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  1. Pompey Monkey

    Platesolving works best

    when you take the lens caps off...
  2. Thanks Ray! I've just spent an hour and a half looking for this very instruction! I'm trying to get the fitting information for the Lakeside I've ordered from Mr King.
  3. Pompey Monkey

    Interesting pattern.

    But the most important question is who shot first?
  4. Pompey Monkey

    Interesting pattern.

    It looks like some kind of moire pattern: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moiré_pattern I have no idea what caused it though....
  5. Pompey Monkey

    Something went wrong

    I agree with the other guys in that it is highly likely the tracking is out on some of your subs. You need to exclude the ones where the stars are trailing. It also looks like the stars on the left are out of focus. This could be due to a non-orthogonality somewhere in your imaging train. Make sure that there is no slop between your camera and the scope for a start to fixing this.
  6. Pompey Monkey

    Most grab-and-go SCT!!

    Right up to the point that the elastic limit of the weakest component is exceeded!
  7. Pompey Monkey

    The Weather

    We were in La Palma a couple of weeks back. The forcast was amazing - clear skies every night. When we arrived, there was a grey haze in the sky in all directions, which turned out to be dust from the Sahara. This didn't clear until the last night we were there by which time, of course, I'd returned the rented EQ6-R to the shop. Last time I went to La Palma, I broke my filter wheel on the first night. What a hobby!
  8. Pompey Monkey

    Bahtinov mask "Banana" spikes

    I've seen this before and I think that it was a around the time that I was fiddling with back focus distance on my Esprit 880ED. Have you allowed for the increased optical path length due to the filters? This is usually approximately 1/3 of the thickness of the filters. See here http://www.qsimaging.com/downloads/QSI-500-600-Series-Back-Focus.pdf Also, are the bananas oriented the same all over the FOV, or do they gradually change curvature over the image? If they change, it might be another indication of incorrect spacing between the comma corrector and the imaging plane. Can you post the whole image?
  9. Pompey Monkey

    LED streetlights are coming to Portsmouth

    I emailed Baader some while ago about these filters: alas there are no plans to produce 36 mm unmounted versions...
  10. Pompey Monkey

    At least my guiding is working!

    Such a shame it's like trying to image from the bottom of the Marianas Trench....
  11. Pompey Monkey

    188cm Reflector Restoration - Japan.

    The Gran Canaria Telescope engineers regularly re-coat individual sections of the main mirror. The primary comprises 36 hexagonal elements, with 6 spares used for the endless re-coating cycle, so that the scope is not out of action during the process.
  12. Pompey Monkey

    LED streetlights are coming to Portsmouth

    Not yet. I'm in Portchester (zone one, I think). As they seem to be doing the work in reverse numerical order, it might not be for a while. I'm seriously thinking about upgrading my Baader 7nm NB filters to Astrodon or Chroma 3nm versions. Not cheap though...
  13. Pompey Monkey

    Neptune with adaptive optics

    There is a discussion about the amateur versions of AO here https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/482963-adaptive-optics-for-amateurs/ Not quite the same as the pro version, but interesting anyway.
  14. Pompey Monkey

    LED streetlights are coming to Portsmouth

    Here is the "Equality Impact Assessement" paper produced by PCC: https://democracy.portsmouth.gov.uk/documents/s15084/Street Lighting Appendix - Equalities Impact Assessment.pdf The key point for us are: The LEDs are 4000K Dimming and switching off for part of the night has been trialed, too!
  15. EQMOD seems to save them by default if you "park" the mount. This will only work properly if you have a permanent fixed mount. If you don't have this luxury, just do a plate solve straight after polar alignment and you're good to go. This just adds an extra minute or so to the setup time

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