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  1. Could you post the link please
  2. Right, I'm going to find it somewhere!
  3. That IS odd! Why won't mine work anymore and i can't download it
  4. Thanks Mick, As suspected. When I tried to boot up my installed version of ICE it kept failing saying it's an online resource that can no longer be located so i went onto Microsoft's download site and they no longer support ICE effectively pulling the plug on it and rendering the program redundant. But I need to stitch for free
  5. Just a quickie, I took a shed load of images last night of the moon using my DSLR on my scope with the intention to stitch using Microsoft ICE but its been pulled! Any free software suggestions for image stitching (not stacking)?
  6. Thanks Shimrod that link took me to the topic that recommended this serial port driver http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41 I downloaded that and strangely CFM now identifies my equipment (Starsense, Controller and AVX) when it didn't before! So the firmware is now up to date and I am going to wait for a clear night to run through the alignment again.
  7. Ive seen them and have something very similar in my Amazon basket but i was hoping to avoid buying another cable just for one use when the CFM is supposed to update the Starsense, mount and controller in one hit. Guess if I update the mount first separately the CFM might identify the Starsense controller connection
  8. Thats good to know, as it turns out my mounts latest firmware was 2013. Having looked at what has been updated since in recent firmware updates it makes sense to have the latest software. I have considered removing the SS controller and using the original handset that came with the mount however the cable that came with it is a serial port and i only have a laptop so will need to order an adapter to update it separately. I was hoping I could do all 3 together but the CFM still doesn't recognise the equipment
  9. Thats great Steve, I do not have the Celestron Wifi adaptor but it is going to be my next purchase. Out of interest, what version of Sky Safari do I need? I have the freebie version but there are also the 6 Plus and Pro versions too.
  10. Well that will help me understand it properly. Could you tell me what point I need to press Align instead of Enter please?
  11. In short Nebula, I had no idea so I researched how to check and both my mount and Starsense are in need of updating. I have followed the CFM guide and the program is unable to locate any devices. i followed the trouble shooter guide step by step but when i hold down the "Menu" and "Celestron logo" buttons and turn the mount on I get a different message to the "Bootloader" message. I get "waiting for SSA" then Starsense ready. I can not get past this and therefore I cannot update. Could it be that the mount needs updating first?
  12. Help please, It's definitely me and not the equipment but I need guidance, if you excuse the pun! I have a Celestron AVX mount with a 9.25 SCT sitting on top of a pier. Previously I have had issues with aligning my scope to the point where I used to point it manually not use the goto functionality. However after moving I decided to make my life easier so I bought the Celestron Starsense however I'm just not getting it. I've followed the instructions word for word, first calibrating and then aligning. One of the issues I have is when I choose a star to centre, the scope doesn't
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