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  1. Welcome to the SGL and I hope you enjoy the 6SE. I know a lot of people on here speak highly of that scope.
  2. SacRiker


    Hi David. Welcome to the SGL from Northern California.
  3. Welcome to the SGL and good luck finding some quality sites. I remember when I started I scoured a map of my area and found several potential sites...in the end I have yet to leave my back yard! I can always come up with something to view that doesn't require dark skies. One day though...
  4. I have not tried that specific model -- but I have tried the Orion SteadyPix EZ Adapter which looks more or less the same. I can say that they are decent but not super easy to use. I've managed some good shots but I've also managed some horrible shots. The issue I have is that the adapter doesn't hold the phone completely in place and any movement at all ends up causing the phone's camera lens to be obstructed by the adapter housing. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...but it's not easy!
  5. SacRiker

    New Membor

    Welcome to the SGL and thanks for sharing those shots. I almost bought the 6SE before deciding to just go visual and roll with the XT8. I wish I had a vacation condo under dark sky!
  6. Very nice shot! Thanks for posting.
  7. Welcome to the SGL! If you have specific questions be sure to ask them in the associated forum...you will get some great responses. There is a ton of knowledge on this forum and I have never gone without an answer to any of my questions.
  8. This. I can't walk outside in the Winter now without looking up and feeling like Orion is bashing me over the head. It's the biggest signpost in the sky this time of year.
  9. Simply incredible pictures. Thanks for posting!
  10. SkySafari is awesome but I would recommend starting old school and picking up a copy of Turn Left at Orion. You can use the book to easily find good targets (for bins and scopes) depending on the time of year. The book will also teach you how to use the stars to jump around the sky and find certain objects. And just wait a few months until Jupiter is up...great target with bins. The best.
  11. Hi Mark. Fellow 8" Dob owner from Northern California here. Welcome to the SGL and enjoy your stay!
  12. Yes I was extremely self-conscious the first few times I stepped outside late at night and setup with my equipment. The feeling just slowly subsided as I got more and more experienced. However, recently I was outside and a couple of police vehicles pulled up alongside my back fence....I was worried if they saw me they would expect that I was up to no good and confront me. Fortunately they were looking at something else and quickly moved on.
  13. SacRiker


    Hi Andy! Welcome to the SGL -- be sure to explore all the forums related to your interests. So much knowledge here!
  14. Welcome to the SGL! I also love using bins and spent a lot of time staring at Jupiter and its moons with them before I ever got a scope. If you aren't already, I would advise that you get a cheap tripod to put the bins on. Will make the viewing experience even better.
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