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  1. I've added this update to the video description: Note: the telescope wobbling that may be noticed in this video was due to my mistake placing the platform without inserting the 2 threads the platform "Y" top has, to fit on the 2 platform top holes, resulting in set up instability. I've notice that later but decided not to record another video. Since then i've been cautious not to repeat that mistake in all the videos i record which show the telescope properly balanced.
  2. A really simple and inexpensive dew shield to slow down the condensation formation at the secondary mirror of your dobsonian telescope. Also how i blackened the edge of the mirror.
  3. 3 legs for a tripod with 1 touch point? yes In a rectangular design with 4 touching bearings? No. And the facts blow all the words, in this particular design (results at the end of the video). And it seems that also for TEPP platform it works better this way. I'm truly happy with the improvement made.
  4. In this video i show the modifications i did to improve the stability of this equatorial platform after using it for about 6 months with my 12" dobsonian
  5. Thanks. I really love to benefit from my Dob potential. Unfortunately no matter the eyepiece i use i can't see this object visually, so, blessed EAA to allow me to see it. However, the near clusters blow my brain through an eyepiece.
  6. Yesterday was one of those nights with a strong smell of Sea, which i love if i can forget what it does to my mirrors. Anyway, artillery prepared, hair heater, shields activated and go. Observed some nice objects and choose this one for the record: M16 Eagle nebula Pillars of creation 115x4s 12" f5 GSO Dobsonian on Geoptik Eq Platform ZWO ASI294MC
  7. Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021 from Algarve, Portugal, Europe 1 minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCz_VTv697w
  8. Short video of how to subtract and apply darks in Sharpcap "on the fly".
  9. This is the fresh, simple and easy to do mini cooler i made. Easy and inexpensive project to lower the camera temperature and reduce imaging noise. No soldering needed. Very useful on hot summer nights. Be cool
  10. If you're thinking in buy a 12" solid dobsonian and have no idea how hard is it to place it and how long does it take, check this super short video (ups, spoiler!).
  11. My first experience with a Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ beginner refractor and trying both cameras, the zwo224 and the zwo294 with it. In a Supermoon (cloudy) night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_50kKiMzW8M
  12. After the disappointment with the Baader ClickLock i found this interesting and very effective solution to have centered my ZWO ASI224 and ZWO ASI294 astro cameras and my eyepieces on my GSO 12" Dobsonian reflector newtonian telescope focuser. This is the short video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLxmnvTjo9o
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