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The Wild Duck (Messier 11)


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Messier 11

The Wild Duck Cluster is an open Cluster in constellation Scutum apparent magnitude 6.3

 It was discovered by Gottfried Kirchner in 1681.Charles Messier included it in his catalogue in 1764 (Wikipedia).


Dob Synta 250mm      F.L.1200/f4.7

Explore Scientific 20mm






2016-09-03 20.54.51.png







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On 23 September 2016 at 17:10, alan potts said:

Without a doubt one of the best pieces of sketch work I have seen on site, very well done and thanks for sharing.


Hi there  thats a big staement to make  wjhat brought you to this conclusion  ? Im interested in what people think makes a good sketch ,and the best sketch 

marios as some fine sketches and i admire his work so am sure he womt mind me asking you this ?

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Apart from the fact it had a feel of an eyepiece image about it I just really liked it. I also said it was one of the best I had seen, not having seen every scetch on site. I was once very talented in the art department but threw it all away when an Uncle arranged a place for me at art school when I felt a place should have be given on merit, like anyone else would have.


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