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  1. A delicate sighting earlier - was picking my daughter up from her nursery and the park had an unobstructed view to the SW. I'd checked setting times a few days ago for yesterday and today so I new the rough window I had. I realised the time and looked across - took a bit of hunting but there she was in plain sight - slender, but glinting through the fading sunset. I shared it with a couple of bystanders. I'd never have thought to look if it wasn't for this thread, thanks!
  2. The 48mm has been recoated and never used. The 43mm has been recoated and used. £25 and £20 shipped, respectively?
  3. @Marci choice between 43mm of 48mm minor axis...?
  4. Hi, Marci. Yes, I do. Both were re-coated at the same time. One has never been used. The other has but is still in good condition. I can give you the dimensions if you like, they're each very slightly different from one another. Matt.
  5. Hi, yes I do. They're still assembled in the scope, you're welcome to take the whole scope for the same price. I also have a Revelation 12" dob OTA if it's any use to you.
  6. Thanks, both. I'm looking at two designs in https://www.britastro.org/radio/projects/Antennas_for_meteor_radar.pdf, and also trying to find my antennae book. Had the receiver sitting on the shelf and frequency range was ok. Shame. SDR was going to be the next option.
  7. Thanks - I'd read that. I think it's "half AM" or something, but I it's not something I understand.
  8. I'm up in Fife and considering making a yagi and connecting to a receiver I've got - a wee experiment with my son and something to do. I've got a few questions, I wondered if anyone can help me. I've got solid aluminium rod, I think 10mm but will check (I was making a table football table a while back and these are left over). I read I might have to adjust length and spacing, but result would be larger bandwidth. Any comment? The receiver I have has AM, NFM and WFM - is it suitable? It will do the graves frequency, but can only detune in 5kHz increments - I'm assuming result will just be a higher pitch, but still within range of a sound card for processing? Should I be able to get results, or is the above a non-starter and should I rethink?
  9. I think that link will change to another pic tomorrow, this one should always take you there... https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap181025.html I love looking at that pic - it draws you in. Unimaginable scale!
  10. Sensor Size: 1/3" diagonal (4.8x3.6mm) Pixel size microns: 3.75x3.75 um Resolution in pixels: 1280x960 BST 50mm mini guide scope (f3.2) 162mm F.L Either... Image scale (arc-seconds/mm) = 206265 / Focal Length (mm) = 206265 / 162mm = 1273.24 arc-seconds/mm Field of view = 4.8x3.6mm * 1273.24 arc-seconds/mm = 6112x4584 arc-seconds = ~1.7x1.27 degrees or... Image scale (arc-seconds/px) = 206.265 * Pixel Size (um) / Focal Length (mm). = (206.265 * 3.75um) / 162mm = 4.775 arc-seconds/pixel Field of view = 1280x960px * 4.775 arc-seconds/pixel = 6112x4584 arc-seconds = ~1.7x1.27 degrees
  11. I don't know how useful it is to be honest, compared with a simple histogram stretch for example. Laptop is most definitely dead. What a pain! I might buy a cheaper model of the same, and swap in my processor etc. Sorry I didn't get copies of the files to you sooner.
  12. No worries. I would, but I'm afraid that my laptop has just this last hour died... keyboard kinda half worked but not enough to put in my password. Now won't power on. Sorry!
  13. Picked up a cheap 52mm set for just over £10, so I'll soon find out. Various 52mm IR filters available, though I'll try my 1.25" filter first. Achromatic close-up filters exist, Raynox, Sigma, etc.
  14. Ever in search of silly things to try with inadequate cameras... I've got 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 inch sensors, all mono and nothing particularly special. I've been playing around with a 50mm CCTV lens which is giving me about 5 degrees fov on one of them. I enjoyed imaging the moon on my big dob at 1635mm focal length, but it's cumbersome and a lot of work. The 50mm has never been pointed at the moon but there's little point. I was looking around at c-mount lenses of longer focal lengths but could go simpler. I stumbled across screw on macro lenses, which often come as sets of +1, +2, +4 and +10 diopter. I understand the focal length is 1000/diopter, so 1000mm, 500mm, 250mm and 100mm, respectively. They are also available at various diameters, 67mm, 72mm, etc... and cheap. I guess these are single element, and never intended to be used alone. Chromatic aberration might not be an issue if I were to image, for example through a ZWO 850nm bandpass filter. I guess the longer the focal length and the smaller the sensor, the more likely I am to get a flat image? I've seen kits with a few ND filters, lens hood, carrying pouch, etc for £20 or so, or single lenses for just a few quid. So I'm wondering what would happen sticking one of these in front of a sensor. Dunno - anyone got any comments?
  15. The graphs are on the "Drift Graph" tab in SharpCap's live stacking. Pretty minimalist set up, yes!
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