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  1. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    Thanks Mark, the first picture I posted shows the halo towards the top of the star in my first post. In my more recent post (D1 and D2 filter comparison) the halo is central to the star. I’m not sure if this tells us anything ? The halos do look the same size to be fair. What would it mean if the halos were the same size ?
  2. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    Mark I can’t be sure of the diameter of the halo as I guess it changes due to the star size?? Focal length is 840mm at f7. The flattener isn’t a reducer and I’ve tried putting the filter in front of the flattener and behind without success. Since it’s not the flattener reflecting the light it could be one of the lenses on the scope ? Although I don’t get any halos with the IDas D1 filter or others.
  3. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    I’ve tested putting the filter before and after the flattener but this doesn’t change anything. So it’s not reflection off the flattener. Anything else I can do ? picture is a comparison D2 and D1
  4. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    That’s a shame I was getting hopeful. I still don’t understand why this particular filter gives me halos when my others don’t. It’s got to be worth a try as I’ve never seen this sort of imperfection on other filters.
  5. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    I can definitely feel a textured edge when i run my finger over the imperfection. I hope this has been causing the issue as i do feel it has been an improvement over the D1 filter which doesnt cause halos in my imaging setup.
  6. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    I may just have found my halo problem. FLO were excellent and sent me a new unrealeased filter holder cell for the esprit which arrived this morning. I wanted to test the filter before the flattener and this adapter allows me to do that. This afternoon I took the filter off to give it a quick clean before placing the new adapter back on. I found there is a small circular imperfection in the glass (bottom of my picture). I’m not saying 100% this will solve it but what do others think ? Is this imperfection likely to cause my halos ? Thanks ken
  7. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    Between flattner and camera
  8. Ken82

    IDAS D2 halos

    Following my previous post about some halos i did a more thorough test. Ignoring the exceptionally bad light pollution the difference between having no filter and connecting the Idas D2 into the optical train is very clear. This is 1min unguided exposure at iso 800. The D1 filter has the same result as having no filter. Should i try to position the filter in a different part of the optical train ? FLO tell me they are about to release a filter holder that fits between the flattner and focuser. If the halo is caused by reflections onto the back of the flattner this would solve the problem. In terms of light pollution supression the D2 has been a better filter to the D1 although the halos are an obvious issue.
  9. Ken82

    IDAS NB1 filter

    Any thoughts on the IDas nb1 filter ? The combined emission levels really appeals.
  10. Ken82

    Pacman nebula

    Pacman nebula from 8.1.19. 53x2.5min. My first attempt at the pacman and very pleased to get this result. Not a great evening for imaging but between clouds i was able to get enough subs. I hope the weather is kind enough over the next week so i can try adding some Halpha to the image.
  11. Flats are stacked together in grayscale regardless of OSC DSLR etc etc. You should not ever have to debayer flats !
  12. Very true the flats are only ever used in grayscale so colour data is not important.
  13. Ken82

    Halo ??

    Ive recently changed from an IDAS D1 filter to a IDAS D2 and im getting what i can only explain as halos on bright stars? Its not as defined as the oiii filter halos in the other thread but can anyone shed any light on this ?This was a test sub for focusing purposes. Is it even an issue ??
  14. Ken82

    Heart HaRGB

    Finally got round to combining my Halpha images with colour from November. This is the first time ive attempted this so very pleased with the outcome. Total exposure- 24x10min Halpha, 50×2.5 RGB.
  15. Ken82

    Heart in Halpha

    Finally got round to processing some more images from earlier in the year. This one is from 17.11.18 and comprises 24x10min exposures in Halpha. I also did several colour images of the heart nebula on this evening which Ive already posted, so i hope to combine these at some point soon.

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