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  1. Six Supernova challenge anyone?

    Another illustration of the vastness of the cosmos is that these are a dime a dozen for the large telescope surveys, and yet we are waiting 414 years for a visible one in our own Galaxy.
  2. NGC3941 New Supernova in Ursa Major SN2018pv

    Surprised this hasn't got a mention on the Supernova chat group.
  3. I have failed to spot this comet in an 8-inch scope, although 13th mag stars were visible in the field. It is very diffuse and the generous quoted estimates, which refer to its total surface brightness, don't reflect how difficult it is to spot visually. I'm not going to waste any more time trying to track it down.
  4. Mira at maximum

    My preferred way of finding it is to draw a line from Aldebaran through Menkar, and continue on for nearly half that distance.
  5. Another fantastic cometary image Jose, many thanks.
  6. I think you should. In our cloudy climes, it will save you vital time which would otherwise be wasted by starhopping.
  7. Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    Jupiter, Mars, Ganymede, Zubenelgenubi 1 +2... and United Airlines Flight 110 from New York to London!
  8. Is this a joke?

    OK, but what about this?? https://www.amazon.com/Sigma-200-500mm-Ultra-Telephoto-Nikon-Cameras/dp/B0013DAPNU
  9. What DId I just See?

    You say it 'grew until it was about the brightness of Vega'. But the difference between Capella and Vega is only 0.04 magnitudes, so that doesn't sound like an overly dramatic increase. Probably some optical effect from looking through glass I'd say.
  10. Movement of The Moon through the Heavens.

    The Sun's gravitational pull on the Moon is nearly twice as strong as the Earth's, so it is actually more true to say that the Moon orbits the Sun with the Earth causing a perturbation in that orbit.
  11. Geminids - heads up

    Just got a 15-minute window there, saw 6 of which three were around zero mag. The Geminids live up to their billing once more.
  12. Oumuamua

    I would certainly pay good money for a close up view of it. There should be zillions of these objects out there of course, but the fact that the first one has several oddities would not have been predicted.
  13. Catalog Error in Stellarium

    I've reported a few errors like that myself, here is the link: https://sourceforge.net/p/stellarium/discussion/278769/
  14. Binocular Sky Newsletter, December 2017

    Interesting that the Regulus reappearance at 2213 on the 8th is visible from London, where moonrise is 2151, but not visible from central Ireland where moonrise is 2223.
  15. Chasing 'Oumuamua!

    Very well done! It sure is an interesting dead space battleship asteroid