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  1. That's a fantastic image of Jupiter for a first attempt held a-focally! Well done.
  2. That's a fantastic image. I love this object.
  3. A lovely image. The stars look so crowded, which makes the dust lane stand out.
  4. neild


    Nice image. I like the star colours you've managed to tease out.
  5. A stunning piece of work! Well done.
  6. Those are some excellent images. Very good resolution.
  7. I think Canon etc are fooling us into thinking lenses should be expensive
  8. Beautiful images. Extremely sharp - like you're flying over the moon!
  9. That's a beautiful image and amazing considering it's your first guided image.
  10. Excellent images. I really like M31.
  11. That's really great. It's interesting how little the rest of the clouds change over time.
  12. Wow that took some effort to produce. A great animation.
  13. That's going to be amazing when you've got the RGB data.
  14. That's a beautiful image with such a lot of detail.
  15. That is a really good image considering it's unguided. Well done.
  16. Thanks Stuart and Michael. I'm pretty sure the gain was low. I tend to get the ring effect from over using wavelets in Registax. I think I might reprocess the image to see if I can improve it. I'll make sure I keep the gain low though. Neil
  17. This is my first posted image: https://picasaweb.google.com/105887972049073400560/SolarSystem#5665285647933956066 It's the highest quality planetary image I've managed to get through my 8" LX90 with SPC900 webcam. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Neil
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