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  1. Cone

    Its taken 3 weeks to gather 9 hours of data for this! 3 hours of Ha and 2 each RGB
  2. Orion

  3. does this v track look ok

    Looks ok to me
  4. cement mix pier base?

    I used postcrete for all of my block, dug the hole and chucked in a bucket full of water then 3 or 4 bags of postcrete then another bucket of water then 3 or 4 bags of postcrete etc....helps if there are two of you doing it. Been holding up my mount and scope for a good few years now.
  5. Stellar Asterisms (Chance or not?)

  6. Time to say goodbye :(

    My obs flooded a couple of weeks ago, roof open to pouring rain for at least 3 hours. I feared the worst as I tipped up the RC and emptied it like a bucket, but after drying everything out all I lost was one active USB lead!
  7. 3 Jan TALK: Triumphs of Voyager Part 2: Where no probe has gone before – Paul Money FRAS, Writer, Broadcaster and Lecturer
  8. My roof is about 2M square and I use the V rail and wheel arrangement and just use 1 wheel in each corner
  9. Help please - software controlled 12v timer?


    Have posted this page to their Facebook page
  11. Cas A

    Had to trust the plate solving to find it...can't see it in a single sub.
  12. Cas A

    wIts one to go back to a few times.............so many targets, so little time....................
  13. Cas A

    Longer subs would be the way to go, but I'm sky limited to 3 mins..... And what you spotted is a badly disguised dust bunny *shame*
  14. Cas A

    Thank god for plate solving!