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  1. I'm no expert but I think you should do the binning when you capture and it' is done in the cam. It is done by combing eg. 4 pixels in to one bigger pixel which will be able to capture more photons than a single pixel alone.
  2. [Solved] It turned out to be a 3.5mm HEX Key which I of course did not have (I have a couple of hexkey sets but no one had the 3.5mm size). Fortunately I found one hardware store open on sundays that had the 3.5mm. Hi guys. I have a Celestron C9.25 A XLT Optical Tube with Vixen type dovetail that a bought together with a Celestron Advanced CG5-GT mount av couple of years ago. Now I have bought a Celestron CGEM DX mount and i would like to replace the Vixen style dovetail on the C9.25 Optical tube to a CGE/losmandy dovetail. But I need some information on the size of the hexscrews (hex tool size prefered). My problem are the two hexscrews that fit the dovetail to the optical tube at the back of the scope. I need to know what what hex tool size is. The screw that fits the dovetail at the front of the tube was no problem. Sorry if it is stupid question but it it feels better to be sure before I make the visit to the hardware store. // Jarmo
  3. I guess Sean Connery is hooked on Astronomy
  4. Stellaruim works fine with a PC. Go to configuration menu -> Select Plugins -> Choose telecope control (if not installed download it directly from stellarium) In the telescope control selection -> click configure -> Add Telescope -> Then select Stellarium directly through a serial port. -> select the right com port on the computer default is COM1 but if you have a USB/Serial converter it vill be something like COM6 and upwards. -> choose model Celestroon NexStar compatible. Connect everything and turn on your mount then select start in the telescope control in Stellarium. Then in Stellearium click on a star and press CTRL-1 and the mount will slew to that star. I think this is the procedure. I have not used this for over a year so it is a recap from memory.
  5. Hi Jane. The polar alignment routine can be found by pressing the align button and then scroll down a couple of times.
  6. ADM is already working on a saddle for the VX.
  7. I agree with Malc. I feel that my C9.25 is as far as I would go in size with a portable setup. I feel that my C9.25 is in the verge of being cumbersome sometimes. But I do roadside astronomy so if you do yor stargazing from your garden it might be a different story.
  8. With the new VX mount coming up from Celestron I think you should wait. And hopefully we will get some reviews of this new mount soon.
  9. Thats good very news Malc. If you have you assembled your new equipment yet please post some pics of your set up. (thinkingh of the ADM saddle and the new finder).
  10. Hi Jake. I have read your postings in the subject and read some other stuff and what I understand is that I need a barlow + extension tube and a little more humane temperatures. Doing the focusing in these low temepratures has been a real pain I got my self a new ultrabook laptop with 8 hours battery time so I guees it will give some extra time to adjust things properly the next time I go out.
  11. Hola y bienvenido Enrique
  12. The part on the right is the motor mount/saddle adaptor. You need to open the plastic cover for the dec motor housing and replace the original adaptor.
  13. Looks much better than the saddle on the CG5. Anthony Davoli at ADM told me that they are already working on VX mount.
  14. Ok Thanks for the reply Chris. Hopefully FLO will get you photo.
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