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  1. Hi - love the dense star fields but as you say you are blue to the right and red to the left so I would look at gradients in the red and blue RGB data to correct - best wishes Tony
  2. Great images Steve! I am beginning to wonder if H alpha monochrome is the way to go as so many of my opportunities are the odd night or moon limited and for colour images with a good amount of luminance I need at least 3 good nights- always think monochrome is beautiful in its own way -great result - Tony.
  3. Great image even without the Supernova!- I love those distant barred spirals!- Tony.
  4. Great wide field !- I love seeing these really distant guys and there are so many here!- Often they just crop up next to your primary image target which is always so compelling in terms of impressing on us the enormity of what we image - Tony.
  5. Hi Nigella - a windscreen motor is the right way to go with a 12v dc power supply -with the older style dome a 12v battery and motor attached via a shelf on the roof is the simplest way to go . The motor engages with a belt attached to the wall of the dome via a gear that can all be obtained from motionco an on line retailer -can pm you pictures of my setup if you want . I have gone on to use the Vellerman board and Lesvedome software to slave the dome rotation to the scope which is a great help. Best wishes - Tony
  6. I think unless you are planning to use an encoder that's fine but for slaving your dome with an encoder slow is best and leads to less mistakes and inaccuracy - mine slews about 90 seconds for a whole rotation but slaves well - Tony
  7. Hi great info - rubbish weather in the south too - fancy your NGC 90 suggestion-only got one luminance the other night before the familiar cloud and rain! -thanks Tony.
  8. Great image and fine dust lane /galaxy detail - Tony.
  9. Great !- I've just talen 8x20 minute Lum subs for this and been frustrated with bad weather and the moon so no colour- must process anyway - a great target ! - best wishes Tony.
  10. Thanks Steve -very useful - my Decon in Pixinsight has given very variable results-Tony.
  11. Yes -reducing ticks per revolution should speed up the mount - Tony
  12. Hi - I experimented with RA ticks per revolution with my Mesu as even when polar alignment was perfect it did not track at a completely reasonable sidereal rate - after finding the fine tuning spot for RA ticks per revolution guiding was much better and RA corrections much less with a flatter PHD graph-you can measure RA drift and then work out fair corrections- not sure if this is useful but certainly had to work on this a little and had good results- Tony
  13. Hi - I used the 8 ppr Bourns encoder with LesveDome and a windscreen wiper motor and my old style 2.2 Dome will track an object I am imaging pretty well which is all I wanted - the problem was not attaching a sprocket but building the dome drive system that took many prototypes as I like to call them {failed ideas others might say ) but you seem to have done this so the rest should be relatively easy - Tony.
  14. Hi - if its any help, I have collimated several smaller pairs of binoculars with success and can recommend using a medium magnitude star- only adjust one screw at a time and note down exactly what you did so this can always be reversed - with a star, small separations in the images of the binoculars are very obvious and making small adjustments can get you closer and closer to perfection - the results on terrestrial viewing were dramatic - Tony
  15. Hi- I've used the LesveDome software and a windscreen wiper motor and the Vellerman 8055N board-this interfaces well with ASCOM- - took a while but works well- the dome rotation system ie the mechanics is the hard bit I feel - Tony.
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