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  1. Pompey Monkey

    Oiii flats uneven?

    The important thing is whether or not the flats correct your subs properly. If they do, then they are correct I have strange looking OIII flats too, but they seem to work OK
  2. Pompey Monkey

    witch head nebula disaster

    It IS faint! I went to La Palma to get my data. Well done Sir.
  3. Pompey Monkey

    This looks like fun!

  4. Pompey Monkey

    Ultima Thule Surprise.

    This might not be the original link, but it's good anyways:
  5. Pompey Monkey

    ISO, invariance and dynamic range

    That's true, but also stacking a number of images increases the effective dynamic range greatly, providing the software supports the appropriate bit-depth.
  6. Pompey Monkey

    IC 1871 The Whirling Dervish Nebula

    I actually had a sharp intake of breath when I saw that! Magnificent!
  7. I think @Skipper Billy used allen-key bolts (M10?) on his mount because, with a long hex key, they can be adjusted more precisely. Perhaps he'll chime in to correct me Also note the adjustment bolts on the NEQ6 and HEQ5 do not, ever, need to be done up "tight". The mount rests on one of the bolts (Prador suggests the back one) and the other just stops the whole thing tipping over if it's not balanced.
  8. Pompey Monkey

    Espirit 120

    You are not clearly describing to us what you think the problem is. Is it that the HH is fainter than you expect to see in your subs? Well, it is faint
  9. Pompey Monkey

    M51 2 years worth of data

    That's most excellent!
  10. Pompey Monkey

    AZ-EQ6GT for sale [relisted]

    As per the title I'm, somewhat reluctantly, selling my Skywatcher mount. I've attached some pictures of the mount - there's not much to see really. There is the usual tarnishing of the counterweights and some on the alt-az adjustment bolts (I don't know why SW didn't use stainless for these..). The mount is four years old and has been in my roll-off roof obsy for three and a half of those. The more informative pictures are guide traces from a session last month where the seeing was actually very good - they give you a good idea of what the mount is capable of, albeit with a load of about 10 kg. The tripod is unused, still in the original box but in the attic, so I didn't take pictures of it. I also have the original mount packaging boxes: they are in the attic too. The handset is also unused as I only ever used the mount with ASCOM/EQMOD. There's not much else to add apart from, of course, the reason that I'm selling it: A couple of months ago, I found an MI-250 mount on Astrobuysell and couldn't resist the chance to nab a "lifetime keeper" mount. I intended to keep the AZ-EQ6 for future projects, but we've had a few unexpected bills come in over the last month and it just makes sense to recoup a little bit of money from it. I'll be sorry to see it go. The Geoptik carry-bag and Polemaster adapter are included as extras, along with all the original accessories. £900 plus shipping, or £900 on collection. Please feel free to ask me any questions: I want the buyer to really get the best out of this piece of kit. Paul PS. Gizmo (my cat) is not included in the sale!
  11. Pompey Monkey

    computer has had it

    Good tip
  12. Pompey Monkey

    computer has had it

    You could run SGP on that just fine. You could probably also do a Pixinsight or Photoshop session at the same time without it breaking into a sweat... It's possibly a bit of an overkill, but at least you'll be future-proof for a few years!
  13. Pompey Monkey

    Polymer cleaning kits?

    The Issac Newton telescope engineers use a dilute solution of a well known baby shampoo to clean the mirrors. At least that's what they said on the guided tour! I think they rinse with distilled water after.
  14. Pompey Monkey

    USB hub....

    ++1 for Startech, Easily the most reliable USB hub that I've ever used.
  15. Pompey Monkey

    Histogram in APT for flats

    I Didn't know that. Apologies for the duff steer!

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