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  1. This is what I will do - Get the Fsq 106 and zwo 071 to start imaging at f5 and learn APT. After a few months (maybe end of summer) hopefully I’ve learnt APT well enough. At this point I’ll get a mono camera to use with my Fsq 85 and focal reducer (maybe zwo 1600) I’ll then have a dual imaging rig (I’m also getting an St80 for guiding) I think that’s reasonably sensible ?
  2. Ken82

    IC 443

    IC 443 from the 27.2.19 using NB1 filter. I have noticed i get some halos using the NB1 filter on very bright stars so ive been learning how to reduce this within pixinsight using starhalo script. It may not be perfect but for a first attempt im reasonably pleased. 59x2.5min exposures
  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Id prefer to stick with a OSC if im honest, maybe a zwo 094 or 071. It appears zwo have stopped producing the 094. I see modern astronomy sell the qhy367c with the 094 sensor but its a poorly written web page on the 367c plus its more expensive and id prefer the support buying a zwo would afford me (i already own 2 zwo's and know the support is very good). I wonder if zwo will produce another 36mm sensor shortly?? Budget wise i think the 094-367c would be really top end so £4.5k. Ive looked at the atik 16200 although its a mono but dont particularly like the 6um pixels and id prefer to have the better resolution the 4.88um gives me. It also has a much higher read noise and likely less QE. Not sure mono is for me just yet!
  4. Esprit for me. The benefit of the Es Reid check is a unique opportunity where lesser scopes aren’t considered, a piece of mind if you like.
  5. I know this question has been asked many times before but technology has changed and i want to make the right decision. Ive recently decided to be sensible and purchase an fsq 106 and want to pair it with a new cooled camera. I was originally thinking of the asi 094 but sadly it appears zwo have stopped producing 36mm sensors. The other option would be an aps-c type sensor asi 071 but looking at framing some nebula im just a little short. I think this could still be a valid solution with the reducer but id prefer resolution over f ratio. What other options would people recommend ??
  6. I've had a quick look on pixinsight and tried to re-balance the colour this time favouring red for the halpha. Its not perfect by any means but a marked improvement from the green cast! Again really appreciate the comments there is so much to learn in this hobby!
  7. Yea thanks Martin I’ll have a look at that this evening. Really appreciate your comments.
  8. Images taken on the 26th Feb 31x2.5min D2 filter and 28x2.5min NB1 filter. Ive realized i really need to start adjusting focus during the night as temperature differences and seeing conditions have shown me in this image. Looking at my RAW images a huge difference can be seen from the beginning of the evening. Also the christmas tree is reasonably low on the horizon for me with a lot of light pollution so im pleased to get this result.
  9. It’s a modified canon 6d Peter
  10. I thought id have a crack at the Rosette nebula to test out my new IDAS NB1 filter and I'm very pleased with the result. First thing you'll will notice with the filter is that due to the higher cut off point and different wavelengths the histogram saturates pretty quickly under a near full moon. The large majority of this is Halpha but its very pleasing to obtain anything under a bright moon especially a part colour image. At this point id say its one of my best astro purchases! 51X2.5min under the moon
  11. So I’ve decided to get one of these scopes and I’d like some feedback if possible. I plan to use the toa at f7.7 for galaxies and with the reducer f5.3 for wider field. This is my first question - is anyone using this scope at f5.3? How is the field and correction ? Takahashi state an imaging circle of 40mm at this f ratio so not quite full frame. I’m using a 36mm sensor but don’t mind cropping 5-10% but is that realistic ?? with the Fsq 130 I could add the extender for galaxies at f7.5 fl 980mm imaging circle 44mm. This would be slightly better ?? But is it worth the price difference of 4-5k??? any alternatives ? If I got the toa I’d keep my Fsq 85 for widefield but if I got the Fsq 130 I could also get the reducer which would give me a similar fl to the baby Q. In which case I would sell the baby Q to part fund the price difference. Any thoughts ? Anyone using the toa at f5.3??
  12. Yea thanks for the recommendation would 3” arcseconds a pixel be ok for this target though ?
  13. So it’s clear where I am after 11 this evening and I want to try out this new filter. Unfortunately after 11 the good nebula targets have gone so what would be a good target ? I’m thinking the Leo triplet but not ideal for the filter. Also Is 3 arcseconds pixel ok for imaging the Leo triplet ? A little low I think??
  14. Ken82

    IC 342

    More than a month has passed since i had a go at imaging IC 342 and finally this week i had a chance! A very difficult object for me to capture, even a 2.5min exposure only really shows the galactic core. Ive been reading up a bit about this galaxy and it is partially obscured by dusty areas in the milky way which gives it its name "the hidden galaxy". The ridiculous light pollution of course doesn't help matters ! This is a total stack of 81x2.5min. It is rather colorful i know but i do like this effect and ive seen some ic 342's before with a golden look
  15. Thanks pmlogg! I think the takahashi wide t ring also accepts 2”filters from reading this- https://teleskop-austria.at/information/pdf/FSQ106_Takahashi adapter specification list.pdf
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