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Triangulum Galaxy M33


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I like this photo and wanted to share with you.

M33 is made last weekend, at 500m in low light pollution and quite good seeing conditions.

Setup: Newton 8'', Eq6 Pro, Canon 500Da, iso 800, guiding.

Exp - 47x5 - total 3,9h seeing 6/10.

Hope you like it.

Clear Sky



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Thanks John, Ransu, Dave, James, Barkis I tried to gather as many details but I was lucky as the seeing allowed me to.

Dann the star colors, the detail in the area of NGC 604, NGC 595-592 and galactic core are my favorite parts in this image.

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My heavily light polluted back garden makes this object look rather disappointing, especially when compared to such a spectacular image.

Nice one.

You're not kidding about the disappointment, I finally found M33 last night, mostly from the background star field. It's not a looker in my scope :)

Makes these shots all the more impressive though.

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