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  1. Thanks a lot for your good words. Yes this is a realy dificult nebula... Carole the bined exposure, is a good ideea. Because of the low brightness and high level of noise when streching I made a lot of noise reduction on the O3 channel. So the overal sharpness is similar to bined exposure. Ibbo, Ruud, I processed the nebula after removing the stars, that is the only secret. It allowed me to extra strech the O3 Channel, adding that image to the less streched stars.
  2. I have imaged very dim nebulas, like Cocoon and Eagle Head, but I have never seen a nebula which is invisible in 30' subs... The first glimpse of this nebula are seen after 5 hours of integration. The Ha nebula is a little brighter , but not as bright as expected so I found that showing details of it was never going to be easy. I imaged most of the data in holiday in Greece, but because the moon during that span was decreasing from 80% to 20%, to make most of the clear sky, I imaged almost all Ha data with the moon low in the sky and the O3 data without the moon presence. If you
  3. Fantastic result Aggelos. The first image just made me get closer to my monitor admiring details in the galaxy. I don't write here very often, but your images made me wish image more in RGB, than NB that I usually do.
  4. The first Link is not working well ... Fabian Neyer Image here
  5. Sorry for delayed response. Olly thanks for clarification. I will remember this... It is a good argument in shotting more colors. I am new in monocrome imaging (my second image thus far) and I was tempted to shot more luminance and less colors. The RGB processing proved to be more demanding than Luminance. Still I am realy satisfied of the result. About the color balance, my inspiration were two images from Interstellarum Astrofotograf des Jahres 2013. The second has higher blue levels than mine... Fabian Neyer and Knut Schäffner Thanks everyone.
  6. Marvaz Guy thanks for your good words. Lensman57 - I agree with your oppinion about deep sky object color. I personally preffer the lesser saturated image ( version B on astrobin), but some friends insisted that the image was not "alive" and needed some saturation. When I'm looking to my astroimages I see that my taste about color balance has changed many times...
  7. Thank you Simon, Richard... What more could I want? ... There is still a long road ahead. I am just sorry I could not move my equipment during the winter to high altitude and take some imaging data to arround 2000m. The weather alowed a small window for that in february but my job...
  8. Thanks lbbo, Per If everyone believes that colors are a little to streched ... I will have to remain at the less color saturated version...
  9. Thanks everyone for good words. nmoushon - about the colors I was not decided to saturate or not. The version B on astrobin is with colors less saturated . Please watch the picture full size. The details are pretty good (in my opinion). About the setup: for luminance ASA ddm60, FLI ML8300, ASA korrr2 corrector, custom 8" newton... For colors: Losmandy G11, JTW astronomy 600D, megrez 90, Televue 0.8x corrector
  10. I've been working on this image since 2 january and after months of bad weather I managed to finish it. The image consist of 17 hours of luminance and little less than 6 hours of colors made by Sabin Fota. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching
  11. Thanks guys. I wanted to try something different with new equipment, something really dim to see if I can do it.
  12. This is my project for the last 3 months. The hardest I ever try, this extremely dim nebula was hardly visible in the stretched image in pix. It is the first image made with ASA ddm60 mount and also this my first image made with a CCD - FLI ML8300. DDM60 is an incredible mount compared with Losmandy G11 and Eq6 that I previously owned. The fwhm is lower by 25% than any of my previous captures. I started at the end of october capturing RGB data with Canon DSLR . Because of the weather I could gather only a little more than 5 hours of good data in two moths. But the unlucky skies were gone in d
  13. Very beautiful image. I like very much the way you process your images.
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