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  1. The Andromeda Galaxy

    Thank you N3p! Marios
  2. The Orion Nebula

    Hello N3p, thank you very much! Marios
  3. 2017-12-16 - Another sketch of the Pleiades

    N3p, Very nice sketch of Messier 45! Bravo Marios An old sketch of M45
  4. (3200) Phaethon

    Excellent! Marios
  5. NGC 2372

    Impressive sketch! Very nice observation of NGC 2372. Marios
  6. 70mm frac, M42 and Castor

    Wonderful work Mike! Marios
  7. The Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant...

    Richard, Wonderful night observation and sketch of Messier 1 ! Marios
  8. The Orion Nebula

    Thank you Niall! Marios
  9. The Orion Nebula

    Hello Niall, Thank you so match .Amazing target with beautiful viewing through the eyepiece! Marios
  10. The Orion Nebula

    Thank you very much my friend! Marios
  11. The Orion Nebula

    Thank you all for the kind words! Marios
  12. The Andromeda Galaxy

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. Marios
  13. M42

    Nice picture of Great Orion Nebula. Bravo! Marios
  14. ngc 1023

    Congratulations both of you. Wiu, Great work. The sketch is brilliant! Bravo Patrick, Very nice result of NGC 1023! Marios
  15. Full Disk 3/12/17

    Hello Dave, and thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! AR 2687 it was so quiet. Marios