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  1. You can get a DSLR to Mobile Phone Power Bank adapter and your camera can fire away for days.
  2. Looks like you've either not taken darks, or you've over stretched the image so much that with the nebula, the noise too has been stretched. Also, take flats and bias frames. They will vastly improve the image.
  3. Use "Astrophotography Tool" software. Its very straightforward. Plus, you don't require stars to check the focus point of the telescope. It is frustrating to fiddle around trying to get focus on a star. What I do is, I park the scope on my balcony and point the scope towards a far away Electricity Tower (One of those huge ones about 300ft tall). You could use a church steeple or Mobile Phone transmission towers, say 500 meters away. Even a window far enough will help. Try focusing the scope. Anything beyond 500m will be quite close to infinity focus for your scope and that should make it easier to get on to a star. Use a nice bright star, but not one which will be like a floodlight like Sirius. Use Capella or Aldeberan etc after you've got the hang of focusing on windows
  4. For 4 hours you've got a lot of data. I must be missing something in myprocesing. I too got 4 hours on Rosette this season, but it hasn't turned out as vivid as yours.
  5. How many hours is this? I too live in Bortle 8 skies, I have both the Baader 7/8.5 Ha-O3 filters.
  6. You could get the Altair Astro/ZWO/QHY 183C Cooled CMOS camera, or the ZWE ASI1600 or its QHY version. You could also get a ZWO ASI294MC Pro cooled. All these will do well with your setup.
  7. Ah, i didn't notice that. My mistake.
  8. I also received minute to minute help, all through Monday morning to late night from @RadekK. You don't get better customer service for free than that.
  9. I bought a Pi3B 2 days ago and loaded Astroberry. Trust me mate, I am a total noob with computers. I just burned the SD card in Etcher software and inserted into the RPi3B and connected the power supply of my mobile phone. Simples. Its working. I've configured KStars, I just need to configure Ekos. Read more about my exploits in the thread below. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/329851-astroberry-pi-server/?tab=comments#comment-3592610
  10. Folks, meet Radek. He's guilty as charged for making me go down the Astroberry route. So far so good. I've set up the location and other drivers n KStars. I've looked at tutorials and INDI forum. I've paired my EQMODBT but since last night was clear, i ended up using my existing laptop to get additional data on My current target. What I must emphasise is the fact that I am a good user of computers, but I am not good with the behind the scenes stuff in computing. i.e; configuring, loading OS etc. Radek told me that I simply have to flash the SD card and put it in the memory card slot and boot up the Pi3B. Thats it folks, nothing else. It worked. I've managed to control the device simultaneously via Desktop, and two mobile phones. Thats about the update as of now. I'll keep you all updated as things progress.
  11. Starting my 1st IOT project. Since i've been an astrophotographer with no permanent setup, it makes sense to reduce the physical footprint (and the weight) of as many equipment as possible, as well as to do better cable management. I am soon going to start using Astroberry Pi server, an Ubuntu based suite for Astrophotography. Just purchased a Raspberry Pi 3B along with a 3.5" display for that. Lets see how it goes.
  12. Really lovely image. Hows the sky from where you image?
  13. I am yet to invest in an auto collimator. Short of funds
  14. I use a long Cheshire and even if rack out the focuser completely, even then I cannot see the whole secondary. Its too huge as its designed to accomodate an array of accys for imaging. Yes, I've followed astrobaby's methos itself.
  15. I have tried a million times to collimate my 6inch f4 astrograph. I've always got skewed stars on the top right of every image. Though, according to many many websites, below is the pattern I need to see if the scope is collimated. Could anyone else please concur that below is what you see when you look into a Cheshire? Please note the offset mirror because the scope is designed for astrophotography
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