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Hello from Tennessee


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Recently got back into astrophotography  after leaving astronomy for about 6 years. When I got out of astronomy I had a CPC 1100 and a SN10 on a old Atlas mount.

I recently purchased an AZ-EQG and a Orion ED-80.

I'm really enjoying the wide field images of the ED-80, but it's time to get some bigger aperture to tease out more detail.

I'm on the fence between a 8 inch f/4 newtonian or an RC8.

So most of my questions will be directly towards that to start off.

Thanks again for the add.

Clear Skies

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Hi Gunsnroses and welcome to the forum. Might be useful to post your question over on the beginners section to see what responses you receive there, as more people visit that area than this one. 

Clear skies and hope you enjoy the forum.

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Thanks everyone. 

Will head over to a few forums in the next few days and search out some answers to my questions. Hopefully I can make a decision soon and get back to higher power/resolution imaging.

Love this hobby.

Clear Skies

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Hi and welcome- I use RCTs and my 8 inch was easy and great for high resolution galaxy imaging - longer focal length than Newtonians - but very flat field and short scope ! - best wishes Tony

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