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    I'm a keen visual variable star observer and member of AAVSO, galactic deep-sky wanderer, estimator of double stars, lunar enthusiast and observing our own star in white light and H alpha. Did I forget anything?
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  1. I’ve decided to withdraw this filter for the moment. Could a moderator archive this thread please? James
  2. I’ve decided to withdraw these items for the time being. Could a moderator archive this thread please? James
  3. Hi, I bought some Revelation 1.25" plossls a couple of years ago, but now find them surplus to requirements after picking up a few of their Tele Vue kin in the classifieds. In view of the cost of individual postage on what aren't expensive eyepieces to begin with I'd like to offer the following as a set. Bought from Telescope House and supplied with caps and boxes are my Revelation 20mm, 25mm and 32mm plossls. Bought second-hand without caps or boxes, but to be carefully packaged, I have an Antares 15mm plossl (NOT one of the high spec Antares five element ones) and a Revelation
  4. Hi, I bought this 1.25" neutral density filter (standard 0.9 density) a while ago and have rarely used it. The filter is in excellent optical and physical condition as it's been stored in its original box and packaging. It seems a shame for it to sit unused forever, so here it is for sale at £20 including P&P to mainland UK addresses. Thanks for looking, James
  5. Hi happy-kat, it was the #40 non-adhesive flock paper that’s 0.01” thick. Once rolled into the baffle tube it doesn’t seem to move much. James
  6. Yup, my C90 has the same shiny baffle tube. I used some thin non-adhesive flock paper from Edmund Optics to fix this. Cut a piece to length, rolled it into a tube, and inserted inside the baffle. It doesn’t interfere with this view and, as Peter says, it’s much improved ? James
  7. I didn’t get a chance to observe it last night but got mag 10.0 visually on Sunday night. You can see recent estimates on the AAVSO website https://www.aavso.org/apps/webobs/results/?star=V392 PER&num_results=200 Look for the few marked as Vis for comparison, but always make your estimate first. I’d say your observation seems pretty good ? James
  8. April Fool perhaps, but it turned up on CN on 30 March. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/612994-unusual-vixen-100mm-eyepiece/#entry8490661 New Vixen eyepieces have gone from 3.4mm to 100mm in a few days and missed out everything inbetween. I think they’ve got a plan James
  9. Me too. I bought the 17.5mm a few weeks ago and then got a bad cold so I haven’t had a proper chance to use it. I even waited a while due to the US Baader sale, just in case. Exactly the same thing happened to me when I bought the 9mm and 14mm, they went on sale a week later ? Not that I’m paranoid, but I think Baader’s got it in for me. At least they’re nice eyepieces ? James
  10. The joys of urban observing Magnus. I find myself dodging a lot of obstructions , and you’re quite right, it takes some careful planning. Glad you enjoyed it which it the main thing, all else will come in time ? I find mu Cephei (aka Herschel’s Garnet Star) to be more orange than red. This might be of interest https://www.aavso.org/vsots_mucep . I suspect you did indeed find it. James
  11. I think you’re probably right about the same size clips on everything, perhaps on the principle that if it’s big enough to hold the largest mirrors it’ll work fine on small ones... It’s a good thing they aren’t making professional observatory mirrors or your clips would meet in the middle!
  12. I’d have had them in a heart beat if I didn’t already have them all
  13. If anyone's thinking of trying one of these now might be a good time. APM have a "Violet Friday" sale on today and the whole range (including the 20mm) seem to be available for under €200 each. http://www.apm-telescopes.de/de/violet-friday.html Just a heads-up James PS The 12.5/13mm isn't available yet unfortunately.
  14. Everyone’s different in their preferences and our own eyes and experience. If money’s no problem the best way is to buy what takes your fancy and if it’s not right try again. It’s an expensive way to do it but that’s the fun of having the cash. You could always buy a few of your favourites and keep the winner ? James
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