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  1. I'm absolutely thrilled to capture my first ever shot of the ISS. I was exceptionally lucky a few days ago, I checked out of pure curiosity to see if there was a lunar pass near me soon, not with any real intent to try and capture it. but ass luck would have it, there was one listed for the 24th, but it was quite a bit further north than me, but as the days got closer, so did the pass, until the centre line settled no more than a mile from my house, what luck! I fully expected clouds would spoil any opportunity anyway.... but yet again luck shone on me and it was clear albeit with a sl
  2. Thank you for your support My biggest limit at the moment is the number of clear nights of course. I'd like to improve and practice on Orion since it's such bright target before moving on to more adventures. I'm really hoping to expand my equipment list to include a large (ish) , quality newt to accompany my refractor soon too.
  3. I've been trying in a very blasé way to capture Orion for a few years, starting way back about 10 years ago when I tried to build my own barn door tracker, which failed. to buying a cheap nonbrand unguided 4inch newt and taking short exposures. - again, nothing worthy of sharing. More recently last year I tried with my Sky watcher 102 evostar on an EQ3 with dual axis guide. - Now this would have worked... but I decided to upgrade my mount a little to give me some more stability. The tracking difference was instantly noticeable, and I manged to get the first image that I'm quite happy
  4. For sale is my Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount in excellent condition with the Skywatcher Enhanced Dual Axis Motor Drives for object tracking also in excellent condition. The motor drive control unit also includes an ST4 interface so it can be connected to an Auto-Guider / computer if you so wish. It will still come with the manual adjusters should you need them. Comes with a battery pack as standard for viewing away from power, but can easily be run by a dc power supply if you're at home. Also included is a foam carry case which I use to transport the mount head, the motors, control unit, and
  5. CaptainKingsmill


    Hello all, Long time lurker, some of the best advice and tips I've read on the hobby has come from this forum, however until now I've never actually signed up. I've been searching for a modest upgrade to my current mount and finally found one in classified sections so I've actually had a reason to sign up ! Looking forward to getting a little more involved CK
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