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  1. My first telescope was a Celestron Nexstar 6SE Goto scope and I love it. Ive had it for just over a year and I've grown fond of sketching the DSOs I see and when I'm particularly impressed the planets also. I do believe if I didn't have this aspect to observing it would get a little boring just punching in a keypad what you want to see next with no real effort. But spending 1 hour or more taking in every detail of an object and creating a sketch is something that keeps me utterly obsessed with this wonderful passion. But again each to there own for me i couldn't be happier 😊 Richard
  2. The only problem I can see is if the Newt would be compatible with my mount, I'm sure there would be issues with contact with the base? I think I will make all the purchases I have on my list and then rethink what to do about a possible change of telescope to suit my needs. cheers Richard
  3. This mite be something I will consider because once I have the EP collection I want and the price is decent even brand new. It is true I'm a fan of wide field views only because of my love of open clusters 😊 Richard
  4. This is true nightfisher and my thoughts were if I'm going to upgrade to a better diagonal why not get one that offers the option of both 1.25 and 2" for flexibility. Richard
  5. This is true Starpaw I don't plan on getting a 2 inch EP higher then a 20/21mm 100 degree EP which I think should be fine in my scope add the security I will get with my ethos eps I believe it's a good purchase but I know what you mean there is that limiting factor but there's always been that with my C6 I had the ES 68 degree EP and knew I couldn't go any wider it's just the nature of the scope. Richard
  6. "So before I make this purchase I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this and personal experience" This is what I posted and I stand by it, my mind was pretty much made up I just wanted to take into account what other people thought. Thank you for your passionate response slomoe but if I do end up regretting switching to a 2" diagonal and end up selling it on at a loss which I don't think will happen but you never know. The fault is my own no one else's I don't have to take anyone's advice but I'm just curious to find out and it's an itch I've been wanting to scratch for a while I just wanted people's advice and experience thank you for everyone's input. Richard
  7. All about personal choice at the end of the day but any purchases I make are my own choices of course there influenced but if they don't work out I will take it on the chin watch this space. Richard
  8. That's a great read stu looks like my minds made up then. I will purchase the 2 inch diagonal and be on the lookout for some bargains. Richard
  9. I will have to consider these eps Spock, so 80 vignetting is a lot I take it? Richard
  10. I've just crunched some numbers and apparently with a 20mm EP 100d I would have a 34mm field stop which means there would be a 7mm loss because of the 27mm baffle tube is this enough to be a problem though? Richard
  11. Excellent stu I've read some good/bad experiences, maybe this is something I have to try and win or lose at least I know if it doesn't work. So the SCT diagaonal above stu what's your opinion on it will it screw right into my SCT? Or do I need another adapter? Richard
  12. Thank god for that i was starting to think this mite be more trouble then it's worth all I want is a couple of eps to full appreciate the 100 degree spacewalk feeling and a small collection of 1.25 eps for the gaps but I am aware that the 24mm 68 degree is the widest at lower powers I can go which I think the 20mm/21mm 100 degree eps should be ok any lower and I will have problems? Richard
  13. I've just looked properly and I reckon the 2 gaps are designed to screw into 2 different size SCT visual backs eliminating the use of a female thread or maybe I'm missing something? Richard
  14. All makes perfect sense Lois apart from shifting the mirror forward which I understand but isn't something I've ever heard of anyone doing and isn't something I really want to do? Richard
  15. This is what I dont understand about this product it clearly states being a SCT diagonal but the pics don't add up I've messaged the supplier so we will see what they say? Concerning clearance of the mount I guess I will find out when I purchase the item but it should do the length of the scope is a lot less then a 8se and plenty of people use 2" diagonals on those so we shall see. Richard