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  1. By a strange coincidence I'm sitting readin this while imaging the same target having had the exact same probelm earlier, only with a refractor. The target for some reason wasn't central despite a good polar and two star alignment, (Betelgeuse and Dubhe) but it was tracking well for 60 sec exposure so I have left it alone. I'm not sure if I should use the slew to align the target more centrally after I've polar and two star aligned, will that mess up the tracking at all? Fabulous image, I'm certain mine won't be as good especially with only 60 sec. Cheers, Jeff
  2. Hi Shimrod, Thanks for the reply, at least I now know they will fit.
  3. Hi all, I am currently looking to upgrade to an APO refractor but I am getting myself mightly confused over the mounting bar. I am looking at either the Skywatcher 72ED or the Williams Optics Zenithstar 73. I currently have the HEQ5 mount and the Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro mount. I am assuming that the 72ED will fit on both mounts with the supplied mounting bar, however I cannot figure out if the Zenithstar 73 will also fit with its supplied bar. If anyone can help explain the mounting bars, or direct me to a good information source with pictures I would be very gratefu
  4. Thankyou for that Cloudmagnet. I’ve used that and I’ve found my cameras are 1.4 (550d) and 1.8 (5dmk4) so either will be good it would appear. I think I will try the 550 as the filters are designed for APS-C. I’ve been reading up on the various filters and learning how to interpret the graphs for each so just need to decide which filter to buy first. Thankyou again for the help. Jeff
  5. Hi CloudMagnet, Thanks for the explanation, that mkaes sense as I have seen some vignetting in the very edge of the corners using the 5Dmk4, I've not seen any warping as yet. I think then I might use my 550D APS-C Canon with the original filter in my OP although that camera doesn't have a built in intevalometer, but I can use the remote I have for it. Do you think that the lower resolution of the 550D will cause much loss in the quality of the image result? Thankyou again for the explanation, Jeff
  6. Looking online I cannot seem to find that information. It seems the consensus is that manufacturers will seldom give that information and there is no definitive way to calculate it. I'm sure what you are saying is relevent, but I am struggling to understand why? Presumably it has to do with the size of the sensor in my camera, is this where the flattener comes in? Can you explain what the relevence of that information is, and what impact it will have on the choices available to me with the current gear I own? Thankyou, Jeff
  7. Hi Peter, I have Skywatcher 200 refllector, Skywatcher 130 refractor HEQ5 Pro. I have been using my 5Dmk4 on the 130 recently.
  8. Hi all, Well, after a long time away from astronomy and with two months furlough stretching ahead I have decided to devote more time to it. I have finally (phew) got to grips with polar aligning and star alignment and now find myself with questions around light pollution filters. I have been using my full frame Canon SLR and have quickly realised I need to filter it, initially I was looking at one of these: Skytech However I have read online that this will not work with full frame, now, I could use my APS-C Canon SLR but would like to take advantage of the higher resolution
  9. I can't yet add a signature so for the record I currently have: Skywatcher 200 refllector Skywatcher 130 refractor HEQ5 Pro EQ5 and about 3/8 cloud cover lol
  10. Apologies to Astrobaby, duely changed To be fair I have found her guide the most understandable up until now, and I have looked at alot!!!! Its just that last time I tried, although the scope slewed to the area it was always a bit out with the desired object just outside the FOV, and I am not sure if that was from the Polar aligning, or incorrect star alignment. Yes of course it would, wouldn't it. I will add it to my signature. My apologies. @Ronin, thankyou for the star suggestions, I will look for these tonight, clouds permitting obviously.
  11. Hello all, So like many amateurs I am trying to master the art of alignment. I have had reasonable success the first time after following Astrobabys guide that I got from this site. However I do have one or two questions arising from that. Below is an extract from the excellent guide. Setting the date and time We now need to set a date and time for a known transit of Polaris. For the sake of this tutorial and ease of visibility on the accompanying pictures we are going to set a transit time of 23:00 on October 10th. To set date and time si
  12. Hi again everyone and thankyou for the warm welcome!!!! Sub Dwarf, a fellow Boxer fan? We used to have a big white boy called Ben, now sadly gone. Thankyou again, Jeff.
  13. Good evening everyone, A new member here with a short introduction. I am 45 and a recent member of the West of London Astronomical Society, or WOLAS. I have always had a fascination for the night sky, but unfortunately my fascination far exceeds my knowledge of same!!!! I have for many years only used binoculars and was amazed when I realised that you could see its moons through them and so a few years ago bought an 8" Skywatcher reflector on an EQ5. That was soon followed by a 5" refractor, Skywatcher again, and then a few weeks ago by a second hand driven EQ5pro, fro
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