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  1. Normally using pixel math in pixinsight i dont have any issues combining rgb with ha but on this occasion its not working as well as i would like. Ive followed the procedure as normal from the light vortex tutorial but still not great. Any guidance would be really appreciated. Thanks Ken Both images are stacked and have had background extracted but no processing. HA https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z5Ufk2hq4QdP2TgYl-wBSCcCSquaGJqD/view?usp=sharing RGB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUOwLHKNG8apvbVV4fCqx2jaDuuu_Dca/view?usp=sharing
  2. I’d definitely keep to an ape-c sensor using 1.25” filters. I was using my fsq 85 with 2” filters and 36mm sensor until recently. The results are very pleasing although I do have to crop 10-15%. I’m planning to use my fsq 85 with a new zwo 071 and use a new large format camera with my fsq 106. Image is from 36mm sensor and 10-15% crop using 2” filter.
  3. Is using an OAG likely to cause diffraction spikes in an SCT ? im thinking to get a combined OAG and filter wheel like the starlight express maxi as I have a bit of flexure.
  4. Yea sorry I didn’t explain very well. I had started to take lights and calibration frames at 2x binning as I was of the assumption this would give me 1” per pixel as 0.5” is oversampled. But Vlaiv has previously commented on how the pixels and Bayer matrix interact to give me this resolution without using 2x2 binning. I’ve now taken my flats at 1x binning the same as my other lights and calibration frames.
  5. Yea thanks, I’ve also taken Vlaiv’s advice and changed back to 1x1 binning. So should be at 0.5” per pixel but due to the pixels I think it’s now more like 1” per pixel . Or at least that’s what I understand
  6. I just acquired a few flats earlier at 1.2s ADU 20000. Hope that works .
  7. Some great information in this thread thanks all ! Im assuming then by using the 2x2 binning in APT this is done in the drivers which Vlaiv is saying to avoid ?
  8. Interesting topic ! im currently trying to use a 071 cmos with 2x binning with my edgehd at f7. This gives me about 1” per pixel. Without the binning in APT I’d be at 0.5” pixel which is clearly over sampled. From reading this thread am I doing something wrong by selecting 2x binning in APT ?
  9. Thanks for the detailed response Vlaiv ! Quite a bit different to calibrating a dslr in pixinsight although I do follow some similarities like using as many calibration frames as possible. I have read elsewhere some are having to use longer exposures for flat frames as these cameras are unreliable with short exposures. But you are using a few milliseconds. That would certainly make it easier to acquire flats with this scope.
  10. Yea I realised this today. APT flats test was getting an ADU of 64000 with the simple white t shirt method. My flats panel is only 160mm and I’ve been trying to get some results with the edgehd at f7. I may go back to using a refractor for a while until I’m comfortable calibrating this 071 as I’m trying to cross a few bridges at once. Do use pixinsight Vlaiv ? What’s your process to calibrating ? I usually follow the light vortex tutorial which has worked wonders until now.
  11. Is setting the binning to the same as the light frames important in taking flats ? thanks
  12. I’ve got some new desiccant tabs on the way which will solve the issue. A bit disappointed this has happened so quickly as the camera has been in its original packaging throughout the summer. Also noted the camera doesn’t have an external desiccant tube as I was lead to believe from description. The instructions zwo have sent me for replacing the desiccant requires removing the front of the camera and exposing the sensor etc. Not an issue I guess but not ideal.
  13. I contacted zwo and they have said it is dew so I’ll need to replace the desiccant already :(
  14. This is my image after colour calibration in pixinsight which is similar to miguelo65 with a strange pattern to the bottom right hand side- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lOXBJGj8RkplLrnfKdRkZehLdSmJ6mwe/view?usp=sharing And then after automatic background extraction showing an even greater gradient/pattern- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JzYHqkPHPDcRxwRmE5kvJPa2MFsgUr7c/view?usp=sharing What is going wrong ?
  15. Does anyone know what this pattern in the picture is ? Am I cooling too low for example ??(-15)
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