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  1. Nice start to the season Tom, good detail in the cluster. Evenings still too light for me though, a couple more weeks I think!
  2. Nice to see the bubble back.
  3. Nice image. I find if a set the mount up a little out of balance using the counter weights it seems to help the trailing when objects are high up. I certainly think one balance set up doesn't suit all locations in the sky.
  4. SJJ


    Great image, really worth all the capture time.
  5. Looking good so far, you even have a couple of small fuzzy friends in the pic.
  6. Very nice duo, the colour has come though really well.
  7. Cracking image, well done. My modded dslr is producing a very red M42, but well worth it in my opinion with the mod capturing all the extra signal.
  8. You can really see the reduction in noise with the extra data. Very nice Rosette.
  9. Nice image. I also use iso 800, seems to be the best compromise betwen noise and sensitivity from our skies.
  10. Really nice image, love the loops!
  11. Very nice images. I agree that its really worth picking one or two projects a season and taking the time to capture loads of data. The results speak for themselves. Its all to easy to grab as many targets as you can but not do them justice due to a lack of data. Depends what result you're aiming for i guess, but i'm with you. Keep up the good work!
  12. Brilliant widefield shot, packed with detail.
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