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  1. I finally got a pair of binoculars! I went with the Olympus Trooper DPS-1 10x50. I originally decided I would work at learning the night sky at the naked eye level almost as a sign of commitment to investing more in observing gear. While I don't know every constellation, I've got a good working map of what's going on. So far it's been exciting, but the recent moon and the timing of my life have kept my viewing fairly limited. I found I had to rummage and dig out the tripod for these. I couldn't stabilize them too well on my own. But just perfect timing with Jupiter in
  2. Wow this sounds amazing. I can't wait for this to happen. How cool. Thanks JOC
  3. The outcome of that supernova would be an amazing view to see! As for our sun, isn't it fated to go dormant, rather than supernova?
  4. Also just read this fun fact: " It would be the brightest star in the night sky if the human eye could view all wavelengths of radiation."
  5. What?! Really?! That's amazing!
  6. Recently spotted this cloudy streak in the sky with my naked eye, prompted me to look it up. Thanks for this, now I can see a closer view.
  7. This image made my day. Thanks for the laborious work to get this tuned up, and then sharing with us all!
  8. Welcome Sidd. I'm pleased that you have arrived on the shores of SGL. The group here is well versed, helpful, and enthusiastic. With that recipe, I am sure your time on the forum will be eventful.
  9. Cool, I'll have to check this out for sure. Thinking about homesteading and this is another reason to focus on more self-sufficient methods of living. Cheers
  10. Welcome. I have to mention how amazing it is that you and your wife both discovered this secret passion about each other. It's quite inspiring and also touching. Especially since you refer to the aftermath as unleashing yourselves. So great. Have fun and enjoy this new phase of your relationship
  11. This is amazing. I love seeing astronomy focused cross stitching.
  12. Sounds like the weekend's a perfect time then. Another thing I've found that a lot of people here use is Stellarium for you computer. It's a free program and it mimics going out on a clear night to a crazy level. Takes a few minutes to get used to, but it's chalk full of resources for when it's cloudy or still sun up.
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