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  1. I've been checking the mount religiously in the mornings and evenings and not a drop of condensation when it's been frosty, cold or even warm (ish). I don't have anything other than the mount though so other setups may differ....
  2. From Amazon mate, I did originally order a hanging chair cover but they intentionally mislead the buyer with dimensions and sent a table cover stating it would still fit!!! Anyway, this is ideal with fasteners that work well with my pier. It doesn't leak and I have a hand towel around the mount inside to prevent condensation, and it works! Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for all your advice guys. Here is the final result standing proud and waiting for a clear night to get started..... Pier courtesy of a very handy brother in law, cover is a BBQ cover for now as it's the same make and style that's protected my bike and another decent BBQ for years, you can work the scope out yourselves!
  4. Thanks Gordon. I have a confession, the nuts are rather tight either side of the OSB template as the holes in the pier base for the 16mm threads base have been made with literally 1mm forgiveness (my fault when drawing the template for the pier!). So I had to ensure the threads would not move once they were in position. Either way, i have waited long enough for my pier to be installed (abandoned a nearly complete ROR Obs project when we moved ) so a few extra days won't hurt but I am keen and have spare days from next Tuesday onwards to continue the installation which is exactly a week since laying the cement. Hope fully my back stops hurting by then! I just hope i can get the pier neatly onto the threads without taking it back to my brother in law for minor hole adjustments. It is powder coated so i'm hoping it will be fine. I'm assuming the OSB board will just lift off and won't have bonded to cement? I've not been a photo junky but will post some pictures once it's all set up.
  5. Yes, I do think sometimes I get too involved in the details and overlook the basic requirements of the job. Ultimately as long as the block holds the weight of the pier plus kit and doesn't move or crack I'll be happy! This is of course to negate the need to have to align etc everytime I use the scope so if I achieve that I'll be happy!
  6. My pier was custom made by a steel fabricators so I had no instructions per se! I used 16m threads, 300mm long and was lucky enough to have a brother in law with a workshop to heat and bend them enough to prevent twisting in the concrete, approx 30 degree bends halfway along. I too mixed by hand today, (my back is a bit sore!) I used a cement/ballast ratio of 4/1 only because it was easier to work out for me with measuring. I also used the fibre packs recommended shock apparently add strength and reduce cracking, it can't hurt right!
  7. A week it is! The worry of lining up the bolts so the pier is set up facing North seemed a less stressful option to drilling into the base . Thanks again, hopefully my maiden voyage into mixing and laying concrete is a successful one.
  8. Fibres added to my mix, thanks for the tip John, now I just have to remain patient and wait long enough before I unfo the bolts and remove the template to mount my pier!
  9. Thanks for the tips. I have sunk my threads into the concrete so I'm wondering when it will be safe to undo the bolts to remove the template and in doing so put pressure on the bent threads within the concrete when turning?
  10. Looks awesome! I've just made my concrete pier block today and it's (hopefully) curing as we speak. I don't have fancy blankets so it's covered to protect from frost but two questions if I may..... How long did you leave the concrete before you were happy to drill the holes into it? What cover did you go for to prevent moisture affecting your mount? I've seen a couple of garden furniture covers on Amazon that look like they'll do a good job, breathable and prevent moisture and damp but also protect from the heat....
  11. Guys all excellent tips. Will crack on and post results, thanks for solid adevice all round
  12. I need help! I'm going to bend my threads! So I'm happy with the concrete and ballast mix ratio, but I'm looking at how much I need and with the block measuring at 60cm X 60cm X 60cm I've used an online calculator stating I need roughly 375kg ballast to 3 bags of 25kg cement but nowhere sells ballast in weight! I've looked at bulk bags hoping they would be enough but the reviews at B&Q/Wickes on their ballast are poor saying they're full of waste and rubbish. The smaller bags of ballast have no weight on them as it changes dramatically when we're and I have no idea where to get it from or how much I need. Any suggestions please.
  13. Thanks John, will definitely use this now I'm using concrete
  14. Well thanks guys, always worth jumping on and asking! I have found that when I've used postcrete for posts it needs a good mix (contrary to what the bag says!) to ensure there are no little pockets of powder but other than that I thought it would be strong enough contrary to what the guidance says that Johninderby kindly posted. The consideration i'd missed was the cost, having never mixed concrete before (assumed I have to use a mixer !) I thought it would be like for like in price but clearly not. Another question then if I may... What is the advantage of setting the concrete and then drilling holes for the threads? The only method I've seen until now was sinking the threads in the wet concrete using a template? Should I use rebar or will the fibres above be sufficient? thoughts again please....
  15. Hi guys, Just a quickie, I've moved and am relocating my steel pier. So, would postcrete do a decent job for the footing of my steel pier in conjunction with rebar and 14mm threaded bolts? I'd make the hole big enough to cater for the size of the pier base and threads, I'm just purely asking if it will be strong enough as it is designed to hold concrete fence posts up with fence panels in the wind. The alternative is to mix concrete but if postcrete in the right quantity will do the job satisfactorily I'd choose that for convenience. Thoughts please Adaaam75
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