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  1. Many thanks Mike ! Cheers Marios
  2. Thank you so much Laudropb! Marios
  3. So sweet Nick. Many thanks Marios
  4. Hello Dave, David , and thank you for the kind words! Marios
  5. Good morning people! Low activity at 08:40 but with the AR 2635 in H-a is very impressive! Coronado 40mm 9mm plossl Enjoy the Sun! Marios
  6. Geia sas Dave,Colin, Mark, many thanks for the kind words! Marios
  7. Hi Pete, Stu, Paul, Laudropd, Ruud, and thank you so much for the wonderful feedback and likes! Marios
  8. Kemble's Cascade, Kemble's Cascade (Kemble 1), located in the constellation Camelopardalis, is an asterism — a pattern created by unrelated stars. It is an apparent straight line of more than 20 colourful 5th to 10th magnitude stars over a distance of approximately five moon diameters, and the open cluster NGC 1502 can be found at one end. It was named by Walter Scott Houston in honour of Father Lucian Kemble (1922–1999)Wikipedia SCOPE: 70mm Altair Asto 420/f6 EDD FMC Starwave EYEPIECES: Edmund Optics 32mm RKE Saturday 21/1/17 22:00 Backyard I hope you like it Marios
  9. My solar stuff. Binoviewers + pencils for sketching Marios
  10. Light Bridge 16inches MEADE Instruments. Marios
  11. Hello Todd, Mike, Richard, wonderful sketches Lunar Crater Clavius souvenir from the moon(only moon sketch in 2016) and my last observation(4/12/16) it was H-a line of the sun. Merry Christmas and Happy new year Marios
  12. José , Beautiful sketch of NGC 246 ! Regards Marios
  13. Thank you all for the nice feedback ! (Alan , Des , N3ptun ) Alan, Wow . ...M15 and M92 through the 18 inches telescope!! This is my sketch of M92 . Regards Marios
  14. M34

    Pat , Very good sketch of M34 ! Marios
  15. Hello Carole, and Alacant. Many thanks for the wonderful feedback! Carole, No it was not in tracking. Manual tracking! Regards Marios