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  1. Excellent scopes the equinox series. These new ones look like a replacement to me. I regretted selling my 80mm equinox and since then I’ve not sold a single astronomy item !
  2. Are FLO / John still offering this custom adapter service ? thanks ken
  3. 1790mm high with the central bar extended plus the height of a trigger grip. Would that not be enough ? im currently using this monopod which is great but when others are using it it’s not sturdy enough to just leave. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sirui-P-324SR-Section-Monopod-Support/dp/B073ZHHL94/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?keywords=sirui+monopod&qid=1580304035&sprefix=sirui+&sr=8-8
  4. Would this be a good option for mounting my 16x70 binos ? i would also like to mount a small 85mm refractor on occasion but not sure what additional connectors I’ll require for that. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01M8QHFHM/ref=psdcmw_1104574_t1_B07145KW2G?th=1&psc=1
  5. Looks excellent, what tripod are you using ?
  6. Just an update- so Ivo advised me to download the beta version 3.85.2 which I did. This has resolved my initial issue and now using either the ascom driver or native zwo driver I’m able to download images. I am currently unable to use the cooling aid as it doesn’t want to pause for an interval. So manually decreasing the temperature and waiting is the temporary solution. I guess zwo/apt developers need to have a look at this for future beta releases. I'm currently waiting for the 7 position filter wheel which will give me the correct connections for my setup. For now I’ve used an t adapter which will block a lot of the light in the corners.
  7. Yea thanks I was going to mention that. Using the native drivers I can use the zwo video mode in APT but still cannot take pictures. ive been asked to download a beta version from APT. Fingers crossed. I’ll post my results, hopefully helpful for someone at some point.
  8. I’ve tried to update Apt to the latest version but it doesn’t appear to make any difference. I’ll post on the APT forum as you recommend. thanks ken
  9. Thanks geeklee I will check after work, you may have solved it !
  10. So connected up my new camera last night and updated to the Latest ascom drivers. Opened APT and the camera connects fine (it populates the pixel size and sensor dimensions). But APT is unable to download anything from camera ? Live view or long exposure, binning or normal. I’ve also tried changing usb limit to no avail. At the moment usb limit setting is on the lowest. The camera is connected via supplied usb 3 cable into usb 3 port and computer is ssd. I previously had a two similar cameras connected without any issues. 1 i may try a different usb cable 2 is there not an ascom diagnostic or something I can run ? Any help/ideas ?
  11. Would it make any difference if I went with the oiii 4.5nm over the 8.5nm ?
  12. I’m going to finally get myself a mono camera. In terms of other parts to go with the camera I’ve ordered - 7 position 2” filter wheel, baader LRGB filters, baader oiii 8.5nm, baader sii 8nm. I already own a baader ha 7nm filter. Then I’m planning to use an Idas D2 for luminance. It’s taken me a while to decide between baader and zwo filters but for now the fact that I already own the HA made the decision for me. Am I missing something by not going with the narrower 4.5nm oiii baader ? Has anyone a comparison ? Secondly I’m hoping to still image in full colour when the moon is down. Up to now it’s been relatively easy regardless of bortle 5/6 skies. But that was using a D2 filter. Now I’ll have to use the D2 for just luminance and the RGB filters for colour, will these block part of the light pollution ? Below is my image of M33 but is this going to be possible using RGB filters without a LP cut ?
  13. I know that Yuri at TEC has moved from using fpl 53 glass to fluorite due to availability for the tec 140. At this price point I’d doubt it would be very high end fpl 53 or the like. That being said skywatcher still produces some fantastic refractors and I would certainly buy one again!
  14. Sigma clip removes them ? At least it has/does for me
  15. I see zwo have released a new set of 2” narrowband filters. They do appear to be much more expensive than the existing baader narrowband filters. But they also publish transmission in % for wavelengths like HAlpha, Which I don’t think baader do ? Interesting ? Worth it or stick with baader ?
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