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  1. SacRiker

    Saturn from California

    Thank you!
  2. SacRiker

    Saturn from California

    Saturn is hanging very nicely in the southern sky at the moment so I decided to drag the old scope outside and take a peek. A little embarrassed to post a cell phone pic, but it's all I have! Through the scope I was able to see the Cassini division quite easily with a 6mm EP. I also turned the scope over to sagittarius and was able to see M23 for the first time...was pretty cool. (or maybe it was M7? It looks like it's pretty close...that's the frustration with manual scopes...never know if you are looking at what you think you are looking at! Either was it was a great sight).
  3. SacRiker

    Partial eclipse from Sacramento, California

    Thanks. I think I'll remember it for a long time. Right up there wit the Mercury transit. I should say that we got to a 78% eclipse in Sacramento.
  4. SacRiker

    Solar Eclipse from San Mateo

    Great shots! I'm over here in Sacramento where we had 78%.
  5. I don't have any of the fancy imaging equipment, but I did have a clear sky and a cell phone to go with my scope! I sat outside with my coffee and enjoyed the incredible views. Used Orion solar filter film plus a 25mm EP.
  6. SacRiker

    First view of M42 in a scope -- mind blown

    Can the nebula take as much mag as I can throw at it? Is it worth trying my 6 and 8mm EPs?
  7. Last night at 2230 here in Northern California I trudged outside after cooling my scope and swung around to have my first proper look at M42. I couldn't believe it -- you can actually see the green in the nebula! Using a 25mm EP I was able to easily see the trapezium, although I couldn't see the E and F stars (maybe because I didn't know there were 6 total stars until I came in and read a little more!). I'm thinking about buying a nebula filter...anybody use those? Worth the investment? Any other general tips with observing M42?
  8. Yes, your description is dead on. It was like a globular but without the sparkling diamond like appearance of the Hercules cluster.
  9. SacRiker

    Hello from Dallas, TX

    Welcome -- I'm a former Ipswich resident myself. Now in California. What brings you to the states?
  10. Well it was still pretty amazing nonetheless. I really need to get out to a dark site but it's no small ordeal! Thanks for the info everyone.
  11. Been away from the stars for a few months but decided to venture out into the back yard tonight since the sky has changed so much. I had one goal -- see Andromeda. I star hopped from Pegasus and very, very quickly saw what looked like a faint globular cluster. Is that what M31 looks like under light polluted skies (I live in a major US city). Is it not possible at all to see the spiral arms from a city? I focused on it for a long time but couldn't make anything out beside the nucleus (if that's what I was seeing).
  12. SacRiker

    Fitting a Telrad RDF

    It sounds like you've already slapped the Telrad on -- don't worry about perfect alignment with the tube, I've found that the adjustment screws can point this thing in all sorts of directions. You will be able to get it aligned without too much of a problem.
  13. Great report. Reading about your dob overturning in the wind made me feel a little ill. The other day I was carrying my 8" back into the house and it caught the doorframe, making a sickening sound...I can only imagine how scary it would be to see the whole thing laying on the ground!
  14. SacRiker

    Hello from Watford, Herts UK

    Welcome to the SGL from California. And +1 vote for Turn Left at Orion. I use this book almost everyday...even when I don't observe I just love flipping through it and learning something new.
  15. SacRiker

    Hello from the other side!

    Welcome from California!

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