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  1. No most of the hydrogen is just floating around so it won’t get converted into anything. And even if it wasn’t - there’s stars out there that have been burning for the last 12 billion years already, like brown dwarfs and red dwarf that’ll probably keep going for a while yet.
  2. I’ve owned a 70ed and can recommend it. I like the accessories makes it a versatile travel scope too.
  3. I’d avoid the Sky max 102 as a first scope personally unless it’s on a computerised mount. I’m the worlds biggest maksutov fan but they have a very narrow field of view (FOV) that makes finding stuff a bit of a nightmare. I speak from bitter experience! +1 for the heritage 130p for me, crazy amount of scope for the money
  4. Mr niall

    Impossibly Faint.

    Don’t know what you’re moaning about, I managed to get 6 mins unguided with an old Polaroid sitting on top of an empty muller rice pot with a live hamster as a counter weight. looks great John, I think it’s always more pleasing to get a result through adversity!
  5. Mr niall

    Who can identify these stars?

    I've really enjoyed this thread! I dont know if anyone has mentioned it @LordLoki but its a great photo!
  6. Mr niall

    Posted Images

    I’m with the mk1 version too sorry. I’m on an older iPad and the larger images regularly make it crash and reload as it is (could upgrade the iPad but that would eat into my precious telescope budget...)
  7. Mr niall

    Small 80mm Apo refractor.

    Ignore previous
  8. That’s already a huge spend on some very very high quality kit. Your potential upgrade path looks a little... frightening! Honestly, as you keep alluding to, and as others keep mentioning, a large dob, 12-14 inch would satisfy all your requirements and a truss tube dob for example would pack away to nothing. Have you seen a Celestron Edge in the flesh when mounted? I’ve been on smaller fairground rides. The kit you’ve bought is already what a lot would describe as aspirational. What is it you are hoping to achieve specifically?
  9. I’m sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking... You have to decide whether you want 80mm or 100mm, they’re quite different in many ways. But you’ll need a heavy duty mounted tripod for both. I wouldn’t particularly think the the Skymaster 80 pros are inherently “better” than the Skymaster 100s because they’ve got the word “pro” in the title. They’re better than the Skymaster 80s, but that’s it really; you could compare them to other 80s I guess but not a pair of 100s, If you were comparing Helios or quantum then it might be different but the question here is not “quality vs aperture” cos it doesn’t apply in this context really. if it were me, I’d go for 100s just for the light grab, but check some side by side photos they are massive!!
  10. There is a fairly whopping distance between the two, in terms of quality, I’m not sure what information you are looking to judge with. Effectively aperture always wins and a 100mm binocular will ALWAYS show more than an 80mm binocular. But they are massive. this article is really useful; https://www.cloudynights.com/documents/binos3.pdf
  11. Mr niall

    2nd Astro Book Clear-out!

    I’ve got that astronomical sketching one, absolutely brilliant.
  12. Mr niall

    Mars still not yeilding much detail

    That looks like a perfectly scaled up view of the view from my 130p, I’d say it pretty much perfectly sums up how good it’s been lately. I’ve been a bit underwhelmed to be honest. That’s the best shot I’ve seen anywhere in the last few weeks pal.
  13. Mr niall

    A Few of My Favorite Planets...

    Very nice, great contrast especially on Jupiter.
  14. I use that mount with my 15x70s it’s very good.
  15. Well I think I’m officially a proper astronomer - I’ve just bought back a scope from the person I sold it to. Couldn’t be happier!

    1. JohnSadlerAstro


      I'm a person? 😮 

    2. Mr niall

      Mr niall

      Technically you’re just a dog gif, but forum rules dictate politeness.... 😉


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