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24-06-2016 AR2553 Leaving & Prom animation (not good though)


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This animation was taken on the 24-06-2016 in the afternoon.
It consists of 161 captures, each one was approx 900 frames.
Equipment used is as follows :-
Mount - AZEQ6GT
Scope - 152mm TecnoSky Refractor F5.9
Baader 135mm D-ERF
Daystar Quark Chromosphere
Point Grey IMX174

10 second captures, best 10% stacked in Autostakkert from 900 taken.
Processed & Auto Aligned in IMPPG, Tweaked in PS. I used GIMP to export as the animated GIF.

Thanks for looking. (love to know some settings for prom captures that give a very white prom with jet black space or background please)


AR2553 3 Pane Mosaic Inverted False Colour.jpg

AR2553 3 Pane Mosaic Inverted.jpg

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Superb images Ewan , keep it up and you'll need a bigger trumpet :grin:


I've tried using the select colour range thingy in P'Shop to separate the proms from the background then paint the background black, bit hit and miss though.
Probably get better advice on the Adobe forum

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Thank you all  for the very kind comments, much appreciated.

I have been advised also to try rotating the tube 90 degrees or tilting the ERF a little as it could be caused by what I would call 'ghosting', just need some clear sky to test this.

Bigger trumpet on order Dave :happy6:

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