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Baader Protective T-Ring Canon Dslr - does not lock in place


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I bought one of these adapters (with a clear filter) to keep the camera protected.  When connecting it to the Canon I can hear/feel the locking pin getting engaged but to confirm the lock I turned the adapter as if to remove it and it just turns as if not locked in place at all.  This of course is no good if the camera is mounted on a scope and a slight knock can dis-engage the camera so easily. Other t-rings I have lock in place as you would expect and have to have the dis-engae button pressed to allow you to twist & remove it.

I have received a replacement but this is the same, it's not the same physical one as I have both at present and was due to send the original back if the new one was fine.

Have dropped an email over to Baader but until I hear back I wondered if anyone else has had this issue.







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The badder  protective t ring does lock in place . Sounds like it may be your camera if you've tried two already. Have you tried any lenses to see if they lock in place ? 

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All sorted, phew!!

I tried both adapters on 2 cameras. Both cameras and all lenses fitted and locked in place as did several other adapters on each camera.  One of the old adapters was a cheap  Ebay one that I had to 'adjust' to get it to lock into place and I was prepared to do the same to one of the Baaders. However, just the actions of swapping and re-trying the Baader several times and testing for a secure lock seemed to clear the slot and it now locks into place each time so no 'adjusting' needed :hello2:

I did the same to the other Baader adapter and that now locks into place as well so whoever gets it as an ex demo will have a better first fit than I did.










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