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  1. Thanks, onlyme! I did check out his site, I'm looking into http://www.mobilex.dk/side10039-parentId-1000-vgrid-1000-tekvgrid-290-typesId-3.html something like that, with long wings. regards
  2. After a lot of work collimating my ES PN 210 8" Newtonian (made it in the end!) I got to thinking of replacing the collimation screws with screws with like small handles or wings. Handles on the screws that are bigger than the knurled screws would also provide more precision. ES have ignored me. I could pull one of them out. But I wouldn´t know how to read the threading. Does anyone know the specifics of the collimation screws provided with the ES Newts? Any ES Newt owners out there? Clear skies Bjorn
  3. I did a blind two-star allignment, just let the scope slew, ok'd it. From app I roughly knew where to look for "ol' Jupe". DEfocused on the moon, searched for Jupiter and found the defocused smudge, and let it sort of track from there. It would slip upwards in my FOV, I'd just correct as necessary.
  4. Early bird astronomy is good for the little kids too. This made it possible for my son to see Jupiter a good deal before his bed time (then hopped between Jupiter and the moon not far away, for my son to be amazed by the craters).
  5. Are you keeping the balance slightly East heavy when tracking? sorry if someone already mentioned, and I missed it. Did wonders for my tracking. And do concider PA with SharpCap, it's easier on your knees and neck Bjorn
  6. Rise and shine, litterally. At the end of the day, but still in broad day light I caught Jupiter with my 8" f/3,8 Newt. ES Coma corrector, 4X Powermate, 26 mm cheap Plössl, quick shot with iPhone 6. Just to show it's possible. A bit of contrast added in Camera+. But please DO the visual, and get a hint of that Star Warsy feeling of having a giant planet right next door shining through the light blue shroud of your atmosphere! Good luck, everyone! Bjorn Edit: Was taken on Sunday, June 4.
  7. Aah, I see now, and I see the slight curving of the lines and the 3 symbolizing a chunk of the cirkle. Thanx! I do have my doubts about the manufacturer upgrading anything, they haven't troubled themselves depicting the right tripod in the manual yet. They show this type, where the legs are like three square bars, and the middle one slides. I'll stop ranting Clear skies! Bjorn
  8. Ok, thanks, looking into George Varros' PolarAlign 6.0. Can you explain what to make of the year-markings? Regards
  9. Hi, I'm new to GEM. Got a new SkyWatcher EQ5, and the enclosed reticle has me puzzled, see pic. I'm on the Northern hemisphere, but the only depicted constellation is Octans. And I'm missing the small circle to capture Polaris in. As the enclosed manual describes polar alignment with the more frequently seen reticle, as do numerous vid.s and how-tos on the web, I'm a little lost here. I suppose I have to rely on some smartphone app to tell me, where on the dial to place Polaris at a given time?! And is that reasonable? Any help greatly appreciated. Bjorn
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