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  1. Gettìng facts

    Hi, you could take a look at this one:
  2. Strange experience

    How dark the background is should change - more magnification makes the sky appear darker.
  3. I purchased it second hand from a gentleman in Edinburgh a couple of months ago. Better pics if you want them, but it's in very passable condition. The primary I would say is in 95% condition, there's a pinhole or two I think, and backlit, the surface is slightly translucent but I think that's actually quite normal?? There is a fan and a battery pack, though I don't have a charger for the battery pack. Single speed crayford focuser. Dob base needs to be stripped, cleaned and sprayed with some oil spray or similar. I think the primary may be slightly pinched by the three mirror clips, judging by the slightly trefoil appearance of in/out focussed stars, but haven't yet removed the primary mirror cell to release tension on them. Basically haven't touched it since I got it, just gone dizzy hunting detail in M33 from the garden. I can man-handle it myself, and it fits in my Skoda Fabia estate, from the boot to the passenger seat, with one of the rear seats folded down, dob base in the other rear seat. I've got three young kids and realistically, the chances for me to selfishly get away to a dark sight are probably limited to two or three times a year. I paid £180 plus fuel to get it, after negotiating down from £200. It came with a small case of plossls included, a barlow, some filters and a torch. I'd be happy to pass it on, together with the plossl lenses, barlow and case for the same £180 I paid, or £160 without. There's a dolly for it, but need to be taken off for observing. I'd like to keep it just for those nights, but it's a forced sale. Collection from Fife. Other eyepieces may be negotiable.
  4. Stellar Asterisms (Chance or not?)

    Chains always catch my eye, particularly when they appear to be of similar magnitude - delicate and unexpected.
  5. 7th January 68% Illuminated Mosiac

    Very nice!
  6. Planisphere

    Your latitude is around 51.6N. The standard Philips planisphere is 51.5N, so perfect. Sky & Telescope do a 50N, which would also be suitable.
  7. Any idea what's going on here - moving single star ??

    Watching the top or right hand border, the background seems to follow a similar path, suggesting perhaps a reflection or other artefact?
  8. Who should I believe?

    For completeness, what does Stellarium give you if the change location to Greenwich?
  9. F30070M as a cheap finder scope?

    I hear you. £22 for the scope, £6 for a 1.25" adapter and reuse existing eyepiece... but for the reduced tfov and a whole lot of grief fettling focuser slop and mounting.
  10. F30070M as a cheap finder scope?

    That did cross my mind. Another ready alternative might be an old 25mm plossl, giving 12x, 5.8mm exit pupil, 52 degree afov (?), 4.3 degree tfov. I guess the other question is whether the 0.965" focuser would permit this.
  11. Currently have a red dot on my 12" dob. Hoping to get a telrad at some point, but also considering a finder. Dozens of online sellers supply the above for £25+ 70mm aperture and 300mm focal length (f/4.3). 0.965" focuser and diagonal 20mm and 6mm eyepieces mini tripod The 20mm would give 15x and assuming a tight afov, probably around 3 or less of tfov. Could this be of any use? Assuming focuser slop could be shimmed, and perhaps using a 0.956" to 1.25" adapter, an extension, could I expect a reasonable result as a straight through finder with my Vixen NPL 30mm at 10x and 5 deg tfov? A 10x70 finder? I tried a few searches but didn't find any mention of these, perhaps I missed.
  12. Could this be used as a rain sensor ?

    You may need their gateway and monitoring solution also, don't know if they're usable just on home wifi? Maybe.
  13. Could this be used as a rain sensor ?

    The standard model just has two bare wire ends, the "plus" has a bracket and two prongs - neither of these may be ideal for rain sensing. You may need to get a rain sensor panel to attach to the wire-end model, mounted horizontally or perhaps with a slight slope to it, to provide effective sensing. The non-industrial model may not be suitable for installation outdoors but I imagine the main housing could be mounted within an obsy and sensor wires run through the wall. A cheap rain sensor panel such as can be bought for <£2 on ebay or similar may also deteriorate outdoors, the contacts at least may be best encased in silicone or similar.
  14. Mains powered CCTV pan/tilt head

    I've scraped around online and it appears the six pin connector may be: earth common up, down, left, right Should be easy enough to confirm the pinout. £6 could get me one of these, with four microswitches rated 5A each...
  15. Jupiter opposition - 9th May 2018

    Unfortunately, Mars opposition will occur rather low in the sky as seen from the UK, and it will decrease in size quite rapidly as it rises higher...