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  1. That was my 3rd W10 install this week! Plenty of practice there.
  2. Ever had one of those days? I decided that last night was the time to upgrade my observatory computer to Windows 10 (from W7) I have been preparing this move for a few days now, taking screen shots of all my software settings, making sure I have all the software keys to hand for new installs etc. So, at 4 PM I set to and did the deed, and all went well and a nice new desktop presented itself to me on the first try. Now to load and set up all the other bits and bobs that make it all tick as an observatory, well it took a few hours to download and install all that was required, software and all the drivers for the kit, until it came to test it, one huge problem I had downloaded the software and driver that runs the roof and switches the power to the scope and camera etc, only to realise that it needs a new software key that is only obtainable by email to the author, everything is ready for testing but I have no power to any of the kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long story but there is only so much you can do with simulators so at 11 PM I packed it all up and went to bed. Fast forward a few hours to this morning, I'm stood at work at 6AM chopping onions when a thought hit me ………………………. I had installed a manual override switch to the power relays to enable power in the event of a software failure!!!! Flippin' heck! As the title says MUPPIT!
  3. Its been a while what with one thing or another. A pair of interacting galaxies imaged with the RC8/QHY9 combo all strapped on top of the EQ8 Lum 60 x 3 mins + 20x 5 mins(no moon) RGB 30 each x 3 mins. its a small sucker even in the RC8....need a bigger scope!
  4. I use a led flat panel and Dim it down with 3 layers of .5 nd lighting gell and difuse it with a soft focus lighting gell
  5. What's the difference? If any.
  6. I use these. https://www.gloverhowe.co.uk/astronomy-insurance/
  7. Atik filterwheel 3.........just need adaptors now!
  8. If at first you don't succeed, a bigger hammer's what you need!
  9. It's not the suppliers fault at any stage, it's the manufacturer that has been the problem all the way.
  10. Ordered a new mount in March, it arrived...not brilliant had to wait for pier adaptor so decided to colimate the scope so ordered a Howie glatter, the concentric circle attachment was wonky so sent for a replacement....that got lost in the post and has never arrived, so sent for a replacement for the replacement.....still waiting ,rare as hens teeth apparently! Filter wheel busted, ordered a new one....weeks later still waiting.. why me? What did I do in a past life? I haven't used the scope since the first week in march and the way my memory is going I'll have forgotten how soon.
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