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  1. Hi I’m selling my binoculars description in title perfect condition including bag strap and protectors all included. Im asking for £70 P&P included, as these are £200 RRP. If you have any questions just send me a PM. Richard
  2. I am selling this power tank very handy but I have no use for it. Im looking for £30 collection only. I will included photos of my own tomorrow but both leads are included one for charging another one for hooking up to whatever your providing power too. Any questions please PM me. Best regards Richard
  3. I’m selling this Collimator, really makes life simple when collimating your Dob. Im asking £20 for it P&P £3.49 New these are £40 so grab yourself a bargain. As the pics show the battery still works and it’s in pristine condition no scuffs or marks. Any questions please PM me. Best regards Richard
  4. Explore Scientific 14mm 100 Price reduction £160 that’s half price grab yourself a bargain.
  5. For sale as the title suggests are 2 Explore Scientific eyepieces and a Light pollution Filter. Below are prices for each item- Explore Scientific 30mm 82” £190 #SOLD# Explore Scientific 14mm 100” Reduced £160 Light Pollution Filter 2” £20 #SOLD# Both eps have original end caps but not the boxes. The filter comes in the case and all items are in pristine condition. Items include P&P to be paid through F&F PayPal. Pictures are included below, PM me with any questions or offers. Richard
  6. For sale is one of my favourite high power eps, it’s in pristine condition with both end caps and box. Im asking for £200 P&P included. Payment to be made through PayPal F&F. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you.
  7. These are what I used on my 12” Dob, in thinking these will be a bit heavy for this telescope They are the ES 100 9mm 14mm and 30mm 82 and they are pretty heavy. I will probably sell them if they can’t be used and purchase other more suited eps maybe a few ES 82s
  8. That you Stephan that is the definition of grab and go minimalist setup exactly what I want, I’ve been a fan of ES eps for a long time and will be purchasing some more of these maybe 82 FOF.
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