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  1. Pompey Monkey

    Apt saving imagies

    Be careful not to have any brackets in your plan name e.g. when you clone a plan - the files will show on the APT window, but will not get saved anywhere.... ...ask me how I know, LOL!
  2. Pompey Monkey

    Tube clamp felt thickness

    Having stumbled across vendors selling CNC services on the well-known internet auction site, I was inspired to design some proper tube clamp rings for my Esprit 80ED, to replace the awkward mounting shoe. The question I have is what thickness of felt would I need? 1/2 mm? 1 mm? 2 mm? Obviously it needs to be thick enough to allow for inaccuracies in my tube diameter measurements (100 mm, BTW), but not so much that I need an impact driver to prevent movement in the rings Any suggestions?
  3. Pompey Monkey

    The Veil gets its tail!

    That's super, as usual, Olly!
  4. Pompey Monkey

    Recommendations Welcome

    Bortle 2 skies at home? I have to spend big £ to go somewhere that good! My recommendation is to keep it simple at the start< Use the ST80 with the ASI on the CGEM mount. You'll get less trailing because the focal length is short AND f5 is fast at capturing those sparse photons. Next step: Have you got a filter wheel? At least use a luminance filter to stop the IR bloating your stars...
  5. Pompey Monkey

    Processing under sampled stars

    Well, the HST uses drizzle rather than interpolating. So that's good enough for me
  6. Pompey Monkey

    Processing under sampled stars

    I get plenty of blocky stars at 2.79"/pixel (80mm f5). I reckon with good tracking and seeing, then square stars will begin to show. Drizzle is your friend here
  7. Pompey Monkey

    Cat's Eye Nebula with Billy Harris.

    That's super, @ollypenrice and Billy! There's super detail in the full size. What pixel scale are you imaging at? I ask because I've been playing around with the drizzle integration in PI. These are crops from the same 21 subs, one drizzled, the other not. They've just been screen captured after an STF stretch. I'm undersampling at about 2.6" PP, and I think it's worth the effort: Edit: Nevermind, I worked it out at 1" PP. Drizzle might still help eek out that detail a bit though...
  8. Pompey Monkey

    First color combined CCD shot

    That's very nice for the exposure and astro twilight conditions. Your sky background look very natural
  9. Pompey Monkey

    [Beginner help] Strange PHD2 calibration warning

    What declination are you calibrating at? If it it's too far from the celestial equator then error sare more likely creep in.
  10. Pompey Monkey

    2 star align or auto guiding set up

    Pretty much. However, recalibration is absolutely needed if the guidescope is rotated or if too much fettling has been done to the setup. Sometimes I find that it's beneficial to recalibrate after a meridian flip, but that's more to do with the backlash/balance in my setup. On the other hand, it only takes a few minutes, so I do it occasionally just for my own peace of mind
  11. Pompey Monkey

    2 star align or auto guiding set up

    1. Polar align *I don't do this because I have a permanent mount. 2. Platesolve. 3 goto target, using platesolve. 4 Focus, PHD. Image.
  12. Agreed. APT is an excellent piece of software which will do almost anything that an imager needs, short of full automation. @Wirral man I highly recommend sticking with APT until you can consistently carry out all night imaging sessions with no issues other than those that randomly happen to anyone.
  13. I have noted difference in focus between different masks on the same scope. I don't know if this was due to incorrect focal ratio or improper centring.
  14. Pompey Monkey

    Platesolving works best

    when you take the lens caps off...
  15. Thanks Ray! I've just spent an hour and a half looking for this very instruction! I'm trying to get the fitting information for the Lakeside I've ordered from Mr King.

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