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  1. I think this is supported on the RPI as I mentioned earlier. "Should it need a driver install then I saw this on dongle mention on the Raspberry Pi forum install-wifi script as a backup if the others here feel it's a good guide. " Though the downside is that the driver may need re-installing when the OS level is updated.
  2. Hi, I understand the usb dongle may need a driver to be installed first, unless it is now supported in the RPI by default which would save you a little hassle. I'm sure @fozzybear will clarify this for you. Should it need a driver install then I saw this on dongle mention on the Raspberry Pi forum install-wifi script as a backup if the others here feel it's a good guide.
  3. @kens Replied via message as the minor details would not benefit this thread. We can get this a little cleaner for the average person before the disallusion ZWO fans find out about the power control support. In a way this should help the resale price of the Asiair Pro as it can be used by other OS and more importantly alow other great cameras & focusers already owned to be used, even to the extent of those using Pegagus power hubs controlled by Indi as well.
  4. Today's update to Astroberry has solved that. I took a clean image 2.0.3 written to sd-card, the did the apt update dist and then followed your instructions and apart from a warning in pigpio it compiled OK. The panel is appearing and can be set, I think there may be a few issues when turning a power port on/off without the label being chosen first. I'll check those tomorrow but power can be turned on/off on the ports. As this is aimed at an Asiair installation of Astroberry would it be better to label the ports 1-4 instead of the coders 0-3? I miss the Asiair beep on startup, i
  5. There is a program called BlueStacks which runs an Android emulator, allowing you to use the Asiair app on a laptop.
  6. As Happysolderer has said you can use the usb if yours has one with a standard USB printer type cable, this is the same as using an EQdir cable. The skywatcher wifi dongle will allow you to ditch the handset and connect via IOS phone (or Ipad or Android).
  7. I got stuck at the first hurdle with - it seems there is no Raspberry/Buster for indinightly sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mutlaqja/indinightly I tried working around that and failed when doing the make command saying that defineProperty was used in wrong scope (line 159 in asipower.cpp) - and suggesting using deleteProperty! Am happy to trash the sd-card and reflash the OS so don't mind using nightly builds or custom drivers. I can pull your latest from github and try again. Update Worth noting that there's an Astroberry update out which Radek says contains indi-asi-power
  8. I have the solutions running, using available indi drivers (the stepper motor shield is a waveshare so also allows a 12v power supply for the RPI). The existing motors need more than 5v hence the waveshare shield, the arduino uses a 12v supply too. The finishing is more cosmetic, like proper leads and a case for the arduino solution. For a remote control setup I don't need the original focuser handsets or extra cables they entail, ideally I'd be looking for a small inline circuit with usb one end and 9 pin d-type the other.
  9. Thanks Ken, I have Astroberry & Stellarmate setups to play with as well as an Asiair - my last hurdle is handling the stepper motor focusers (Moonlite & Lakeside) so have a lot of non- ZWO gear and not wanting to buy new ZWO equivalents. I've added a stepper motor shield to one setup and coding a uno with stepper motor addon - this is so I can circumvent the focus controller boxes. The latter with the Asiair in mind with an alternate OS. Will give the beta a looksie. Steve
  10. Aplogies all. My bad I got mixed up with giving advice on a few threads - same advice goes though especially if you use a metal case for the RPI.
  11. The Asiair has the equivalent of small ears & quiet voice in respect of wifi signals, so an extender that's loud enough (nearby) may let the Asiair hear & be heard. By the same analogy your phone and laptop have bigger ears. - sorry for a dumb analogy but wanted to see if t works so I can use it elsewhere if it makes things easier to follow. So you can increase the volume by adding an extender, but the best solution is to avoid them and go in via an ethernet connection. You can do this with a cable from the house or by using an extender with a short ethernet cable to the Asiair
  12. Very interesting, does it have a control panel, have you investigated the control of the wifi & reset options too?
  13. A single source supply can do the same if the amps are enough, dedicated supply yes, dedicated psu not necessarily.
  14. According to ZWO your camera needs 12v and can draw up to 3A. If your DC to female cigar lighter is a decent amperage you may be able to use a splitter to feed both the camera direct and the Asiair. If splitting you can only supply the maximum that DC unit can handle - so if it was say 10A then if the camera needed 3A it would leave 7A for the Asiair which is more than it could ask for. Whilst you will hear a lot of people say they can run their mount from the Asiair it is not always the case, with the above camera, a mount and dew heaters you could easily be trying to use more power than
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