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  1. martin_h

    Live rocket launch

    Live on sky news at 8.30 ish...if it happens!
  2. martin_h

    COMPLETED - Funcube Dongle Pro+

  3. martin_h

    COMPLETED - Funcube Dongle Pro+

  4. For sale a Funcube dongle radio receiver, ideal for meteor dection. New price £125 For sale at £65 delivered.
  5. martin_h

    Giving up on EQMOD

    I park mine in the same position as yours, why don't you try the home position to be the same as parked.
  6. martin_h

    Witches' Broom detail

    Lots of cloudless days, not so many nights! A total of 14 hours imaging time on this. Ha, Oiii with a synthetic green channel. RC8/QHY9 et all
  7. martin_h

    JamesF's observatory build

    I have foxes camping under my obs, one end is 2 feet above ground level, no problems so far but the do get the blood pumping at 3 am when the decide to have a fight!
  8. martin_h

    Society Obsy feasability study

    We have a large dome with an attached meetings hall, this was built 50 years ago by the members, and is sited on an allotment plot, we have an arrangement with the council and only pay rent for the plot. https://sites.google.com/site/cleeastro/monthly-meetings
  9. martin_h

    Qhy8l last night

    Are the gain and offset set correctly?
  10. martin_h

    Qhy8l last night

    If you bring the camera indoors and aim it at the ceiling with no scope attached does it show anything? Try a 1second looping capture at 4x4 bin for fast download and wave your hand Infront of the camera....see anything?
  11. martin_h

    Qhy8l last night

    Silly question....... In focus?
  12. martin_h

    no colour with lrgb

    Before you add the lum is your rgb image showing any colour?
  13. martin_h


    Single 0.001 sec shot with a ha filter acting as a nd filter.
  14. I had a word with the bloke that makes them, yes they are lapped. If you want to lap them further, just use a light oil.

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