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  1. Yes definitely drunk on vodka It was a small gathering near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I remember looking through your 22” dob and 13 ethos and thinking my god that is photographic ! We were looking at M51 and to me it is still the best view Of 51 I’ve seen !
  2. Sorry I went against your better judgement. I figured I wouldn’t be going on the annual skiing trip this year so put some of the extra money to better use and then I noticed it was in stock at FLO. Actually I was speaking with a couple of friends who live local to me and they both have these eyepieces. Their preference is for the 31 Nagler whilst using a dob. Interesting how personal preference plays out here. I’m sure whatever I prefer both will be fantastic eyepiece additions. So I’ll start the new eyepiece collection with a 31 Nagler and 21 ethos. Next I think maybe 13 and 8 ethos. Actually I remember on a couple of occasions looking through your large dob @estwing and I’m sure I recall back then your favourite eyepiece was the 13 ethos?
  3. I’m trying to decide what eyepieces I want in my new set for my 10” f5 dob and 85mm f5 refractor. I have the 21 ethos and I’m also going to get the 13 and maybe 8. But is it worth it to also get the 31 Nagler for wider views ? Thanks ken
  4. Ok I better update the thread. I decided to send the scope back for a refund. Yes the chromatic aberration issue was disappointing but also the focuser was slipping with only a 2kg camera! I have been able to test the RGB focal lengths of many FSQ's over the summer and im afraid to say there is a big difference from scope to scope. Inevitably the fsq 106 is a doublet design at heart (glass from canon) so it shouldn't really be a surprise. The rear elements play no part in colour correction. The scopes ive tested vary from exceptional to poor, but of course that is my opinion. The variation ive tested in terms of RGB focal lengths have a difference between 0.07mm and as far apart as 0.54mm. Personally Id at least expect a FSQ scope to perform to the maximum focal shift range which takahashi advertise as being 0.22mm (check my image) This has been a very disappointing experience as opposed to buying my fsq 85 some years ago which to me demonstrates takahashi do get it right with these scopes. For me the exceptionally expensive fsq 106 i bought wasn't even in the same league as my fsq 85 and I just couldn't accept that! Would you? Ken
  5. Ken82


    I sent OptRep my Lunt binos as they had been knocked out of collimation. They were promptly repaired and sent back to me within a week, very pleasing. I tested them out when they returned and good as new Good service thanks Note- if your working to a budget then do ask them to let you know any repair cost before they start. I was always going to get my binos repaired regardless of cost but I can see where some folks may have an issue.
  6. I don’t see any point complaining about delivery times especially during the current economic climate. Virtually every industry that relies on imports has been affected. Just try and get some plasterboard during April or may and you’ll know what I mean ! What’s important is that vendors are honest and also communicate any issues. As yet I haven’t found an astronomy vendor who hasn’t fulfilled this. I’ve got a powermate and moonlite nitecrawler on order from the US and some bits from APM in Germany. They get here when they get here, I've got a lifetime to enjoy them.
  7. Selling my 23mm luminous as I’ve recently changed to 100 degree eyepieces. I have used it a bit but it’s in A1 perfectly new condition. Original box etc. £160 including delivery
  8. Ok here is the 3D printed filter holders that were designed particularly for chroma 50mm filters and zwo 2x7”. It’s hard to see but there is a small rivet which holds the filter in the centre of the recess and stops It moving around unlike the zwo filter holders. The filter holder for the LowGlow filter is slightly thicker to account for the narrower filter as my previous post. Job done
  9. I can definitely report the majority of the aberrations I was seeing earlier were from the eyepiece I was using. I could only get glimpses of stars using the dob and ethos but the views were quite spectacular. I’d say that a Paraccor won’t be necessary at this point although I’d like to try it out at some point down the line. Right now I’m going to work out what magnifications I’d like to use and get a set of ethos. Maybe 21, 13, 8 and 6 at first look. Very pleased with this ken
  10. Thanks for the comments all So asi 462mc and x2 powermate is the way to go. Nicolas how do you connect this all at the back of the scope ? Just 2” push fit or other ? Care to share any images of the connections at the back ? Thanks ken
  11. I had an issue trying to find someone to collimate my 16x70 binos recently as some companies arent accepting new repair jobs during covid 19. In the end i contacted FLO who advised -https://opticalrepairs.com/binoculars_telescopes_repair_servicing.html And they also responded quickly so my binos are with them now.
  12. Ok im going to get the asi 462. What was the calculation for optimal F ratio? I was working to x5 pixel size but your F ratios appear to be slightly different ? Also why much more F ratio for a colour cam ? Thanks Ken
  13. I had an opportunity to test out the new chroma LowGlow over the weekend and yet again no halos and exceptional results. You get to the point where you have absolute trust in your kit and turn to capella for the ultimate halo test as shown in my image. ADU is slightly higher for the lowglow over the IDAS D1/D2 but that is more a debate for different LP filters. And regardless of this the lack of halo make the chroma lowglow well worth the investment. One very slight negative which ive mentioned earlier is that the LowGlow filter is only 1.1mm thick (LRGB + HA + OIII + SII are all 3mm) meaning if your using the new zwo 7x2" filter wheel the filters aren't held in place by the zwo filter holders. Instead i recommend getting someone to 3D print some filter holders which centre the filter and hold it in place for repeatable flats.
  14. It looks patchy cloud tonight so I’ll get it on the dob I had a play this afternoon with my refractor. Wow love it
  15. Yes that’s next on my shopping list along with the legendary 13mm ethos
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