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  1. martin_h


    My effort using Dradient XTerminator plug-in for Photoshop.
  2. It was really bright this morning.
  3. You beat me to it, I was frantically scanning through the instructions for the keys............(havnt used a handset for years)
  4. There is a lot of dust around M45, and apart from around the main stars, will show as red.
  5. You need to bin the darks and bias, but if you have a un binned flat that works ok, you can software bin it....reduce its size by 50%
  6. martin_h

    Obtaining flats on RC

    EL panel with a ND filter in front and some diffusion for my RC scope.
  7. martin_h

    New laser pen misuse report

    There are a few muppits about in our street with laser pens, they shine them through the windows on occasion, but to hit an aircraft cockpit long enough to be a nuisance is doubtful.
  8. martin_h

    New laser pen misuse report

  9. martin_h

    SGPro - image download failures

    Have you had a look on the SGP forum? http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/
  10. I use a Win 7 computer in the obs and remote to the house using windows remote desktop over a lan connection(when the rats aren't chewing the cable!)
  11. Yep thats what I do too.
  12. martin_h


    5 rats trapped so far, just this minuet taken 2 out of the same trap!
  13. martin_h


    Ive tried wifi, its just not reliable enough, I could get a wifi extender/repeater, but 45mtrs of cable is a lot cheaper! BTW I caught another one last night, I swear it was the size of a small dog! It was certainly a heavy brute (probably full of insulation).
  14. martin_h


    There is a kebab house next to our shop, there was a huge dead rat in their back yard last week...........just saying!
  15. martin_h

    Cassiopeia from the garden

    Where did all those stars come from?

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