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  1. Supernova in M108?

    Yes it appears to be just a foreground star, false alarm unfortunately!
  2. Supernova in M108?

  3. Supernova in M108?

    On the BAA forum there is a report of a possible Supernova in M108? Seems like clear skies over Britain so some of you might like a gander.
  4. Lunar diamonds

    Yep got a good look at the Messier craters tonight, surely the most appropriately named object on the moon with those comet-like rays stretching out 100km to the west.
  5. Tour of Moon in 4K

    I suppose the dynamics of crater formation are such that a large majority of boulders would be flung far away from the crust upheaval which causes the central peak. The experts seem to believe it's sufficiently statistically unusual to justify further research anyway.
  6. Tour of Moon in 4K

    Now I'm not going to be able to observe Tycho without contemplating that boulder perched on its peak...
  7. Congratulations, a nice honour.
  8. 10 thousand million

    Yes, salaries are the biggest factor. It wouldn't surprise me if 10,000 workers are involved, including all the ancillary sectors. Multiply that by 40,000 dollars per annum in wages, multiplied by 10 years, and there's 4 billion already accounted for.
  9. It's not even April 1st!!

    Thanks to Nick James of the BAA for pointing this out - http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=11449 http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=11448 Doh!
  10. Shape of the universe

    Which reminds me that footballers get paid a lot more than scientists
  11. What would be scarier?

    Same here. It would mean we were put here supernaturally for unknown reasons.
  12. Thomas Bopp

    It was the 5th January he died, just if anyone is confused. They were two magnificent sights, Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake, quite amazing that they showed up in such a short time-frame.
  13. Hershel lists - the 2500 and 400

  14. Six Supernova challenge anyone?

    Another illustration of the vastness of the cosmos is that these are a dime a dozen for the large telescope surveys, and yet we are waiting 414 years for a visible one in our own Galaxy.
  15. NGC3941 New Supernova in Ursa Major SN2018pv

    Surprised this hasn't got a mention on the Supernova chat group.