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  1. A golden harp, a smiley, and a famous logo

    May I ask what software you used please.
  2. A golden harp, a smiley, and a famous logo

    Beautiful sketch, you’ve really done well at capturing great detail on NGC 1502. Also the way you presented your sketch is lovely, the use of the red to highlight the bad seeing inspired, it really feels like looking through the ep when looking at your sketches, I look forward to enjoying more of your work 👍
  3. It can be a little frustrating when you don’t find what you know is at least in the area your looking. My bane is the Veil I’ve tried 3 times in 3 separate sessions to observe this wonder and each time unsuccessfully but I will see it with perseverance I know this be it a dark site or perfect conditions from my home I will observe it. Dont loose heart dust yourself off and plan for your next session when you do hunt down a dso as you know it makes all the searching and research worthwhile. Clear skies 🌌🌙💫✨🔭
  4. Travelscope which is the best?

    Cheers everyone, I appreciate everyone forwarding there opinions. But I think I will go with this- https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/meade-etx80-observer-telescope-205002.html#tab-2 For a few reasons I do enjoy using goto and I think when I’m either on holiday or I’ve trekked somewhere I think I will just want to observe the targets and there’s an option for purely manual operation so win win. Clear skies 🌙✨💫🌌🔭
  5. Travelscope which is the best?

    Wow that is a lovely scope, what tripod could I get that would fit in a backpack though? I like that it comes with everything you need and my plan would be to get a 8-24 zoom.
  6. Travelscope which is the best?

    A lot to think about, almost like starting again 😬 I will give it some thought, concerning the 5se I used to own a 6se and I have to be honest it’s tempting but the weight of the mount and size is to much for hiking with but I won’t dismiss it completely. thank you everyone for replying 👍
  7. As the title suggests I am soon going to start searching for a telescope I can carry with me ideally in a backpack with tripod and all the accessories I need to do purely visually observations. Ive come across this item Celestron Travelscope 70 with backpack and accessories but it has received mixed reviews. The tripod being the main issue of the setup. At only £80 I’m not sure if the quality would be enough for me but if anyone has experience using this scope your opinion on it would be great. I don’t like to set a budget but somewhere in between £500-£1000 for the entire setup would be ideal. The main thing is being able to carry on my back. Thanks for looking Richard
  8. Observing Hood

    Love this hood, as important to me as my dew shield or red light 👍 I’m sure you will be pleased with it enjoy 😊
  9. 2017-10-03 - Moon Crater Eddington

    That’s a beautifully detailed sketch really good job and your right SGL is a great source of motivation and inspiration to push yourself. Im still dubious about sketching the moon, I will try one day and fail terribly haha 😂
  10. What Advice Do You Have For A Newbie?

    Sketching is for me the most rewarding part of astronomy, my first piece of advice would be to take your time. i usually spend a good 20-30 mons observing the object taking in all the glorious detail. Then spend again 20-30 mins sketching the object. Always try and sketch seated I found being comfortable whilst sketching is key fingerless gloves are a must have. Finally don’t put yourself under pressure to be great at it straight away it take time and patience to find your way to sketch any given object. Clear skies 🌌🌙✨💫🔭
  11. 2017-09-30 - Planet Neptune & (not) the heart nebula

    Lovely sketches Neptune, I haven’t observed any but the way you describe your observations and the sketch to look at I almost feel like I have 😊
  12. Cheat!?

    Very interesting thread, my first scope was a 6se goto and I loved it. Until of course I succumbed to aperture fever 🤒 1 month later i had a 12” dob no goto but does track objects when found comes in handy that I can tell you. Anyway back to the point I love hunting my objects down and learning the night sky and all the constellations and stars. I have no regrets about upgrading to a dob and I can honestly say I don’t really miss the goto but it did show me some lovely objects that’s for sure 😊 Conclusion goto has its place just as a dob does if it works for you that’s what matters 😉
  13. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    Last night my most used was my newly acquired ES 30mm, a truly stunning eyepiece and one I’m already fond of 😊
  14. A couple of Doubles and The Seven Sisters

    Observing Information DSO/Doubles - Almach/Albireo/The Pleiades Date - 21/09/17 Time - 23:00 - 12:00 Lunar Phase - 1% New Moon (not risen) Seeing - Excellent Equipment - Skywatcher 12" dobsonian. Eyepieces/Filters - ES 30/20/14/9 No filters Additional info - Last night was my first session in a good few weeks and my first light with my ES 30 lovely finder ep and great on andromeda and Pleiades. Anyway onto the session I had a lovely selection of objects to go at including 2 double stars I’ve never observed double stars before so this was new for me. Almach- I started of with this double star really easy to find and I have to say a beautiful object to observe. The golden colour of the star to the left was very bright and the blue colour of the star to the right was very striking. They were a lot closer then I thought they would be and gave me the illusion of moving closer together when I observed for a long period. I used my ES 14mm which offered 107mag which was well up to the job. Albireo- Onto my second double, another easy to find object in the constellation of Cygnus. I was surprised when I first observed it the gap between both stars is significantly bigger compared to Almach and the yellow star above the blue one didn’t appear as bright to me as Almach. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy observing it, the star field alone was lovely to sketch and to get the brightness and exact gap and orientation between both stars was a joy to do. I decided to use my ES 9mm because of the pleasing view of the object and star field which gave me 167 mag. The Pleiades- Onto my final sketch of the night and honestly one of my favourite objects to observe. The star field was simple stunning I struggled to fit it all in my ES 30mm which offered 50 mag. I couldn’t make out and gas around the 7 main stars but the brightness was very intoxicating and I spent a good amount of time trying to get the stars in the right position. In conclusion a very enjoyable night and a great start to the new season. Clear skies ✨💫🌌🔭🎨
  15. Velpecula - Brocchi's open star cluster (Cr399)

    Lovely sketch Neptune as always lovely structure to the stars in the middle 👍