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  1. furrysocks2

    Runcam Night Eagle Pro 2 (Astro edition)

    I don't know but for occultation astronomy in particular, "tried and tested" is probably the best answer. I'll write what I know, but I cannot answer with any authority or certainty. I'm assuming it's largely related to timing, sensitivity and response characteristics. There has been a significant test effort, which would be necessary of any other candidate sensor. I believe the motivation behind this was a pressing need to recommend a replacement for the previous low cost option as it went out-of-production. It is a CMOS sensor but the output is PAL/NTSC rather than USB. Video time inserters have been used for a long time (before that, audio from time code transmissions), which is probably why PAL/NTSC is standard in this field. Other timing methods are appearing (AFT/OFT) to use a GPS-synced smartphone to flash into the optical path of the recording device followed by post-analysis, which may enable other solutions. I guess the size of the sensor may be a benefit for FoV too (1/1.8" vs 1/3", for example). I think they have 8 or 9um pixels but don't quote me on that, and they are marketed as 0.00001 lux @ F/1.2. The 8 field (4 frame) on board integration can presumably aid some observations. Simple scopes made from 50mm binocular objectives, a focal reducer and a camera of some description, together with a recording device, mean some users are able to quickly deploy multiple stations either side of the predicted track. So cost, portability and ease of use play a part, I suppose.
  2. A recent article covering the IOTA's latest low-cost recommendation for occultation astronomy... http://www.astronomy.com/observing/product-reviews/2018/05/capture-video-with-this-low-cost-camera The Night Eagle has undergone a few revisions from Runcam themselves and in partnership with the IOTA, the Astro edition features modified firmware for additional field integration and a manual setting for the AGC upper limit (if my understanding is correct). The Astro edition is only available via the IOTA. Myself and one other SGL member have just taken delivery of a unit each, which we hope to have a play with at some point. More details can be found on the IOTA's yahoo group including testing results, recommended settings, etc.
  3. furrysocks2

    How to work out camera suitability ?

    I always start with evaluating pixel scale and field of view for a candidate camera/scope combination. Hopefully the graph I put together in the post below is correct and helpful... Edit: Knowing what framerate you can get a given resolution or windowed portion helps, too. And whether you need USB3 to support that.
  4. Thanks everyone. Son's got a new bike.
  5. Yes it is - it's pretty lonely in the case now. PM incoming.
  6. £11.50 posted to UK, paypal please. Only very slightly thumbed, not quite flat due to being boxed with some other books - despite that, still in good condition.
  7. 10% off remaining items bought individually (35mm, 2" diagonal, barlow and 10mm), 15% for multiples.
  8. furrysocks2

    8.5" f/7.6 mirror set (two available)

    Decided I shouldn't sell all my glass, so might keep one primary for my (stalled) prime-focus build.
  9. furrysocks2

    Plato and Vallis Alpes

    I'm with you
  10. Items 1, 7, 8 and 11, I'll probably regret selling. But hope someone can get more use from them than I'm ever likely to... Edit: decided to keep the 19mm for the kids scope.
  11. Good point, yes...
  12. furrysocks2

    Replacement Meade DS-2000 altitude casting

    Haven't tried repair yet, still looking if anyone has one?
  13. All prices exclude postage, prefer paypal+fees. UPDATE: Happy to offer 10% off multiple items. 2" Aero ED 35mm 68deg - £50 SOLD 2" Altair 99% dielectric diagonal, boxed - £40 SOLD 1.25" Revelation 2x barlow - £15 1.25" StarGuider 7-21mm zoom - £12 SOLD 1.25" Altair Lightwave LER flat field 12.5mm 55deg, boxed - £25 SOLD 1.25" Vixen NPL 8mm 50deg - £16 SOLD 1.25" Nirvana 16mm 82deg, boxed - £50 SOLD 1.25" Andromeda Flat Field 19mm 65deg - £25 WITHDRAWN 1.25" Vixen NPL 30mm 50deg - £20 SOLD 1.25" 40mm plossl - £10 SOLD 1.25" Antares Speers-Waler 10mm 82deg, boxed - £50 WITHDRAWN 1.25" TMB Planetary II 6mm 58deg - £16 SOLD Set of 1.25" plossls, barlow, filters and 2-colour torch in a hard case - £25 SOLD Photos for 1-10... Other photos to follow...

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