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  1. martin_h


    Single 0.001 sec shot with a ha filter acting as a nd filter.
  2. I had a word with the bloke that makes them, yes they are lapped. If you want to lap them further, just use a light oil.
  3. martin_h

    The Eyes have it

    They are certainly interacting with each other.
  4. martin_h

    The Eyes have it

    Ever since i imaged the Chain I've wanted to do the Eyes, one of the reasons I got the RC8
  5. martin_h

    The Eyes have it

    NGC4435-4438 Taking advantage of the good nights of late -80 @ 5 mins lum, 40 each @ 5 mins RGB, imaged over 3 nights.
  6. martin_h

    EQMOD, SGP and New PC's ......

    V1.28m works fine as well.
  7. martin_h

    The Siamese Twins

    A bit of tinkering on the secondary, some of the brighter stars looked a bit strange, but it seems to be a good scope...... it does everything I bought it for so cant argue at that!
  8. martin_h

    The Siamese Twins

    AKA NGC 4567 & 4568 45 @ 5 mins Lum, 30 each @ 3 mins RGB
  9. The only difference I can see from mine is the "Alignment Behavior", I have mine set to "3 point Nearest Point"?
  10. Try eqmod version V1.28m.......... i think there was some issue with side of pier pointing, eqmod and SGP ?
  11. Shouldnt there be a side of pier setting?......................
  12. martin_h


  13. If you are using SGP the telescope tab will tell you how long to the flip (once you have started the run)
  14. I agree, at least with a cooled CCD its reasonably easy to shoot off a new set of frames one evening.
  15. Ive been having a lot of problems with flats recently, and having seen this post decided to shoot some new Bias frames - nothing to loose seeing as its cloudy, so I shot 250 frames the other night, and have just run a test stack with and without calibration.................... problem sorted! So was it the Bias frames? who knows? But the problem has gone away so who cares!

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