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  1. Couldn't have asked for a better surprise and it was a lot better then my expectations allowed.
  2. Very good point Mike I think I will probably test drive a 12" dob and then I will know either way it shouldn't be be a problem in my garden but I do have the option to use the scope in my driveway.
  3. If it doesn't sell then I may be keeping it anyway, I can't deny I'm a little relieved it's not selling.
  4. Hi Adam, if you've ever seen any of his tv series it was a lot like that. He talked about the cutting edge theories about cern mainly to do with the Big Bang and what could have been before. He also had a guest Robin Ince he really knew his stuff and was very funny with how he got his points across. The stage was set out well a big screen behind him showing galaxies and the universes timeline and how inflation could play out. He also touched upon multi dimensions and multiverses as well which was very interesting. Honestly the 2 hours flew by it was great 😊
  5. We also commented on that, I believe a lot of what he said will stick with them as well so hopefully our children can learn from our mistakes. As for the future of our hobby and science I think it's never been so popular and mainstream the future is bright 😊
  6. Thank you GM it was a great night I cram highly recommend it 😊
  7. I finished work yesterday and got a lovely surprise of my beautiful wife. Going and seeing Professor Brian Cox live, which was really interesting and so much fun but the surprise was the best bit 😊 I should have clicked on but me being me we drove to the tram station I got ready and only realised when she passed me the ticket haha πŸ˜‚ Best wife in the known universe πŸ€”
  8. Haha I may try and convince her money wise it's not a problem. Its getting across why I need 2 scopes and of course we're to store them? Richard
  9. Wow I'm loving this, all these sketches are one of the main reasons I love astronomy 😊 I wasn't planning on going Goto with a dob but maybe it's not a bad idea? Richard
  10. Lovely sketches scooot that's really good detail on M42 here's a sketch I did a couple of month ago you can see the shape but none of he really detail that you managed to capture. Richard
  11. Nice how is it for you when observing galaxies and Nebula? I will probably just go for the 12" but I am going to see one for myself and get a feel for it 😊 Richard
  12. That was my initial thought but space is a big issue for me with 3 kids all under 7 it's amazing how much space all there stuff take up. The other reason is I wouldn't like to go purely manual and really learn the Sky and start star hopping all the time I know it can be frustrating but letting go of my 6SE will be tough 😟 Richard
  13. Cheers everyone I think I will definitely see one and look through it and check out the weight before investing in one. Its a bit more complicated then I thought it would be but hopefully it will all work out thanks again everyone 😊 Richard
  14. If only it was that easy estwing there's 2 reasons why I can't just put my scope in a car and drive to a dark spot. 1. I can't drive it's something I've never had to do always had GFs that can drive for me haha πŸ˜‚ 2. With 3 kids and me working shifts setting up in the garden is 95% of the time the best I can do. The only time I've ever been to dark sites is when my friend Lee has let me tag along 3 times I think over the past year so not to shabby. Richard
  15. Updated