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  1. Here you go; https://astromart.com/auctions/astromart-auctions/telescope-refractor/show/focal-tanzutsu-15-45-x-45-zooming-refractor-cool-12046 it’s the 40mm not the 50 but this is the one I think. Brand is Tanzutsu.
  2. For sale - this is the Omegon AZ baby, it’s a super compact ALT-AZ travel mount with standard dovetail fitting. It’s all metal with two PTFE bearings so pretty much zero flex in any direction. It’s rated to 4kg. It seemed to work best of all with my optic star AR90 f8 which is quite long and almost 4kg in full trim. i bought this for the mercury transit to go an a small tripod in case I had to zoom around to catch it. scope / tripod not included price includes postage
  3. **retracted** I bought this specifically to capture the mercury transit and as anyone who remembers the day can attest, it got very little use and that was only from the patio! Anyway - a super compact but surprisingly heavyweight little mount. Omegon suggest 4kg max but I’m sure it would be comfortable holding helicopters and small family cars etc. All metal construction. condition is excellent, essentially brand new. A very cool mount price includes postage
  4. Thanks for the responses all it’s always great to have people to ask for advice it can be such a lonely hobby sometimes especially when you are confused! I did indeed by it from FLO but bought it in mid November as a Christmas present (December pay was already accounted for as kids wanted expensive computers and playstations!). I’m kicking myself for not testing it while the returns window was open but that would have been cheating wouldn’t it. But from what I’m reading above it sounds like I may have a warranty claim after all. I was sort of hoping it was one of those things that may be easily fixed but doesn’t sound like I can easily fix it my self. FLO suggested the thing with winding the focusser back and forth too but that didn’t work. I’ll see what they think. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello all i received a skymax 102 for Christmas, I’m having trouble with focusser backlash and I was wondering how much is reasonable for a Mak? Im getting a full turn and a quarter of the focusser knob before the mirror engages in either direction and I’ll be honest it’s really getting me down. It’s making fine focus almost impossible; if you have a fraction past focus you spend the next ten minutes spinning the knob in the other direction until it engages again - but as it engages without warning you likely as not zoom back past focus and out the other side and have to start again! Ive had a C90 and a 127 in the past and they were perfect many thanks Niall
  6. Bought this in the summer for my French holiday but as is always the way, forgot to take it with me! It’s been out of the box once and tested indoors only. If I’m honest I prob won’t use it again. £105 inc postage (to reflect as-new condition). All boxes / cables included. It’s the newer USB 3.0 version.
  7. I am so sorry I forgot I’ve literally just bought one from @billyharris72. I’ve been looking for one for so long I’m still in “find a finder mode”. A thousand apologies
  8. Is the finderscope a straight through? If so dibs please!
  9. I was reading the following article: https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/possible-interstellar-comet-headed-our-way/ A man called Borisov discovered a comet. Lovely stuff! Borisov works at an observatory. Super. But what has really foxed me is that it looks like he caught this comet using what appears to be a sort of richest field dob. At 650mm it looks like a fairly specialist instrument. But he made it himself which is pretty cool and from the photos of the scope - and the photo's of the comet itself - it looks a lot like it was captured using an untracked mount. So essentially an observer, with an amateur scope, that they made themselves, without tracking, captured a comet. I'd guess he's probably still using a capture and plate solving software based solution rather than the ole "George Alcock" method - but still, in 2019 that's pretty amazing. I thought NASA had fleets of satellites up there doing the same thing and he's beaten them all to it. Gives us all hope!
  10. That's great news - maybe they've made some changes over the last couple of years. Would be great if they had cos the scopes are amazing. Best of luck.
  11. Personal opinion: Great scopes, amazing mirrors. "Variable" customer service, rarely answer emails, almost never return phone calls. Scope quality extremely variable; good one's are spectacular - the best there is. Many others have issues that take a while to rectify. For some reason, nothing takes a hit in terms of value like the resale value of an OO scope. They seem to crash in value the moment they leave the factory. I nearly bought an OMC 140 about 18 months ago but the focus knob stuck and made a grinding noise every revolution, felt like the mirror was going to fall out... Looked amazing in carbon though.
  12. They're both discretionary. You want to keep the F number as low as possible taking into account that most lenses show some bloat the closer they get to being wide open. I don't know your lens but you could google it I imagine people out there will have an opinion. Obviously the wider aperture the more light comes in so the more information you get but sometimes at the expense of sharpness. If you're not sure I'd go one stop up from your smallest stop to be on the safe side. If you're shooting from a fixed tripod then you follow the 500 rule - that is 500/focal length of lens = maximum exposure in seconds before star trails. It's useful as a rule but in reality you're talking about 20-25 secs.
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