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  1. Though currently showing out of stock, I noticed today that RunCam and the IOTA have brought out an astro-tweaked version of the Night Eagle. There is a comprehensive review on this page, worth a read if you're interested. There's also the yahoo group at
  2. Haven't been out in weeks but checking the forecast just now, it looks like at least the northern 3/4 of the UK at least may be getting clear skies towards the end of the week, and the jet stream might be behaving too.
  3. Mine has stalled, needing another £100-200 to restart. There's another one on the go on CN - Neither qualify for dob mob status, I assume most of the appeal of a massive dob is purely visual anyway.
  4. One answer to the same question:
  5. Yesterday, I was in the garden cutting some 45-odd degree angles in some 8x4 sleepers - was beyond the limits of the chop saw so was having to cut, flip it over, cut again and then finish by hand. At some point, I thought I could see through the cut but knew it shouldn't have been all the way through yet. Turns out, the sun was aligned such that the bottom of the cut was illuminated, the sunlight passing obliquely but perfectly down the saw kerf. What were the chances..?! I like little things like that, makes you appreciate things a bit more.
  6. See After reading this site, I got an "AmazonBasics Tripod with Pistol Grip Head" (70 inch) and an "AmazonBasics Monopod" (67 inch). Together they come to £61 but you can often get used ones on the site, perhaps a cheaper monopod and come in under your £50, and having the two then gives you options. Quality-wise, seem absolutely sound enough for what they are but haven't used them extensively. You may need a binocular tripod adapter and possibly a thread adapter for the monopod as the threaded nipple may be smaller, so perhaps another £10+. I find using the pistol grip in colder weather necessitates gloves. The monopod is convenient but not perfect - at 25x, my experience with 15x suggests you may need to be seated or resting against something to use it effectively. The tripod should be fine, though and the pistol grip is plenty strong enough for x70s.
  7. Appears to be over half an hour slow to 4pm GMT, I forget exactly but wasn't right. Gnomon is 6mm thick, wasn't sure at 11am GMT but appeared to be right when my shadow line was parallel with the time line.
  8. I can't believe the difference! I've never got on well with Registax and favoured the simplicity of letting AS!2 do what it does. ImPPG was new to me until last night, but my latest image is so much nicer to look at imo. I always had the impression that the output of AS!2 was a bit blurry or over-processed, few subtle variations in tone, a bit stark. For a 57% crop of 640x480, I'm really pleased with last night's image. I think I worked out that I'm oversampling, that plus drifting across the FOV, I believe drizzling in AS!2 is a good thing, if nothing else I get a better image size given the small ROI/crop size. A subtle unsharp mask in gimp (below, on the right) I think tops it off, the one on the right out of ImPPG was stell feeling a little soft to me. Resolution though is about 1km/px. Looking forward to playing with ImPPG again on some of my older data. Good luck with it!
  9. I took this tonight - it took me a few goes at processing to get this one. Undriven 8.5" f/7.6 newt, PS3 Eye camera (640x480 @ 75fps) - 13000 frames, PIPP ROI ~400x400 down to 10000 frames, AS!2 10% drizzle 1.5x, then first time using ImPPG to sharpen.
  10. I saw ImPPG mentioned by michael.h.g.wilkinson in another thread, so I downloaded it and fat-fingered the unsharpened version of the image in the last post to pretty reasonable effect, I think: Side by side: For reference/criticism: Lucy-Richardson deconvolution - Sigma 1.88, iterations 500, prevent ringing checked Unsharp masking - Sigma 25, Amount 1.4 Tone curve - stretch, smooth, gamma 0.65 I might go back and revisit some other images having seen the difference here.
  11. That's nuts!
  12. I tried a 1.5x drizzle, conv 10% raw blend, GIMP'd a subtle unsharp mask and tweaked levels a touch.
  13. A month to the day since my last lunar imaging - I didn't have the patience tonight to do another terminator mosaic so had a quick peek at 86x and picked out a region that looked interesting. I tried the 5MP (2fps!) microscope camera but it didn't seem to register so I used the PS3 Eye camera again - 640x480 @ 75fps. Standard procedure - rotate camera so ROI drifts horizontally, then quick-captured 1000 frames - ROI covered 60% or so of the FOV - push back to the start and take capture again. I ended up with 13000 frames from PIPP with a silly-small 272x312 ROI, AS!2 10% sharpened. Silly-small! So back round again instead with a massive 412x427 ROI - 10% of 10000 frames: That's a (little) bit more like it. I found a new way to focus though... off to the fully lit, over-exposed limb and play with focus until the glow on the edge is minimal, then back to ROI and image. Seemed to work... I'd first focused normally, while viewing the ROI, and took a few videos, then focused on the limb-glow and carried on imaging. If the gray trace is showing time, and if PIPP assembled the output AVI in order of the input videos, then I can see here a step-change in the average quality...
  14. I think then, the angle of the gnomon is determined only by latitude, the plate/markings will be symmetrical and you polar align it (ie rotate it to point north) - is that about right?
  15. I was going to correct you and say C++, but given the maturity and widespread use of astropy, you may be right after all.