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We all know that there are other exo planets/Solar Systems forming out there in the universe. To actually see one in motion is pretty damn mind blowing.

Just think..........in millions of yrs, life (of any kind) may evolve right there on those planets in that image.

My socks are well and truly blown off.

Ive bookmarked this to show others. What we are seeing is a newly forming Solar system in action.

Without doubt........this is the most stunning image/animation i have ever seen in my life.


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The star HR 8799 has already played a pioneering role in the evolution of direct imaging of exoplanets. In 2008, the Marois group announced discovery of three of the four HR 8799 planets using direct imaging for the first time. On the same day that a different team announced the direct imaging of a planet orbiting the star Fomalhaut.

Ive seen the image before of a single exo planet in the Fomalhaut solar system. Now, we have an animation of 4 exo planets around Formalhaut.

Outstanding stuff. 

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