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  1. Neither need to be in full focus as long as you can see approximately where Polaris is on the clock. But I prefer to have the reticle a bit clearer. I set the illumination on reticle quite low, just enough to see reticle + star
  2. So thats the magic figure to watch out for!
  3. Are there issues with customs and additional (hidden) charges due to customs duty etc.? If there are customs issues who deals with them - aliexpress or the buyer
  4. That is expected. Polaris does move around the clock face through the day. As long as its still moving around at the same distance (radius) from centre of reticle then you are good, as the centre is hopefully centred on True North.
  5. And before I forget, use as high a magnification as you can on the scope to align from indoors - start with low mag and go to highest. With the higher magnification your FOV will reduce so becomes harder to find the object
  6. If you are getting double images due to glass then you would need to open window, otherwise not necessary. We are not attempting a micro alignment here
  7. Here is a suggestion that might work. Remove just the OTA and take it upstairs, place on a firm surface and point through your window at some small object thats far away. TV antennae work best
  8. Here is a link that gives you info on relationship between Telescope & Camera https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability and this link should help you with the calculations https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd
  9. Resolution is dependant on the scope in use. But getting more detail can be achieved by taking more images and stacking. Focus also plays a big role.
  10. Good spot :-) And here we are continuing to respond.........
  11. Is that indeed a Jones bird design? I think it may not have a collimatable mirror (unsure) but not sure about the JB bit.
  12. If in doubt and want a quick start buy a decent pair of binos (around 50 x 10) and get started. Even the cheap ones sold at Lidl work a treat
  13. The HEQ5 is a very decent mount for beginners in AP. It has a load capacity of 11kg for AP and a bit higher for visual, so the 200pds weighing almost 9kg doesnt give you much room to add on accessories. To add to comment by @vlaiv about using 130pds, take a look at this long post on what its capable of.
  14. At the moment which do you find yourself using the most for AP? That would be the one you keep.
  15. The mount & the OTA are great choices for both visual and AP. As others have mentioned look at your personal circumstances of how easy it would be to move the kit around and check with FLO if it will pose weight limitations in future if you wish to use serious AP kit on it. Another approach (from what has been mentioned about getting a dobs + APO) would be spend more on getting a good mount first along with a smaller (say) 130-150mm scope. Then the same mount would perfectly handle any APOs and compex AP equipment.
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