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  1. tony210

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    I think unless you are planning to use an encoder that's fine but for slaving your dome with an encoder slow is best and leads to less mistakes and inaccuracy - mine slews about 90 seconds for a whole rotation but slaves well - Tony
  2. tony210

    NGC691 Group

    Hi great info - rubbish weather in the south too - fancy your NGC 90 suggestion-only got one luminance the other night before the familiar cloud and rain! -thanks Tony.
  3. tony210

    Ring galaxy (NGC7217)

    Great image and fine dust lane /galaxy detail - Tony.
  4. tony210

    NGC 7331 Lum only WIP

    Great !- I've just talen 8x20 minute Lum subs for this and been frustrated with bad weather and the moon so no colour- must process anyway - a great target ! - best wishes Tony.
  5. Thanks Steve -very useful - my Decon in Pixinsight has given very variable results-Tony.
  6. tony210

    Sitech tracking drift

    Yes -reducing ticks per revolution should speed up the mount - Tony
  7. tony210

    Sitech tracking drift

    Hi - I experimented with RA ticks per revolution with my Mesu as even when polar alignment was perfect it did not track at a completely reasonable sidereal rate - after finding the fine tuning spot for RA ticks per revolution guiding was much better and RA corrections much less with a flatter PHD graph-you can measure RA drift and then work out fair corrections- not sure if this is useful but certainly had to work on this a little and had good results- Tony
  8. tony210

    Levesdome, Encoders and Shutter Motors

    Hi - I used the 8 ppr Bourns encoder with LesveDome and a windscreen wiper motor and my old style 2.2 Dome will track an object I am imaging pretty well which is all I wanted - the problem was not attaching a sprocket but building the dome drive system that took many prototypes as I like to call them {failed ideas others might say ) but you seem to have done this so the rest should be relatively easy - Tony.
  9. tony210

    Revelation 25x100 - collimation

    Hi - if its any help, I have collimated several smaller pairs of binoculars with success and can recommend using a medium magnitude star- only adjust one screw at a time and note down exactly what you did so this can always be reversed - with a star, small separations in the images of the binoculars are very obvious and making small adjustments can get you closer and closer to perfection - the results on terrestrial viewing were dramatic - Tony
  10. tony210

    DIY Dome drive & interface

    Hi- I've used the LesveDome software and a windscreen wiper motor and the Vellerman 8055N board-this interfaces well with ASCOM- - took a while but works well- the dome rotation system ie the mechanics is the hard bit I feel - Tony.
  11. tony210

    Pillars in M16

    Great monochrome -Tony
  12. Thanks - I agree - I like the idea that WD40 and an angle grinder will solve many of life's more difficult problems- Tony.
  13. tony210

    RC 8" and focal reducer

    With RCTs reducers can flatten the field and provide a useful field of view and are widely used - an AP 0.67 is a good choice-Tony
  14. tony210

    RC 8" and focal reducer

    Hi - I used an AP 0.67 on my 8inch and generally was OK but you have to get the spacing right or you do get star distortion at the edge of the field - tilt can also be a problem - if you try go for too much focal length reduction these problems will increase immensly- I use a Riccardi reducer on my 12 inch RCT and spacing has been a pain - finally worked out best distance but still have a little tilt - spent 3 months experimenting with reducer to CCD distance before I was happy with peripheral stars and bought a load of spacers so not without some tricky issues- Tony.
  15. tony210

    NGC 6888 Crescent in HOO

    Great image - punchy with small stars and good detail- Tony

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