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  1. This time last year whilst on a dark sky skiing holiday I remember looking at the Rosette thinking how amazing it was and that I'd need to image it again. Ive had to settle for roughly 2hrs on each channel as the weather gods haven't been kind recently! Thanks for looking, Ken
  2. Celestron 10kg counterweight with 1.5” diameter shaft hole. £60 Ken
  3. Custom made adapter from precise parts US. Directly connects the zwo 6200 with filter wheel to Fsq 106 at correct spacing. £100 Ken
  4. Takahashi adapter for Fsq 106edxiv and 130. Ken £70 posted
  5. I’m not so sure they will loose out. It’s about supply and demand, as long as there is a demand regardless of price then prices will remain high or go up. If we all stopped buying astro gear then of course manufactures would have to decrease prices to stoke demand. I for one am not prepared to do so. Anyway skywatcher kit is underpriced anyway. Ken
  6. Some quick HA on the rosette. I had to crop heavily as I appear to have rotated the focuser between images giving me an odd angle. Next to have a look at my OIII and SII Ken
  7. Slight improvement over my previous horsehead but still lacking OIII. That will do for me. The clouds have beaten me ! Roughly 2hrs each channel HA SIII OIII
  8. First attempt of a Hubble palette on the horse and flame. Clearly need more OIII but that will likely need to wait until next year as I have a mount issue to contend with
  9. Well I encountered an issue with my DEC motor the other evening so SII and OII (yet to process) have no guiding. Lets see how that turns out but for now the HA Is looking fairly good.
  10. With the weather not letting up ill need to make do with my 7x5min subs for now! This is frustrating!
  11. I think the 1mm attachment comes as standard ? Is that the white disk fitted to the front ?
  12. I got my dimmer and tublug today very pleased.
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