick and the coma corrector will need to be inserted into the focus tube. Steve
  9. Extremely interesting this...thanks for posting that link. Steve
  10.  Oh yes! Now that would be really handy.......
  11. I had heard some poor reports on the EQ8, but I thought that these issues had been addressed to some degree. Sounds like you have had a really bad time with it though. I have heard other people and a few on here who rate this mount quite highly. Of course this is the conundrum with Skywatcher with what is essentially a mass produced mount and clearly inconsistent quality control...basically its a gamble...you either get a good one or not. I 'm not sure where iOptron sit in this respect, though at the price point of this mount I suspect they may suffer similarly. Steve
  12. If you go the CEM60 route, how are you going to mount it? I only ask, as I have a home built pier, with a pier adaptor specifically engineered for the EQ6 and IF (big IF that is), I went the same route would need some kind of adaptor to convert to the iOptron format. I've been looking and I'm not sure there is anything available off the shelf? Steve
  13. I'm not sure there really is any extra payload capacity with the EQ6-R and not much in the weight either, so certainly not enough to warrant ditching what sounds like a decent NEQ6. All you would gain here is a carrying handle and the belt drive and if you want a belt drive you can modify the NEQ6 yourself. The CEM60 seems like a step up and does appear to a have a genuine payload capacity and weight advantage over what you already have. The ability to get a decent balance with the CEM60 sounds like a great advantage to me, even if it can be tricky. I've always struggled with my own EQ6 with o
  14. The prospect of eliminating the play in my RA axis makes me very tempted to order this, though I think I may wait and see how any early adopters get on with this before taking the plunge. I couldn't see any documentation on the site dealing with installation and adjustment which I think would be a useful read prior to ordering. Steve
  15. Assuming you have't unlocked the clutches and manually moved the scope during a session, then parking should take the mount back to the initial starting or "home"position. Normally you would power up the mount, initialising the handset with the mount in the home position, ie. scope parallel to the RA axis, pointing North and counter weights down. Any power loss or manual adjustments you make post this initialisation will affect the park/home position. However the fact that you are getting an error message points to some kind of issue. I would start simple and check that your battery or power s
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