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  1. If as you say, everything is a fuzzy blob, perhaps you are over exposing when focusing, try lowering the gain a touch
  2. On the mount in the observatory ready to go.
  3. I have an 8" RC and didn't bother measuring back focus, I had no clue where it was for my setup I just went with the tried and tested 'try it and see' method
  4. I have passed a message on to Barry at beacon hill for you. He is pretty much retired now but I do know he still does the mounts.
  5. Before I automated things that's exactly how I used to do it
  6. Very interesting thread, my QHY9 defiantly blows away from the heatsink.....quality control!!!! Anyway I have just flipped the fan around and will bang off some darks tonight.
  7. My QHY9 draws warm air from the heatsink to the outside air
  8. I had a go with it and it couldn't find my filter wheel (ascom) so uninstalled it
  9. Im sticking with the version i have now, it works for me and i have no need to upgrade. if they bring out a radical new version i will bite the bullet ( but i cant think what that upgrade would be.
  10. I wonder if you accidentally left a Lum file ticked while stacking say the Red channel Kappa Sig would see the extra pixels as outliers and remove them?....asking for a friend.
  11. I have the EQ8 and run it with encoders disabled.....no problems with SGP.
  12. I stepped into the garden at 3.30 Sunday morning and noticed Orion just rising, looked a bit higher and spotted M45, and for the first time could make it out without averted vision. The seeing must have been exceptional just then because not only could i see it directly, i could distinguish separation between the stars.
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