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  1. I'll let others confirm or not whether that would work, I can't quite get my head around it. But I do understand the normal use and now how it's aligned.
  2. As I understood this is a phone is just like a platesolving finderscope that gives arrows to the chosen target. So I am at a loss to see how it would help if not at least roughly aligned (but preferbaly properly aligned).
  3. I'd seen the cradle had adjustments for the phone camera position but I guess the addition of ball-head adjuster by others and cloud fever led me down the wrong thought path.
  4. I sit corrected and registered it in the far recess of my brain.
  5. I would think you also need to allow for alignment of the phone so that the target is centred on the app, your finderscope and your actual scope view, in the same way you align the finderscope to scope view.
  6. I could not see the exact statement as you mentioned it, but you are right it does not do a good job of clarifying what runs on what.
  7. Here is says use indigo as login & password.
  8. If I read that page correctly they don't say that Ubuntu 20.10 will run on the older models, just that Ubuntu is available on them. For any readers of this thread see Ubuntu page for their coverage of the various Pi flavours.
  9. I presume you mean with the Nikon attached you will take & save an image at each appropiate stage asked and use the virtual camera to open it. Whether the polar alignment routine has the option to open the image is another matter. Prior to Sharpcap having the polar routine and before Polemaster one of the forum members created a polar alignment program which uses saved images and would prompt you in a slightly more manual way. See PhotoPolarAlign if I recall correctly you can download and use test images to get the hang of it.
  10. I use a program called Rufus for writing Linux images to sd-card, found here. Though I do have a usb3 adapter for sd-cards, so it's normally done in around 10 mins.
  11. The usual work arounds revolve on boosting the ASIair signal through an extender. For example: 1. Use an external device to boost your home wi-fi. If the device is DC powered and next to the mount you can use a wifi connection or possibly a lan connection between the ASIair and the extender. 2. If the extender is in house or garage but near enough to let the ASIair get a good signal then use that. I have one of these in my garage to extend my wifi signal for the garden and rear of house. 3. Use an extender to boost the ASIair wifi broadcast signal into the house. 4. For portable and away from home there are a lot who use a TPLink device (such as TP-Link AC750/TL-WR902AC) to do create a hotspot for their phone/ipad and ASIair to connect to. This video gives you an idea why the Rasberry Pi has a hard job broadcasting a wifi hot-spot, given the size it's amazing what it can achieve.
  12. I seem to recall that the wifi on Raspberry does not have any way to use an external connection and is limited to the onboard aerial - there are some daring individuals that cut the traces on the Pi board and add an external connection but not something the normal or even expert would probably want to try. You may have seen usb wifi connections with nice big aerials but whether the ASIair Pro could use that over the internal one is the key question.
  13. Yes trustworthy and well known in the Hertford Astonomy Group. I have even collected gear I purchased from his house in person - so no worries with him.
  14. I have an unused boxed Lacerta MGEN-II with all cables and updated firmware (2.61) not been used apart from opening the box and updating the firmware. Like this here though I guess the price is based on a few years agao. Looking for an ZWO EAF focuser - complete as it comes new. Steve Withdrawn thru lack of interest, may add to a for sale ad later.
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