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  1. Evening all, it's been useful reading all these posts, I currently use the sw8" on an eq5, as you can see from my albums I hae been lucky to get some great lunar shots buy 'hand drive' but it is most exhausting. If it is possible, is there a motor drive kit I can get for my eq5 which I could attach a laptop to and use stellarium etc. Grateful as ever for any views
  2. Oh yes Mat, I have spent many a day contemplating giving my SW200 a good basil faulty style thrashing with a branch when I got in due to having wasted hours the night before in similar circumstances to you. Then, I go out this morning and decide to take the cover off my telescope whilst I'm literally walking past and against all the odds, despite the wind and the frost, my eye instantly lands on m101. I have spent hours looking for this and resorted to all sorts of filters, I have done nothing differently, but everything up there must have just been 'right'. It was feint, and was hardly a life stopping view, but it was there. This 3 mins has given me a totally different outlook for my hobby, and now I know rather than spend hours, i will spend a few minutes looking in the right place and move on if there is no joy. I am sure you will find it with ease the next time you look, probably when you aren't even trying Hope this helps Ivor
  3. Afternoon skywatchers, I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a motor drive for my skywatcher 200p on an eq5, in the hope of trying a bit of DSO piccy taking. I've seen the dual motors on harrisons, and on FLO, generally a 100 beer tokens for the two. My question is, are there any other options, and what are your views on the options available. Any help gratefully received.
  4. Afternoon Julian, I'm surprised you haven't had more feedback, great image, really good definition and focus throughout, well done.
  5. Same here, seeing the first clear sky for a week, I shot out like a demented child, set up, only to look behind the house and see the cheese coming up, so had to be satisfied with more lunar viewing but twas nice just to be out using the gear.
  6. Nice detail, knocks spots off mine, I really must get a better CCD and a motor drive ! Well done
  7. Evening folks, just managed to get these before the frost got to everything last night.
  8. Grabbed a few pictures last nught before my kit froze! Not brilliant but done by eye/hand drive, 45 secs, 2 x barlow, 15fps; getting better:o
  9. Ivor Scope

    Jupiter 6.11.11

    45 secs, eye drive, 2x barlow
  10. Ivor Scope

    Moon 06.11.11

    Eye drive, 45 secs 15fps
  11. I did consider the same but currently mine is plonked in the middle of the garden, levelled and polar aligned ready to go. I just cover it with a good quality, but light tarpaulin (actually it's a bnq BBQ cover I had spare which actually works well will all the weird angles). This will be trialled throughout the winter and if successful I may throw a pier in. It has made my viewing time so much easier, as soon as there is a clear sky, or break in the cloud, I can now shoot out and gaze away. Hope this helps
  12. Morning Darkstar; I had to lie down in a dark room after reading your thread. I have no idea I'm afraid. The only strong force I am familiar with is depicted in my username picture. If, however, you ever want to crush the rebel alliance- i'm your man. May the dark side be with you
  13. Nope, ignore the last: I've been played. There is no such thing apparently. I would have been waiting for one of these and a left handed hammer. After speaking to much more experienced chaps and chapesses on this forum it appears my setup is already capable of great things, so I'm studying and going to invest in a decent dslr and be patient.
  14. Very grateful for the feedback folks. Ive used some alternate settings for the neximage that were suggested on this site and even though these were a bit rushed trying to beat the sun and frostbite there are getting better. To infinity and beyond.
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