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  1. Pompey Monkey

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Wow! That's brilliant. Where I live, I can't get close to that with even 10+ hours of lrgb. I'm going to concentrate on NB from now on....
  2. Pompey Monkey

    challenges - projects - targets

    Any target is a challenge with the amount of cloud I've had!
  3. Pompey Monkey

    Bicolor NGC1499 20 hours

    I love the colours/contrast. However, your noise reduction has wiped out much of the delicate structure in the nebula.
  4. I've been working on processing last year's LRGB M45 data from my rather light polluted site. I'm hoping to use it for a Christmas present framed print. I ve been following various tutorials online and the overall look is very close to what I had in mind. I am not unhappy with the end result, as it represents a significant step forward in my processing skills... ...However, there are a number of things that I'd like to improve, not least the colour bleed from the redder stars. Any ideas?
  5. The SW 150ED is an achromatic doublet. @happy-kat is quite correct.
  6. Pompey Monkey

    How do you keep data organised?

    After a couple of scares, I've learnt that the most important thing is to keep your RAW files and any associated calibration files (flats, darks and bias from the same time). Then you can: Recreate your images from scratch and.. Re-process from scratch! Anything else can be redone or recreated :)
  7. Hi Syed, Have you sold this yet? Paul
  8. Pompey Monkey

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    And no-one seems to have one yet...
  9. Pompey Monkey

    Thor's Helmet HOO (now with twice the data)

    Wow Carole! How dark is your dark site? You've given me hope that I can image this from Hampshire!
  10. Pompey Monkey

    SH2-240: Spaghetti nebula mosaic WIP

    I have considered this. However, the local LP is becoming increasingly broadband... :( On the bright side (excuse the pun), the county council is moving towards dimming, or even turning off completely, the street lights for environmental reasons!
  11. Pompey Monkey

    Will it Buff Out?

    Thanks for all the replies! I wasn't expecting much, hence the post being in the lounge... But while I'm here: I've eliminated cable snags and, as Louise points out, the DEC guiding is fine. I am pretty certain that the excursions are down to some thing in the RA main gear or bearing: There's no periodicity to the excursions, so it's unlikely to be the worm. If I slip the RA clutch and move the mount in RA and then slew back to the target (driven) and start guiding again, sometimes the errors go away. This suggests the bearing has some muck in it or has rough surfaces somewhere. Or maybe somethings binding a bit. The odd thing is that the errors happen both East and West. Maybe it's stiction? I guess that a strip-down and clean would probably be in order. Ho Hum.
  12. Pompey Monkey

    SH2-240: Spaghetti nebula mosaic WIP

    I want to go deep, and I know there's a lot of dusty stuff in the region too but: Light pollution almost rules out luminance; 6 panels is quite enough for the time being.
  13. Pompey Monkey

    SH2-240: Spaghetti nebula mosaic WIP

    This one? Good question!
  14. Pompey Monkey

    Will it Buff Out?

    My "Entry Level" mount is often capable of 20-30 minute subs all night, with perhaps one or two subs being lost. While this is painful, I still cannot justify the significant cost of an upgrade to a "Serious" mount, especially a new one. I can live with that. But surely this is just rubbing salt in the wounds?
  15. Pompey Monkey

    SH2-240: Spaghetti nebula mosaic WIP

    Thanks Olly, It's not often done at a resolution to do it justice*, again, because of its angular size. I think (hope) that there is some really delicate lacework going on in there to justify the effort. I have to say that my new Ha filter is really doing the job even with the moon laughing at me, seemingly every time that the clouds part.... *This is my rationalisation**, and I'm sticking to it **That is, I cannot possibly afford to buy a Tak and large format CCD....lol

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