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  1. I really hope they get it back on track! Perhaps as a back up they can offer .01% of 5 BILLION DOLLARS and get a C50 scope built, then donate it to one of the members on the SGL who are doing such incredible images with their C14!
  2. Was completely clouded here in Florida. You could only see a faint glow through the clouds!
  3. Excellent! I cant tell you how much I enjoy seeing things, I haven't seen! Like always! Thanks!
  4. And I hope this is the last! 8' x 12' with 8'x8' for my 8" reflector on the recently purchased EQ6. The back 4' will be an area for the eyepieces and eventually setting up the laptop. The building sits on 6 pads that are a cubic foot of high strength concrete with steel reinforcement. The pad for the scope is 18" x 18" x 12" with steel. Being I'm in Florida, I dont expect any problem with the ground freezing! So, now that I'm quarantining I've been busy with it. The floor floats above the pier pad and doesn't touch it. I reused as much of the first observatory structure as I could salvage, that why some deck is painted and some not. The concrete block pier is poured solid with steel in it. If all goes well, I hope the walls are finished tomorrow. Along with the back room. And thanks to the Covid lumber is outrageous! But just a month ago it was even higher priced!
  5. Your skills are very impressive. I've tossed around the idea of a dome, but just cant make the leap! Be proud! Just dont throw a shoulder out patting yourself on the back!
  6. Now that I've got a good mount, I've decided to build my second observatory. The first was 8' x 8', ROR. With a 1000mm FL reflector, by the time I put in an observing chair, a step stool then the eyepiece case, it was tight. I'm up sizing to 8' x12' with more space to the rear for the extra needed items and perhaps one day a place to set up a laptop. If you could have the perfect observatory what would it be? (Within reason)?
  7. Highspeed? The tower is still there!!! What millisecond after boom was that?
  8. Excellent image! This is another object I would have never even knew existed if it wasnt for the members of this great forum! Thanks!
  9. We claim it was the metric side that caused the problem with the Mars lander! I guess it doesn't really matter if it's a 10mm wrench or a 9/16's wrench. You cant ever find one when you need it!
  10. Starting my 4 days off. Sure hope the weather Gods are friendly st least one day! I dont have my new mount polar aligned to suit me yet!
  11. Thanks for the post with Ceres marked! I'm hoping to get out the next two days if weather permits and try to image it!
  12. SWMBO fits in with the owls. She comes to bed most nights close to midnight. But with my three days of 4am to 1pm work, I'm the opposite. Even on my days off, unless I'm trying to view, I'm in bed by 7. It's difficult to reset your clock, but it is possible.
  13. Excellent! I'm hoping to try and image when I get the chance once my new mount is up and working.
  14. Bought an EQ6 then the weather went crazy on my days off! Heading out to to work this morning it was so clear. Orion was beautiful! Patience, patience, patience and alcohol.
  15. I witness something close to a supernova everytime I mention spending more money on equipment!
  16. It is really so sad seeing so much light at night that is not necessary. I go to work at 4am. Almost every shop close to town is closed, but all their interior and exterior lights are going full blast! If they only cut that by 1/3 the energy saved would be substantial! Not to even mention less L/P!
  17. Incredible images! As much as I like seeing the craters so clearly, the much smaller impact craters showing so well, I like the mountains in the first two images the most.
  18. With the way problems for the governments seem to go on forever, I think it will be private companies who eventually decide on whether it's worth putting boots on Mars. Maybe by '32, but I think that is being optimistic! Doing it just to do it, is a lot different now that it was in the 60's and the race for the moon!
  19. When I see a galaxy surrounded by more distant galaxies, the only thing I can think is wow! Wonderful image! Thanks.
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