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  1. martin_h

    Planetary Imaging

    want to Want to keep the NEQ6 mount in the obs, im planning to do planetary further down the garden which will be better placed, hence the new/second hand mount.
  2. martin_h

    Planetary Imaging

    Looking at the replies given I'm probably looking at a Mac/SCT, colour ASI, ADC, Barlow/Powermate, mount. And all the bits to join it all together.
  3. martin_h

    Planetary Imaging

    Many thanks all, lots to think about and plenty of numbers to tinker with.
  4. Help wanted: Looking to dip my toe into planetary imaging, and to that end I need some advice on equipment needed. Around £1k total spend(perhaps) I require a scope, camera, mount and any other bits and bobs........................................... over to you. Be gentle.
  5. martin_h

    NGC1514 - more data

    10 hours of Ha and 10 hours of Oiii. 15 mins subs at 2x2 bin + 1 hour of RGB for the stars The outer shell is beginning to show now, just need another 20 hours!
  6. martin_h


    10 each Ha - Oiii @ 15 mins Bin 2x2 As always more data needed, but the weather is not looking good for a while!
  7. martin_h


    Having looked at it again(like one does) V2.0 Stars sorted a tad and background lifted.
  8. martin_h


    Had a rare clear night Thursday so had a go at this one. 125@ 2 mins lum, 50 @ 2ins each RGB. 8RC/QHY9
  9. martin_h


    My effort using Dradient XTerminator plug-in for Photoshop.
  10. It was really bright this morning.
  11. You beat me to it, I was frantically scanning through the instructions for the keys............(havnt used a handset for years)
  12. There is a lot of dust around M45, and apart from around the main stars, will show as red.
  13. You need to bin the darks and bias, but if you have a un binned flat that works ok, you can software bin it....reduce its size by 50%
  14. martin_h

    Obtaining flats on RC

    EL panel with a ND filter in front and some diffusion for my RC scope.
  15. martin_h

    New laser pen misuse report

    There are a few muppits about in our street with laser pens, they shine them through the windows on occasion, but to hit an aircraft cockpit long enough to be a nuisance is doubtful.

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