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  1. SacRiker

    Just seen Uranus

    Nice work. I have yet to see this one...tried recently but could not locate it! You could actually make out the color? How easily?
  2. SacRiker

    Welcome from Sale

    Welcome to the SGL from Northern California. Enjoy checking everything out!
  3. SacRiker

    New to astrophotography

    Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your shots in the coming weeks/months/years.
  4. SacRiker

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Hello and welcome to the SGL. Enjoy your stay!
  5. Any tips? I feel like I'm just randomly turning the dials with little clue as to how I'm supposed to be using them. The instructions say to bring the image into focus first (until the sun's edge is sharp) and then work on tuning. That's roughly what I've been doing.
  6. SacRiker

    Evening 16/1/2019

    Good report. I feel like the moon is something that I take for granted...going to try and spend some more time with it this year. Living in a light polluted area it only makes sense!
  7. SacRiker

    Luna 16-1-2019 IR642

    Wow the full res shot is amazing. The sharpness and clarity is unbelievable. Good job!
  8. SacRiker

    Cloudy Skies every night

    If it makes you feel any better, we have had several weeks of grey skies over here in Northern California. It's not supposed to happen here! I recently bought a new solar scope and am desperate to log some quality time at the EP. EDIT: Adding some proof!
  9. SacRiker

    Hello from Nottingham

    Welcome to the SGL! I did quite a bit of research on the NexStar Evolution scopes...came close to buying one a few years ago. Ultimately went with a big Dob but I'll be interested to hear your take on the Evolution if you end up getting it.
  10. Wow these are incredible shots. Blows mine out of the water. Great clarity.
  11. SacRiker

    Moon on January 12, 2019

    Thanks to both of you. Much appreciated.
  12. SacRiker

    Hello from North East US

    Welcome to the SGL! Good luck in building the scope and be sure to keep us all updated.
  13. SacRiker

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, January 2019

    Just discovered this -- great resource. Thank you!
  14. SacRiker

    2nd attempt at M42 since Feb 2018

    Phenomenal shots. Thanks for sharing. It never gets old seeing great shots like that.
  15. SacRiker

    Hello from Manchester

    Welcome to the SGL! Take a look around and make yourself comfortable.

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