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  1. OK. From a few years back, the Rosette in HaLRGB with a 150PDS, STF8300M and Baader filters. All on a AZEQ6 from a fairly (Bortle 3/4/5) light polluted site:
  2. You can make one for a third of the cost of a pre-made cable (sorry FLO!). The most important thing is to get a genuine FTDI USB to RS232 serial adapter. Also, as said above by @dunc check the TTL voltage against the mount specs. BTW, APT is a very good piece of software. @Yoddha puts a lot of work into it and listens to all the user feedback!
  3. Well I haven't posted an image for a long time, sometimes because I am not satisfied with the end results but, more often, because I give up half-way through. Ii's a character trait of mine that I have to keep fighting! Anyway, I've paid a deposit for remote hosting (with a friend) at E-Eye, so thought I'd better start finishing stuff... Here is my take on M45 from the beautiful Bortle 2/3/4 skies over Portsmouth. I don't have the raw data to hand, but it's probably around 10 hrs of LRGB. Equipment as in the signature. Hope you like it.
  4. Not the usual existential version of the question, but a literal one: I've been struggling with my processing ever since I started, but I'm gradually getting better. Thing is, I opened up PI today to be greeted to a super process of a preview from My M81/M82 Lum integration: But I don't remember how I got here! LOL. ?? Answers on a postcard please!
  5. Certainly not enough to notice. I've taken flats using a black tshirt over the scope before and they came out fine ?
  6. That is an absolutely superb image. Thank you for sharing it! :)
  7. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a holiday in La Palma to me!
  8. If you are new to all this, I'd strongly recommend Astrophotography Tool (APT). It has a much, much, easier learning curve than SGP (I have both, BTW) and will do 95%+ of what you need to image seriously. It's so much easier to get the basics down with it. FWIW, I'm not affiliated with any product, apart from what I do for a living, which has nowt to do with astronomy.
  9. That;s nirvana to me! I get about 19.4 at best from my location!
  10. Crop factor does not factor! The criterion for round vs streaky stars is all about pixel scale. The "500" rule works well, but I can assure everyone that none of the pixels knows if the sensor is cropped or not. <rant over>
  11. A second hand HEQ5 gets my vote - it's good enough for bright DSO imaging with unguided shorter exposures up to about 2-3 minutes. It will also support your Dob, with the addition of tube rings, well enough for planetary imaging. Add a finder guider and with careful setting up it is also good for 20 minute+ exposures which is plenty. They can be found second-hand for £450 - £550 and, if you get lucky, you might find a bundle with a scope and other bits included too! e.g: https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=143494 (Note that I'm not affiliated with the seller in any way - this is just the result of a quick search) Of course, if buying second hand, it's always good to find someone with experience to check over the goods before handing over any hard-won readies.
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