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last Sol of the year no 218 31-12-16 11.10


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had a break in the cloud so caught myself 48 frames. it looks quite empty but there are some pores if you look closely.

taken remotely using my Oculus Rift VR headset and a VR desktop, connected by wifi to my telescope laptop . ed80, lunt wedge ,1200d.

happy new year and clear sky with good seeing for everyone.

thanks for looking.  charl.


sol 31-12-16 11.10.png


sol 31-12-16 11.10 col.png

coloured invert.

sol 31-12-16 11.10 inv.png

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218 well done Charl, couple of nice proms on GONG but no Sun and no Quark here :hmh:


Does this mean the Welsh Tourist Board can use your images to claim there are over 200 sunny days a year in Wales :grin:

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thanks Dave S, beginers luck mate, I never thought id get 100 with our weather , ive learnt that it dosnt have to be sunny to image sol ,its a matter of timing and the smallest of gaps or even just a thin bit. hope next year brings us a bit more sunny days and a few large spots would be good too. have a good one. charl.

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