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  1. martin_h


    There is more security in the shed than in the house!
  2. martin_h


    Sorry in advance, New EQ8 incoming tomorrow along with all the bits and bobs to mount it............. Rain, hail and possibly snow for the foreseeable.
  3. worth a look............. https://www.reichelt.com/gb/en/rain-sensor-12-v-dc-m-152-p118916.html?CTYPE=0&MWSTFREE=0&PROVID=2788&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjpjkBRDRARIsAKv-0O29fctXMSPcYbIB-Y5KUTge-LJGmHVZ_Xv5JcjjiMhkthtw3dHgZzwaAtC3EALw_wcB&&r=1
  4. martin_h


    Well worth it, he takes it at a pace that makes it easy to follow, I'm pretty sure that most of the 12,000 people there understood most of what he was saying.
  5. martin_h


    Guess where I was last night? Clue in the image below.....
  6. I too have been imaging this one, 40 hours in total with images bin 2x2 and it still could do with more time! Like you say, its a dim one!
  7. It doesn't take long here......... 3
  8. I bin my loadstar 2x2 and use a BPM with a guide pulse of 3 seconds.
  9. When you've done that nip round and do my RC.
  10. I started this when Orion crossed the meridian at 2 am, last night it crossed at 21:20! So its been a bit on and off for a couple of months, hence the heavy handed noise reduction
  11. HH 222 The Waterfall Nebula Located in Orion. Accurate proper motion measurements of HH 222 reveal that the shock structure is a giant bow shock moving directly away from the well-known, very young, Herbig Be star V380 Ori 12 hours of 15 mins subs bin 2x2
  12. want to Want to keep the NEQ6 mount in the obs, im planning to do planetary further down the garden which will be better placed, hence the new/second hand mount.
  13. Looking at the replies given I'm probably looking at a Mac/SCT, colour ASI, ADC, Barlow/Powermate, mount. And all the bits to join it all together.
  14. Many thanks all, lots to think about and plenty of numbers to tinker with.
  15. Help wanted: Looking to dip my toe into planetary imaging, and to that end I need some advice on equipment needed. Around £1k total spend(perhaps) I require a scope, camera, mount and any other bits and bobs........................................... over to you. Be gentle.
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