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  1. My 130 P-DS and a hacksaw?

    I, quite literally, approached the problem from the other direction and chopped the primary end of my 150 PDS down by 10 mm. Same result, although I guess that the secondary is probably 2% too small for the light cone now...
  2. APT Plate Solving Not Working

    CCD (sensor) size should be entered in mm (millimetres) not pixels! Try that
  3. William Optics GT 81 Equivalents

    What about a Skywatcher Esprit 80ED? At f5, it's a tad faster and it has a rack and pinion focusser. I like it https://www.astrobin.com/270715/?nc=user
  4. Esprit 80ED with a reducer/flattener

    That's a super-interesting answer! I wonder why it did not come up in my internet searches - I normally consider myself as a bit of a Google ninja... I'm off to read the CN thread: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/588344-skywatcher-80ed-with-079x-reducer-tsred279/ I currently have the 1:1 Skywatcher flattener. The idea the 0.79 reducer would take me down to f4, which is a BIG difference. As for back-focus, the TS webpage, https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p5965 , seems to suggest somewhere between 65 and 70 mm is required, which is more than doable.
  5. I have been searching t'interwebs for a few days now to no avail. Does anybody use a reducer/flattener with an Esprit 80ED? I have seen that the very well regarded Riccardi 0.75 reducer/flattener works with the 100ED, 120ED and 150ED versions of the Esprit, but nothing of the 80ED. 80mm at f3.75 (300 mm) is very appealing to me in the cloud-ridden South coast of England... Any suggestions?
  6. Platesolving in APT

    Wait 'till you try it... Witchcraft, I says, Witchcraft!
  7. Platesolving in APT

    Do a plate solve from your home position. Then do a goto++ Your home position should be pretty close to where the mount thinks it is.
  8. Scope advice for imaging

    Agreed - despite owning an AZ-EQ6, my favourite image was captured with a well-used HEQ5. Of course dark skies and a CCD make a difference but, at 400 mm focal length, I only discarded about 5% of my subs. And that was near the zenith, where "cheaper" equatorial mounts get a bit iffy. https://www.astrobin.com/270715/0/?nc=user
  9. First car in space today!

    So are you suggesting that it did not happen as shown?
  10. Me and M42!

    Great inspirational story! The skills that you learn working from a light polluted site will make processing data from a dark site a pure joy. 😁
  11. Rosette, the annual datafest!

    Hmmm... That's beginning to look like another 3 panels are needed... Lovely image, as always.
  12. I use a Lenovo t420. Can be got refurbished for about £140. Excellent tough thing with four usb ports. Stick in an SSD and up the ram to 8 GB, and it will run pixinsight nicely too!
  13. dust bunnies help plz

    Personally, I wouldn't bother looking for the cause. I'd just take a good set of flats and then the problem will be no more! 😀 Top tip: The fewer times that you disassemble the imaging train, the less often that you need to take flats!
  14. HEQ5 Pro with your 300mm lens would be a great start. There is a mantra in deep sky astrophotography that goes: "Mount, mount, mount...". I'm sure you'll hear this quite a lot! 😀
  15. Daytime Polar Alignment III

    Yes, move the mount in azimuth only. As for the tripod legs, it only matters if, as in the skywatcher mounts, there is limited movement in azimuth due to the lug that the adjustment screws push against.