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  1. I had a little more success. The permissions seems to be due to case sensitivity, Astrotortilla is using C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Temp as a working directory which can be seen in the log file your bash.exe provides but all in lowercase. I did some String replaces to get the case correct and can see the image gets solved (the files generated by the solve are in the temp directory). In my setup I can solve images in the Win10 bash sub-system fine, and your bash.exe is working so it must be Astrotortilla as the culprit. I guess it is also checking for the results using the lowercase directory (which would obviously fail) and fails to obtain the info/files it needs to return the success. Had a play with ANSVR and SGP early last year and could not get them working together, although the Astrometry.net running in a docker container did work on it's own. Though this was all cloudy night activities, when not at work, so I had more time than I had wanted!
  2. The new version did not work for me as is. However, it did make me investigate a bit further and I found that changing the StringReplace examples above to work on command2 did provide a working command (copied from the bash.exe log file) when pasted in a cmd window that solved the apod4.jpg example image. Though I found it ws still not working with Astrotortilla (well at least my version) as there was a permissions problem with the temp file being used. If I used StringReplace to use another directory I don't get the solved image rsults picked up by AT - I guess that's due to the changed temp directory. I'll persevere and try to resolve the permissions problem, I can't be far off a working solution now thanks.
  3. I downloaded your bash.exe and compiled the code. However, it does not quite work for me. 1. I get an error as the bash_replacement_log was trying to write to the C:\Windows\System32 directory where the windows bash.exe is. Changed this in the code to point to where I compiled the bash.exe interface was located. 2. The output in the log shows the local files with a prefix of \`cygpath -a \ and a suffix of \`\ around the filenames. When removed and the new command is run from cmd it works. input: --login -c solve-field -b /etc/backend.cfg --sigma 70 --no-plots -N none -H 1.95 -L 1.56 -r --objs 100 --overwrite -L 30 -H 42 -u degwidth -D \`cygpath -a \c:/users/steve/appdata/local/temp/solverr0vgye/2\`\ \`cygpath -a \D:/platesolve/examples/apod4.jpg\`\ output: C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe -c "solve-field -b /etc/backend.cfg --sigma 70 --no-plots -N none -H 1.95 -L 1.56 -r --objs 100 --overwrite -L 30 -H 42 -u degwidth -D \`cygpath -a \'/mnt/c/users/steve/appdata/local/temp/solverr0vgye/2\`\ \`cygpath' -a \'/mnt/d/platesolve/examples/apod4.jpg\`\'" Try as I might, and not having used pascal before, I failed to remove those strings and wondered if you had seen the same and changed something to stop them occurring? I don't have cygwin installed anymore and just have your new bash.exe in it's own location with the appropriate change in the astrotortilla command line.
  4. I had a 'bash' at this earlier in the year and came to the same point of a working astrometry but no way to get the software to talk to it. I did try to put together a newer version of Astrotortilla but could not get it to build properly as the used version was built on older version of software. See here if interested Hope you get further than I did.
  5. Whoops missed off the big smiley :-) the fake was in jest of course.
  6. Al Nagler, did he not make the camera/lenses to help fake the moon landing. He gave a talk at the Hertford Astro club a few years back so had a nice after talk chat with him in person. Interesting to hear of his involvement in providing assistance for the Lunar landing simulator.
  7. Yes that was understood as the difference between the meteorological & astronomical calendar but not why the coldest time in Northern Hemisphere was not close to the winter solstice. However, the links furrysocks2 has shown below seems a good explanation. Ahh that makes a logical argument for the discrepancy, it's sort of like the house is not at its coldest when the heating is turned off but when it has cooled down to current ambient temp. I wonder if furrysocks1 knows that too :-) Thanks
  8. I've seen the explanation that they are different and that the meteorological dates are based on average temps over a long period. But what makes the time when the temps are highest/lowest out of synch with the astronomical solstice/equinox - that's the explanation I'm not finding.
  9. Hopefully most members here know the reasons for the solstice & equinox - making around 21 Dec as the shortest day in Northern hemisphere. On that basis one could expect 21 Dec to be mid-winter - but based on historical records the lower temps are late Jan to early Feb. And presumably why the meteorological winter starts on 1 Dec. Anyone know why? A colleague thinks it's the cooling down and warming up time or the angle of the sun. I googled but could not find an explanation.
  10. There are several methods. It all depends on what equipment you already have and whether you want to spend further - though finally it's whichever way you prefer. 1. Use the mount - if it has a polar scope (aligned to the mount axis) and working scales 2. Use a camera - various software choices 3. Handset - may have an alignment option (not sure what mount you have) Levelling the mount can make some procedures easier but I would not over stress it's importance. My static pier is only roughly level and pointing north, the mount adjuster does the final alignment.
  11. Not so. The routines used by Sharpcap and Polemaster allow for off centre camera installations - as long as the camera is attached firmly and stays fixed in relation to the mount.
  12. That pier design allows for the top part to be removed, attached to the mount and replaced. The bolts on the side screw into the removable part. As long as the top is roughly level it can then be polar aligned using the mount adjusters.
  13. Can you adjust the balance with the DSLR on and make sure the clutches are tight. The extra weight if not balanced and loose clutches will make the motors work harder and perhaps not as accurately as you need.
  14. The older the better as back then all had them and even had the riser cables supplied and fitted. See if you can find the motherboard make & model and find the manual from the makers support pages.
  15. Check your PC motherboard, it may have a serial connection header. Basically even recent motherboards have the connector on them but they just don't bother adding the cable to provide the socket to the rear panel of the pc. Like
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