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  1. Stargazing on Mars

    Gotta wait till 2084 for the next one though
  2. Can you see stars in other galaxies?

    I wish it were 22 LY away, it would be some sight!
  3. Whew!... that cloud bank just about held off the eastern horizon From central Ireland -
  4. Where should we draw the line though? Should the general public have a say in Brexit when only a small minority are professional economists?
  5. Comet c/2017 01 Asassn

    No sign of it in 15 x 70 binos last night but I did enjoy the obvious open clusters NGC 1528 and 1545 nearby. Not sure how Messier missed those.
  6. Comet c/2017 01 Asassn

    It's at perihelion in literally 5 minutes John, quick!
  7. Comet c/2017 01 Asassn

    I saw it two weeks ago in an 8-inch, just above the sky background. It's still not visible in 15 x 70 binos and with perihelion tomorrow it's not getting any better. From a casual observer's viewpoint, this one was a dud.
  8. Venus & Mars: A Lovers Dance

    21 arc-minutes separation at 5.32 UT this morning, Oct 5. Venus 140 million miles distant, Mars 230 million miles and sigma Leonis 1,200 million million miles -
  9. Dawn Planets Line up

    Just been viewing Venus at high noon through 15x70 binos, glinting like an aeroplane 25° from the Sun.
  10. BAA asteroid charts not updated?

    Thanks Jeremy, a very useful resource. Quite a few tempting targets on offer, I look forward to bagging them.
  11. Dawn Planets Line up

    Very much so, it's visible through binoculars in broad daylight. Some have claimed to see it naked eye, although I didn't succeed earlier this year when using the nearby moon as a signpost.
  12. I've used this page in the past to plan my asteroid observing, but it seems not to have been updated recently? Maybe I'm missing something http://britastro.org/computing/charts_asteroid.html
  13. A geosynchronous satellite would be the first object that springs to mind. They tend to stay in place over a single longitude, but can drift north to south. I've captured a few strolling through my images.