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  1. As above I’d say, it’s a very faint smudge in my sky max 127.
  2. Thanks I'm using a straightfinder instead already; that's what my post was about!
  3. Yes.... Some good points but I think everyone has just reinforced the point I was trying to make; RACI finders - on their own - as supplied by the manufacturer - aren't actually used by anyone for their intended purpose. They are, at best, used to complement a Rigel / or Telrad. I'm a big fan of Telrad's and understand their place (I actually use a Telrad friendly version of the messier chart for finding messiers), but it seems to me that the point everyone is unanimous is either: "RACI finders work great... as long as you have something else to actually do the finding" or... "I never got one to work so I don't use it" So I wonder why SW ship them with packages as the only way of finding your way around the sky if they don't work?
  4. Well... Having acquired a big dob I've had my first exposure to a relatively deluxe finder - the SW 8x50. But... as it is a right angled finder, I'm having a bit of a mare using it. I mean I have no idea how to point it in the right area of the sky! It seems quite difficult to get it in the right part of the sky and the field isn't so big that star hopping is particularly any easier either. Obviously for bright targets its not such an issue but for chasing the fainter stuff it seems nearly impossible; so much so that I've changed to a trusty 6x30 I had lying around as its a straight through design that makes like much easier, which feels a bit disappointing really. The obvious solution is to buy an accessory finder - like a Telrad or RDF or something, but I can't help but think if I forked out on a Telrad it would completely supercede the finder anyway and begs the question; if you have to buy another finder to make your original finder work... well... then whats the point of the original finder? Does anyone exclusively use a RA finder for finding their way around and, if so, do they have any tricks or tips on how to do it?
  5. Honestly there is nothing easier to point and drive than a dob - at any magnification. I started off with a manual eq3 (no drives) for visual use and it very nearly put me off astronomy for life. As alluded to above, there isn't really a good all in one adaptable package for quick quality visual viewing and astrophotography, yes you can get a setup that does both) and your choice is in that ballpark so youre on the right lines - but you'll always be compromising with either and this is a frustrating hobby at the best of times! My advice wod be either A) decide on a focus (either visual or astrophotography) and buy for that or.. B)) Buy a setup that is visual orientated but does have some mild astrophotography potential - like an AZ gti or nexstar system. Or... C) Buy a visual only system on an altaz mount eg a dob or a refractor on an az5 or similar and then either buy a cheaper tracking mount at the same time or later - for example a star adventurer. While the above may seem counter intuitive what you will find is that astrophotography is very very expensive: if you get bitten by the bug then you will without doubt want to spend a fortune on equipment anyway. Or you may dabble and hate it and then you're lumbered with a mount for visual only use that isnt the best it could be. However, a good visual system never goes out of date whereas a budget all rounder may leave you frustrated. But that's just my thoughts! Edit _ I've got the 12" flex tube and it's 64cm across the bottom and 1.1m collapsed but extended. Takes about 45 secs to dissassemble. Nb the 10 and 8 inch are considerably smaller.
  6. Already in the diary. I assume I’ll still be using this iPhone 6 by then...
  7. But that doesn't match my experience, M31 is, at best, suspected on an excellent night.
  8. Yes but based on last nights experience I'll soon be sleeping in the living room with it every night anyway so will have lots more time to enjoy it. Every cloud....
  9. Picked up my new (to me) 300p on Saturday - managed to have an hour on it last night. Its so big that we can't physically find somewhere in the living room to put it where its not in the way. Additionally its so heavy, my wife had to help me lift it to take it outside, and then bring it back in later on. All things considered, she's not happy with me.... Great scope though, bagged M51 almost immediately, only taken me two years. And in the wise words of Marge Simpson... "Well, I guess as long as you're happy, then nothing else matters!" ?
  10. Mr niall

    Sun dog?

    I think I'm going to take a break from posting for a while. I'm turning into the astronomy equivalent of Private Pike... ??
  11. Mr niall

    Sun dog?

    Sorry I should have been clearer - the sun dog isn't called a giants tooth its the little snippet of rainbow on the edge. I've never seen a sun dog - good catch. Although I did see the moon version two years ago. Whats that called I wonder? Does it even have a name?
  12. Mr niall

    Sun dog?

    That's called a Giants Tooth where I grew up.
  13. congrats! have tried M51 every single session for the last two years but no joy yet! Leo triplet is easy - only problem is it is also invisible from my back garden with everything up to 130mm!
  14. It's really not my fault - 300p flextube, with baader laser collimator and full astrozap shroud and all original accessories for £360. I'd have never forgiven myself if i didnt get it. And i've been trying to see M51 from my back garden for two years so if this doesn't work....
  15. Well having poo-poo'd the practicality of big scopes as recently as 48 hours ago, I've just gone and bought a 300p flextube... I hate this forum sometimes... ??
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