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  1. The two little spots on the limb perhaps are AR 12799.
  2. Kalimera, The sun today. PST 40mm at X44 4. White light Baader Astrosolar film on T/S Refractor 90mm Achromatic FL900/f10 at X100 . Thanks for looking
  3. Good morning The Sunspots today at 08:50 l.t. The SG 12797 12798 on the limb and here is the result. Sky-Watcher 10px solid tube 1200/f4.7 S/W eyepiece 9mm F.O.V. 66° Plossl Baader Astrosolar film Thanks for looking
  4. Thank you Dave! -- Thanks for the likes --
  5. Hello from Nicosia. The Sun today in morning at 09:00 l.t. through 40mm PST 66X. AR 12796 12797 on the limb. Thanks for looking
  6. mariosi

    Orion Nebula

    Very good observation and sketch of Orion Nebula. Difficult target to sketching . You captured the details very well through 80mm....nice work Mark!
  7. Hello all The sun today with AR 12794 12795 on the limb. T/S Refractor 90mm f10 at 64X (Explore Scientific 14mm) PST 40mm at 28X (Explore Scientific 14mm) Thanks for looking
  8. Sunspots today Sunspots group 12780 12781 Maksutov 102mm Explore Scientific 24mm Baader Astrosolar film with continuum filter 540nm + UV/cut
  9. Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise DAY: Monday DATE: 20/7/20 TIME: 21:40 SCOPE: Altair Astro 70mm f6 EYEPIECE: T/S 30mm F.O.V 68° LOCATION:Mammari Thanks for looking
  10. Very nice work Pete. Wonderful images!
  11. Good morning all, The Sun today Saturday 9/5/20 in the morning at 08:37 . Let's see what can do with a small 40mm PST T5 single stack Solar Scope. Faint prominences on the limb, smooth granulations at 66X and here is the result. Thanks for looking Marios
  12. Good morning all, Faint beautiful prominences today on the limb (North). PST 40mm at 66X little close up! Thanks for looking Marios
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