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  1. Mr niall

    Eq3 mount

    @JohnSadlerAstro we seem to be trawling the same ads looking for a postable EQ3. @dobbie I’m willing to gazump John with an offer of £85.10!
  2. Mr niall

    Skywatcher EQ3-2 Deluxe mount and tripod

    Is this still available? Sure you can’t post?
  3. Mr niall

    Some Messiers and Heritage 130p first light

    Thanks Nick, I’ve actually lined up the 25mm as my next purchase (when the financial dust settles from this one of course!...)
  4. This is sort of a combined first light / observing report I guess. After a few months off I finally landed on a heritage 130p courtesy of @FLO, without doubt the worlds most understanding retailer! The plan was to get the skyliner 200p but after “discussions” at home (along the lines of “it’s how big? Where are we supposed to put that!!” And so on, we settled for the 130p, safe in the knowledge that if it was terrible it was Neil English’s fault...) Anyway, collimation was miles off on both primary and secondary, which was probably a good thing as it was a good opportunity spending at least an hour learning the skills to collimate a newt! I won’t add to the hundreds of reviews about this scope out there but in terms of value for money it truly is amazing and very well thought out and put together. Because I live in a very light polluted area, and because I’m truly terrible at astronomy, I generally use the @BinocularSky newsletter for planning all my sessions, as these are quite nice bright easy to find targets that even I can normally track down! Also the clicky maps can be printed out and are great in the field. last night I thought I’d add to my messier tally; so settled on M10 and 12, allegedly big and easy to find even for me.... Disaster! Spent 15 minutes not seeing anything through the eyepiece, wouldn’t focus, couldn’t pick anything up. Was the RDF off? Had I broken it, maybe I’d collimated wrong? Maybe I’d damaged it? The front protective cap was still on , despite sitting in my garden on my own, in the dark, I still actually looked around to check nobody had seen my error ha ha. Anyway, I was now up and running! Ive been using Opticstar WA66 degree eyepieces. It turns out these aren’t very good; anything outside the middle 60 percent drops off rapidly to a smudgy mess and it’s impossible to focus across the whole field of view. They are not an improvement over the bundled eyepieces. BUT they are only £17 and are quite useful for finding things so they’ll do for now. Anyway - after drifting around I found either M10 or 12 (not sure which!) a very very faint smudge, had almost momentary glimpses of granularity but nothing significant. I think this was a combination of it not being dark enough, and the focus issues with the lower quality eyepieces and crazy helical focusser (I actually quite like it). With abut if help from sky safari I noticed a quite distinctive rhombus shape of stars nearby that meant this was M10: so with a bit of stars hopping it only took about 15 seconds to get to M12. M12 was a similar experience but I’d say the more pleasant of the two, felt bigger and less tightly clustered with almost a hint of structure and core; maybe I’d focussed better or it was getting darker. I don’t know . But was definitely my fave. Finished up on saturn, bands easy to separate with the 6mm, but no Cassini division, couldn’t seem to pin down a good focus but in all honesty I think this really was atmospheric. Certainly no colour - a uniform butterscotch all the was across. Still a marvel though! All told, a great session though, brill to be out under the stars again! Did some sketching, but I’ve lost the knack I think... and also lost my red torch somewhere so was mostly guesswork!
  5. Mr niall

    Which EQ mount is this

    Either way it looks like uncomfortable viewing experience if you look at where the diagonal is
  6. Mr niall

    Horse head HA and starless

    That’s very cool, great shot
  7. Mr niall

    Live rocket launch

    Legend, good spot.
  8. Mr niall

    Observing goal for life

    Full messier list, viewed and drawn. Then Caldwell, then Lunar 100 hopefully. Planets are in there too of course! Also looking for a good hit list for showcase doubles - not found one yet though!
  9. Thanks all, some good options there to consider!
  10. Hello Thinking of getting a skymax 102, but the finder will be in the wrong place. I dont want to drill the tube if possible so I was wondering if there were any finder mounting solutions out there that didnt require tube drilling to mount a shoe? Many thanks Niall
  11. Hello there - I seem to have acquired a second hand virtuoso mount. but... I’m wondering what the biggest thing I can safely put on it is? I keep hearing rumours about Skymax 127s and Heritage 130p’s fitting on them but in the same stroke hear things like “horribly unbalanced” or “won’t work at the zenith because of overhang” and I’m all confused now! im pretty confident that a 102 Mak will fit on there but I think.... the finder will be all upside down and round the corner as I’ve heard they do two different types of tube depending on the mounting but the OTA you can buy on it’s own would have the finder but n the wrong wrong place. I really really don’t fancy drilling another tube to fit a finder bracket. (Last time I did that was very tense and stressful!) many thanks all!
  12. Mr niall


    Ahhh, probably Alpha Libra then I’d guess sir.
  13. Mr niall


    No castor and Pollux are further apart and about the same brightness. Also they go to bed early at this time of year (much further west when Jupiter is visible) . Can you be more specific - where were they in relation to Jupiter? Probably something in Libra or maybe off towards Antares.

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