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  1. Yes, but you would need the 2" version. you would be better with the Astronomik CLS clip in filter really, more expensive but superb.
  2. Hi, yes it is worth it, as it helps massively with LP, BUT with an unmodded camera you will get a green tinge to your images, which can be processed out. The CLS filters are designed for use in modded cameras, and give almost perfect colour balance on a modded camera but I assure you it will help big time with LP, you just need to alter the red Chanel in post processing to even up the colour balance. Bill
  3. Yes, but I have the CPC finder bracket, would a 60mm finder fit into this, I realise it was made for 50mm finders, but there is room I think...? Bill
  4. .???? i haven't advertised it, and probably won't, I'm confused.... Bill
  5. No, Celestron CPC800 Yes and soon to buy hopefully, up to now I have been borrowing it from a friend who has been abroad working, and hoping he will decide to sell to me....for a good price.. Mates rates.. then can do a lot more imaging, hence the wanting the new versascope guide scope, or I would have to start spending mega money, which I ain't got, on bigger guide scope and balance weights etc. But do use it just on the tripod also if just visual, and planetary, ideally in the future I would like a permanent setup, I get very jealous when I look in the DIY obsy section one he
  6. Mind you I think I may have found out what the thread is on the back of the tube, in which case I may be able to DIY an adapter, so just maybe I could use it....watch this space.. Bill
  7. As I said, Been using on my SCT just as a finder, but wanted something that would double as a guider too, as the finder I have, isn't really suitable for a guider, and didn't want to buy and piggyback another scope for guiding, and there is no adapter that wil fit the back of this one, I would have to put guide camera in the diagonal but even then wanted something with a bit more focal length. Bill
  8. Ok, I stand corrected, ignore my last post Bill
  9. One thing I forgot to mention is when saving the image in DSS you should save in 8 bit, I think I have that correct and someone please correct me if I am wrong there.....!!, Bill
  10. No, there is no point and you won't be saving the changes anyway, as soon as you have a stacked image, get straight into your processing software of choice, all you want DSS to do is stack the images and NOTHING else, all the data manipulation should be done elsewhere. regards Bill
  11. I have to say, I really like the look of that Antares versascope, so much in fact I am going to sell my Antares 8x50 RACI Finder with 27mm illuminated eyepiece, and buy one of those, thanks very much for posting the link. i have been looking for a dual finder, guider scope for my SCT for a while and this seems perfect without being too expensive. Bill
  12. +1 for the above, sounds like it is taking an equivalent dark frame straight after, and then it subtracts it from the light image Bill
  13. Hi, the LX90 will track perfectly well on a wedge, probably better than in ALT AZ mode, I used one on a wedge all the time, and imaged through it, and got autoguided subs of 10 mins easily, and no a computer is not needed, do the two star alignment for eq mode and unguided you should get 2 min subs maybe 3 min with really good polar alignment. you have to change the setting in the handset to tell it, it is on an equatorial wedge, then choose the align mode, I use the easy align mode, which slews to the first star, then you centre and syc, then it slews to a second star, then you cent
  14. Make sure you tick the box that says "embed changes but do not apply them" and don't do any processing in DSS move the image to PS or Gimp or whatever you use, do a couple of runs of levels and curves and you will see the image coming out. if you apply the changes that DSS makes you will loose a huge amount of data, don't ask me why but it will not work, and you end up with a grey image with lack of colour.... hope that helps Bill
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