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  1. goodricke1

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    The moon is kinda boring relative to its size; at least the likes of Europa, Enceladus etc actually have something going on. And I think I've seen most of what can be seen now with my 8-inch so yes, get Trump to press that button
  2. goodricke1

    BAA asteroid charts not updated?

    Updated now, thanks.
  3. goodricke1

    BAA asteroid charts not updated?

    The data has fallen behind again a bit, would appreciate an update if possible. Thanks. http://britastro.org/computing/charts_asteroid.html
  4. goodricke1

    Psi1 Aquarii North Pole Fly By

    Yes I managed to observe the occultation too. Hope you weren't distracted from the main event Paz, by those interesting events off the north pole
  5. goodricke1

    Moon Occults Delta Capricorni - SEP 21-22

    Clouded out again Curt
  6. goodricke1

    Ani ya wi yv Pleiades

    And how was that test independently verified I wonder?!!
  7. goodricke1

    What's Your Favorite Object?

    The Wild Duck and the Dumbbell, both made me gasp the first time I saw them.
  8. goodricke1

    Mars, a brief GIF

    Avani, your likes to posts ratio is almost 5:1, which must surely be the highest on here and not surprising. Everytime you post an image we know we're guaranteed something special, so thanks again for another masterpiece!
  9. Interview here with the great man, conducted by Friedrich Hund who lived to be 101 -
  10. goodricke1

    How did Earths Moon come to be?

    Well I wish it had never came to be, it's nothing but a bloody nuisance!!
  11. I'm finding it difficult to estimate the brightness of this comet... on a single DSLR frame it looks around mag 7.5 but through 20 x 80 binos it's big and nebulous and at least a magnitude brighter. It does seem on course to meet expectations.
  12. goodricke1

    Unusual spectral types

    SIMBAD must be in error I'm sure. If Castor and Mizar can be famous examples of spectroscopic binaries, the brightest star in the sky would be much more represented in the literature if this were true.
  13. goodricke1

    Unusual spectral types

    I'm pretty sure the spectroscopic binary being referred to is in fact Sirius A and the Pup. The spectroscope was used in this case to determine that the velocity of A is variable, and is in close agreement with the result derived from visual observation.
  14. It has reportedly faded by over a magnitude in the last 24 hours.
  15. goodricke1

    Daytime Venus anyone?

    Seen it easily in 20 x 80 binos several times over the past week, doesn't matter how high the Sun is. It's unmissable really, when you know the general location. Also saw it naked eye with the Sun still above the horizon. Stunningly bright object!

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