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  1. Yes, but I have the CPC finder bracket, would a 60mm finder fit into this, I realise it was made for 50mm finders, but there is room I think...? Bill
  2. .???? i haven't advertised it, and probably won't, I'm confused.... Bill
  3. No, Celestron CPC800 Yes and soon to buy hopefully, up to now I have been borrowing it from a friend who has been abroad working, and hoping he will decide to sell to me....for a good price.. Mates rates.. then can do a lot more imaging, hence the wanting the new versascope guide scope, or I would have to start spending mega money, which I ain't got, on bigger guide scope and balance weights etc. But do use it just on the tripod also if just visual, and planetary, ideally in the future I would like a permanent setup, I get very jealous when I look in the DIY obsy section one here, and see all the DIY ideas, it's a bit of a pain carrying it outside each time, and is heavy with the wedge on too. Bill
  4. Mind you I think I may have found out what the thread is on the back of the tube, in which case I may be able to DIY an adapter, so just maybe I could use it....watch this space.. Bill
  5. As I said, Been using on my SCT just as a finder, but wanted something that would double as a guider too, as the finder I have, isn't really suitable for a guider, and didn't want to buy and piggyback another scope for guiding, and there is no adapter that wil fit the back of this one, I would have to put guide camera in the diagonal but even then wanted something with a bit more focal length. Bill
  6. I have to say, I really like the look of that Antares versascope, so much in fact I am going to sell my Antares 8x50 RACI Finder with 27mm illuminated eyepiece, and buy one of those, thanks very much for posting the link. i have been looking for a dual finder, guider scope for my SCT for a while and this seems perfect without being too expensive. Bill
  7. I would use Cotswold chippings instead of pea shingle, as the chippimgs compact down and form a nice firm path but not rock solid, and peas shingle is harder to walk on and makes a hell of a noise when walking up and down. i have had Cotswold all round my house for 10 years, best thing I ever did, put it down around 4" thick, within 18 months there is now a solid base with about 1" of loose chippings on the top, so nice and firm. Bill
  8. Yes another one of the reasons that camera is not used for Astro work.... Bill
  9. Your camer is a Toucam II and not a pro II that is your problem.....you have the wrong camera for astronomy use, it will,not be supported by the flashing software as they are not used for astronomy, for a few different reasons, one being they have a CMOS sensor and not a CCD which the others have, so no where near as sensitive.... sorry to be the bearer of bad news.... Bill
  10. If it a Toucam Pro II to it will be an 840, not 820 it sounds like you just have the normal Toucam fun or XS which are no good really for astronomy, you need the Toucam pro or Pro II, they are the ones supported by the software, and used for astronomy... the pro is white and shaped like an egg, the pro II is all silver with a stand on the bottom...... can you show a picture of it... Bill
  11. Yep that's it, follow that guide and you will be fine....
  12. I don't know have never used one for the flash upgrade, I have the files needed but you also,need the software that does the actual upgrade too, and not sure where you can get that from, I have it installed but not the origonal install file. if you do find it than you have to do a couple of things first connect the Toucam to the XP computer with the Toucam drivers and start sharp cap so you get an image on the screen then start the flash software and connect the camer to it while sharpcap is still running in the background, then select the upgrade flash Bin file, and start the upgrade, it will tell you when it is done. then go back to sharpcap and the camera will be not working, so close that and unplug the camera, then plug back in and load the SPC900 drivers, then start sharpcap again and you should see that it is connected to a SCP900 camer now. it is very important to have the camera connect o and running in sharpcap before and during the upgrade, or it won't work properly and you can mess up,the whole process and ruin the camera. Bill
  13. Once the upgrade is done the camera will be recognised as an SPC900nc camera, and also has the features that come with it, so it's worth doing, drivers are here: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/cpindex.pl?ctn=SPC900NC/00&hlt=Link_Software&mid=Link_Software&scy=GB&slg=ENG the win 7 drivers will work as far as I know, once flashed, that the ones I have used anyway. Bill
  14. Hi, the Toucam II WONT work with win 8 or 10 with its native drivers, you have to flash upgrade the camera with the newer Philips SPC900nc firmware, and then it uses those drivers which will work..... i can do the flash upgrade for you as I have the software and the firmware to do it, and the flash upgrade also can only be done on an XP machine hope that helps Bill
  15. Thanks for that, I think they are for the latest controllers, and not the much older ones like mine, but I will give them a try thanks again. Bill
  16. Hello all, i have come across one of these starlight focus motor controllers to use and am looking for the drivers, and Ascom driver, does anyone on here know where I can download or has anybody got a copy of them. Also does anybody know if this will work with a serial to USB adapter, and on what operating systems it will be compatible... cheers Bill
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