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  1. Dawn Planets Line up

    Just been viewing Venus at high noon through 15x70 binos, glinting like an aeroplane 25° from the Sun.
  2. BAA asteroid charts not updated?

    Thanks Jeremy, a very useful resource. Quite a few tempting targets on offer, I look forward to bagging them.
  3. Dawn Planets Line up

    Very much so, it's visible through binoculars in broad daylight. Some have claimed to see it naked eye, although I didn't succeed earlier this year when using the nearby moon as a signpost.
  4. I've used this page in the past to plan my asteroid observing, but it seems not to have been updated recently? Maybe I'm missing something http://britastro.org/computing/charts_asteroid.html
  5. A geosynchronous satellite would be the first object that springs to mind. They tend to stay in place over a single longitude, but can drift north to south. I've captured a few strolling through my images.
  6. Yes, lovely clear skies here last night Wavesoarer and I bagged it. Here are two images 11 mins apart showing it closing in on that mag 7 star, although I was faffing around with lenses and missed closest approach... Around mag 8.8 I estimate, and I spared a thought for the dinosaurs who were wiped out by one of its cousins -
  7. Great report, I was promised clear skies last night but got rain instead. Tonight might be another opportunity but that nuisance of a moon is encroaching.
  8. the big bang (sorry)

    The 'big bang' is a creation myth for adults.
  9. I've been clouded out for nearly all the recent occultations of Aldebaran so I'm not optimistic about this.
  10. There's an interesting vid on utube (from 1980) where Clyde himself predicts that a lot more Pluto-like objetcs will be discovered and so the importance of his discovery will decline. So I think he would have been fairly stoical about the reclassification.
  11. Well here's my, ahem, sole capture from Saturday... a short, stubby rascal but it's a Perseid! That's Gamma Persei next to it -
  12. But Neils Bohr made that statement in 1952, so it seems unlikely he would have said it if he believed it did not apply to the 'modern' theory also.
  13. BAA web site

    Can't browse the forum at the moment.
  14. Coma Berenices Open Cluster

    Yes this is one of my favourites too and I'm always surprised how it seems to get overlooked as a naked eye showpiece; from a dark rural sky it consistently diverts my attention even if I'm looking 40 or 50 degrees away. And through binoculars it's one of the most rewarding areas of the entire sky.